March 13, 2018

Doug Ford smashed the false liberal consensus

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I explained why Doug Ford's leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is a victory for conservatives everywhere and a rebuke to the false consensus pushed by elites and the mainstream media.

Ford has transformed the PC Party:

They will oppose carbon taxes, wind turbines, radical sex-ed, and no longer adhere to the media's idea of what makes an acceptable conservative.

Unions, Antifa, academics, the establishment, and even non-profit NGOs are launching outrageous attacks on Ford. But this is because they know Ford is a threat.

WATCH my video to see how Ford has already proven he can win in Liberal Toronto, and why conservatives everywhere should pay attention to Ontario's upcoming election.

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commented 2018-03-14 07:41:02 -0400
On two articles now concerning Ford our little “Bobby” Troll is seen losing his cool. Total meltdown (as previously under a different moniker) is clearly nearing at a rapid pace once again. It doesn’t seem to take much to make him slip dangerously close to the edge then over it. He is fooling no one with his numerous monikers. One would think he would have given up that charade long ago, but alas no for trolling appears to be his sole reason for living. Ford terrifies him. The demise of the Liberal stranglehold is drawing nigh, the public sector unions and 3rd party outsiders cannot continue their tight hold now that the general population is slowly waking.

Expect many new monikers to appear in the coming weeks with renewed hostilities for this is but the beginning, the Libtards are running scared.

The past, expect a repeat in the future -
Just a few links, many more online.

Ontario – provincially:
commented 2018-03-13 20:07:59 -0400
Bob do you eat with that mouth or do you have a spare . Go back under your rock .
commented 2018-03-13 18:18:46 -0400
Phyllis Seitz whatever. You are a fool.
commented 2018-03-13 17:46:02 -0400
The peasants are revolting says Sophie to Justin and Gerald Butts. Butts replies….yes, but they are the only peasants we have!
commented 2018-03-13 16:47:52 -0400
Whatever happened to William Elder and Dan Mancuso? Have they been sent to Gitmo for hate speech ?
commented 2018-03-13 14:54:40 -0400
Bob Rock, what will your comment be when Ford wins the election as Ontario’s next Premier, say that means nothing until he wins a second term? You are pathetic. Once again you open your mouth and remove all doubt what a useless troll you are.
Phyllis, please deny that Scheer is useless and doesn’t actually do anything as official opposition leader. He has had countless opportunities to stand and challenge the many Liberal mess ups and outright lies, but he just bows to them; proving yet again he is just a liberal in conservative clothing. So, yes, it is time to replace him with a true conservative.
commented 2018-03-13 14:21:12 -0400
Phyllis, until today, your last comment was March 23/17

Not sure why you felt it necessary to return with claws out. Meooowwww!
commented 2018-03-13 14:13:08 -0400
Phyllis Seitz – move along miss perfect, you’re spoiling the thread. What a snob!
commented 2018-03-13 14:09:41 -0400
Sheer is a liberal clown!
Thanks for supporting The Rebel
commented 2018-03-13 14:01:30 -0400
See ya phallas… don’t let that conservative door slap you on the ass on your way through it.!!
commented 2018-03-13 14:01:14 -0400
Jimmy Billy Sarah…are the number of aliases you use equal to the number of voices in your head? You have serious mental issues that are effecting your ability to fit in with reality. Sad and pathetic at the same time.
commented 2018-03-13 13:55:01 -0400
This will definitely by my last input. Disenfranchising our leader Andrew Scheer is certainly not displaying unity. Rebel commenters are sounding increasingly neurotic. It’s only less than two years before the federal election; rebel neurotics want a new Conservative leader?How about supporting Scheer. And by the way Deborah Graupner, perhaps learn how to write: the word is “through”, not “threw”. Unless you were trying for a double entendre, which I seriously doubt considering your intelligence quotient.
commented 2018-03-13 13:40:01 -0400
Great comeback Tammy…
commented 2018-03-13 13:20:38 -0400
The liberal shills are trying to impose their globalist agenda on the people. The people are seeing threw it. The agenda is being implemented at breakneck speed by our traitor PM, but it all started in ON under the corrupt governments of McGuilty & Wynne. The sexual perversion being taught to our children should ensure that everyone gets out to vote in this provincial election. Luckily we still have a strong voice in Doug Ford, and Jason Kenney. They are representing the will of the people. They are a breath of fresh air among the stench of communism. Andrew Scheer is on the wrong side, so let’s hope we can have him removed as conservative leader next. He’s a liberal hiding in the conservative party. I think that lame duck was placed in opposition.
commented 2018-03-13 13:16:03 -0400
Ask your wife Bob!
commented 2018-03-13 12:45:59 -0400
How does it taste, Tammie?
commented 2018-03-13 12:41:56 -0400
The monkey who flings poo is at it again.
commented 2018-03-13 12:35:49 -0400
Suck what up – he hasn’t won anything yet. Being PC leader means fuck all if you don’t win the next election. Let’s wait for that before you have the circle jerk.
commented 2018-03-13 12:30:33 -0400
Good, reality based analysis Ezra, despite the naysayers from the perennial peanut gallery.

The pundits were also saying during the PC leadership race that Christine Elliott, the more moderate face of Ontario conservative politics, was a shoo in, and apparently some polls demonstrated this is well; but, lo and behold, no, the pundits were wrong again. It is beginning to become de rigueur for ‘pundits’ to be wrong most of the time. Even the great conservative pundit, Charles Krauthammer (whom I confess to admire) was stumped and endlessly surprised by Donald J. Trump. The British pundits were wrong about most of their predictions over Brexit as well.

It has been said many times before but I will say it one more time. Populism is in the air and trying to predict the will of the common man is progressively becoming like herding cats.
commented 2018-03-13 12:24:28 -0400
Every blessed thread is soiled by that stupid bottom feeder.
commented 2018-03-13 11:58:35 -0400
Right you are Billy.
commented 2018-03-13 11:54:50 -0400
Bob Rock: The Rebel is “bought and paid for” by individual conservative Canadians (and some Liberal shill subscribers like yourself). Rebel Media is a conservative leaning news/opinion source, so naturally it would lead in favour of conservatism.
The CBC is “bought and paid for” by Canadian taxpayers as instructed by socialist Trudeau, so naturally, the CBC is a shill for Justin and his leftist/globalist narrative.
Suck it up, buttercup.
commented 2018-03-13 11:38:29 -0400
Awww…poor Butthurt Bob Rockhead didn’t get his way. Suck it up buttercup. Premier Doug Ford on the way.
commented 2018-03-13 11:32:57 -0400
Yes, we know that The Rebel has a hard on for Doug Ford and will be a completely bought and paid for shill for him.