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Contribution Policy

1. To respect and maintain privacy we will not disclose personal information about our donors.
2. Surplus funds raised for specific initiatives will be used for other costs associated with that particular project, such as website development, website hosting, mail, and other such expenses. Additional funds will be used towards other similar initiatives in the future.
3. Please note that contributions are not tax deductible. We are unable to offer receipts for donations sent by mail.

How we "pay it forward"

If a particular Rebel project is oversubscribed, surplus funds may be put towards the overhead associated with that project, or towards similar projects. We call this process social commerce and it's how The Rebel pays the bills.

In addition to crowdfunding our own business operations, The Rebel also occasionally crowdfunds for selected bona fide charities. This is done on third-party crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo and for maximum transparency. Unless otherwise specified, 100% of the net proceeds from these third-party sites is passed on to the recipient, with no other Rebel expenses claimed.

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