February 11, 2017

Dr. Daniel Pipes: Trump’s “extreme vetting” should include THESE questions

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Trump has repeatedly promised that going forward, would-be immigrants would be subjected to "extreme vetting." Dr. Daniel Pipes joins us to talk about his comprehensive list of suggested questions and methodology that he says the Trump administration could and should use during this process:


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commented 2017-02-13 14:27:46 -0500
Agreed Terry Gain. So Islam needs to be declassified. Since it is not a religion it must not have the same rights as other religions under our laws. It must be put in its place in Canada, which would be no place if I had my way. People who want to embrace Canadian ways,respect that Canada must remain a Christian country, are most welcome. Islam is not. I would like to make governments who are encouraging this demographic shift to pay for the damage they are doing to our country. It is not the politicians country to act against our will. And this is against the will of most Canadians. We are being ignored.
Lemieux, Scheer and Leitch are my three top pics and they are starting to listen.

For all you bleeding hearts out there, lets try to find a way to help these people with out embracing them as new Canadians. They are not all suitable to be Canadians. Would probably be happier in an Islamic country and should be sent to one. I would pay for that, before I sit quietly while my tax dollars go towards setting them up in my country.
commented 2017-02-13 12:01:17 -0500
Ron Voss
Lorne Gunter’s article is good but he makes the mistake of using the word “radical” rather than “fundamentalist”. This leads to a misunderstanding of what Islam really is as defined by its doctrine of xenophobic hate and history of violence.
commented 2017-02-13 11:48:32 -0500
In pursuit of an honest definition of Islam.

Islam is a supremacist political ideology which was invented by a psychopath.

I cannot bring myself to trust anyone who thinks Mohammed was a prophet of God. What kind of God would choose as his prophet a man who was a mass murderer, slave-taker, rapist and pedophile? What kind of a religion promises an eternity of carnal pleasure to those who kill? As Obama said: no religion condones killing. Since Islam not only condones but commands killing, it is not a religion.
commented 2017-02-13 11:38:26 -0500
Vetting won’t save us from Islam. Islam is incompatible with western ideals. Creeping Sharia is a bigger threat than terrorism. The only way to prevent Canada from becoming Muslim majority is to ban Muslims.
commented 2017-02-13 06:50:27 -0500
Message to the French. You bastards. Tens of thousands of Allied soldiers and airmen died liberating your country so you could again live free. So what do you do? You surrender your civil society to the point where you have to build bulletproof walls around your historical sites , declare Marshall Law on your citizens and cede major parts of your cities to Islam.
And here in Canada we have a frivolous twit Trudeau who is leading us down the same path directly in the face of the obvious.
commented 2017-02-13 00:43:23 -0500
The simplest and most reliable vetting is to not allow an adherent of islam into the country at all. Fat chance. Conflict is coming. It was encouraging to get an email from Andrew Scheer stating that he is going to vote against M-103. I wish the Conservative leadership candidates would speak more emphatically on this.
commented 2017-02-12 18:56:12 -0500
Ron, in reference to Lorne Gunter’s article, we need a ‘redefining’ of Islam. A definition which more aptly describes a group which preaches hate from their places of worship, expects special accommodation, new laws passed for them and wishes to implement sharia in our country. The question should be asked, can Canada afford to continue to allow this political construct (with a ‘religious’ hook) to remain an untouchable entity, under our freedom of religion laws. Islam in all it’s glory is safe guarded under our laws, and we are being taken advantage of.
commented 2017-02-12 18:46:10 -0500
Really good article by Lorne Gunter, thanks for that link Ron.

Rick Plesnick, fyi Rick Peterson has responded with practically the same rhetoric as Justin, on the topic of vetting. He finds it highly insulting, and tells us we that ‘we are better than that’. When are these politicians going to get it through their heads that we don’t appreciate them scolding us into submission.
commented 2017-02-12 18:18:59 -0500
Donald Allan i think you pretty much nailed it.
commented 2017-02-12 18:12:54 -0500
A good article, “Yes, Canada’s anti-Islamophobia motion poses a problem”, by Lorne Gunter (Edmonton Sun):
Noteworthy his concluding comments, “words used improperly can change the very concepts behind them… If that happens, we will lose an understanding of who our society’s leading threats are”. The anti-Islamophobia motion passed on October 26, 2016, which, sadly, also gained support from the Conservative bench, is much more than just a condemnation of ‘hate crimes’ committed against Muslims. It also involves redefining the nature of Islam, representing Islam as a religion of peace, and “that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam” (contained within e-411). To represent Islam as a religion of peace is to dismiss all the violent texts of the Qur’an, recent terrorist attacks, the military activities of the prophet Muhammad, and those of the subsequent caliphates who sought to expand the Islamic world by force as not representing the religion of Islam. On the basis of this, the motion dismisses the terrorism committed by Islamic groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, amongst others, as un-Islamic. Accordingly, this Motion has successfully sold a false reality to Parliament and to the people of Canada regarding the nature of Islam!
commented 2017-02-12 17:50:50 -0500
A devout Muslim, that is, one who adheres to the teachings found in the Koran and follows the example of Muhammad is not compatible with western values. As Ezra said at the outset of his interview, “How do you separate the wolves from the lamb? I don’t know how you choose what Muslims to let into America and which ones are too dangerous.”. Indeed! How about Muslims regularly attending a mosque and thereby hearing an Imam telling them to follow the teaching in the Koran?
commented 2017-02-12 15:48:18 -0500
A valuable debate assuming they are honest. Once the Islamists catch on, they will simply lie as sanctioned by their “Religion”! Trump has the right idea. Let these people prove themselves to be what they will say they will be. If they cannot or will not, no entry! A probation period subject to criminal or terrorist behaviour with non arguable deportation should also be implemented. A signed document signed by ALL immigrants will provide the basis for deportation.
commented 2017-02-12 14:35:25 -0500
This is where the cognitive dissidence comes in, Karan. Many Canadians seem to think it will be different here. Their logic is beyond me. They refuse to see the reality. I wish some of them would come on here and explain to me why they are not concerned. Are they ignorant of what happens when a demographic is tipped or do they wilfully refuse to look at the facts? As you say, all they have to do is look to the UK. What makes them think Canada is somehow special and will be exempt from the consequences of the exact same action the UK has taken? It is as if they have been brainwashed into believing that they can drive a car into a tree at 100 miles an hour and not be irreparably damaged or more accurately, dead.
commented 2017-02-12 14:10:28 -0500
Liza Rosie, we don’t have to look farther than UK to see how effectively & subtly sharia has creeps into a society & takes it over.
mohammedan population in UK currently stands at just under 6%, mostly second & third generation of immigrants from pakistan & bangladesh brought in to work at mills & factories during 60’s & 70’s, but look at their cities & society they’ve already reached a point of no return. It was mostly done through peaceful means by infiltration in govt & other prominent organisations. mohammedans in Britain are already governed not by any British law but Sharia.
Political correctness has so destroyed their minds collectively that their PM Ms.May has openly praised the role of sharia courts in Britain.
It’s anybody’s guess how long it’ll be before rest of the British population submits to sharia. Ask any Briton if he still feels safe & secure in their own country??
Fifth columnist, moderate peaceful integrated mohammedans in modern parlance, are a much bigger threat to our society & country than any bloodthirsty jihadist.
commented 2017-02-12 13:54:47 -0500
Sharia creep? How about Sharia leap?
commented 2017-02-12 11:54:20 -0500
Karan Singh, yes, sharia creep is the bigger concern for sure, and it is implemented in increments so as to not completely alarm us Kaffir. How can we get people to shed their cognitive dissidence and recognise this as a real threat? Their virtue signalling and accommodation, puts us all in jeopardy. This is in our back yard. This isn’t some distant threat. It has already seeped into our government. What do we do about that?
commented 2017-02-12 11:43:06 -0500
Now that Dave Bainard, is the most creative suggestion I have heard yet.
Obviously, yes and no questions will illicit few authentic answers, but creative ones like this could be very revealing.
commented 2017-02-12 11:01:25 -0500
An attractive female interviewer with a guard in a room with some fine porcine art would cut through a lot of BS right off the start. When they squirm send them back.
commented 2017-02-12 00:40:20 -0500
In continuation to my earlier comment; Terrorism/violence committed by refugees/immigrants, although significant, is just one part of the problem we face in the west.
Another critical & detrimental threat for west is ‘creeping sharia’ (and several other special accommodations demanded by muslims in the name of their religion & culture) by absolutely peaceful, moderate & well integrated muslims. The latest example is bill M103 presented in the parliament by liberal MP iqra khalid. Or in 2003 the explicit demand by prominent muslim scholars & leaders to implement sharia law in Ontario.
I suppose people don’t really grasp how devastating such laws/legislation, once passed, would be on non-muslims, it’ll destroy any non-muslim culture & religion much swiftly than any act of terrorism. Any voice of dissension would be destroyed, if not physically, perhaps socially & morally.
commented 2017-02-12 00:01:58 -0500
I would use the best lie detecting system available with qualified testers They are not 100% but anything that improves the odds is worth it. Realistically if we can’t get people to agree to asking questions not too likely they will allow them to submit to some form of polygraph or stress detector. It would also serve our efforts to have people infiltrate the mobs who are trying to come here and get an inside scoop.
commented 2017-02-11 23:36:23 -0500
Arrogant Pipes’ naive approach of smoking out Islamists by extreme vetting is impractical! Has he never heard of taqiyya, that Muslims are allowed to lie and would probably be prepped to navigate the vetting? Not even close to the kind of interrogation used for “security clearance to work for the government”, where you can have have a lot of background information about an individual. What in the world does he mean by “islamists” and “Islamist ideology”? An Islamist is someone who upholds the teachings of the Koran and follows the example of the perfect Muslim, Muhammad. That is, a devout Muslim.
KARAN SINGH, I agree, “Why to go through all this tedious & fallible prone process when we can entirely avoid any future problem arising from refugees/asylum-seekers by simply not taking them in?”
commented 2017-02-11 23:22:52 -0500
Why to go through all this tedious & fallible prone process when we can entirely avoid any future problem arising from refugees/asylum-seekers by simply not taking them in? Why not leave them where they belong, their native country? Why other wealthy islamic nations are not taking in any refugees, or even sending any financial aid to their coreligionists??
I don’t understand why west is so guilt-ridden, what wrong has it committed to be so guilty conscious that they’re ready to destroy their own culture, heritage, religion & people just to make sure that it’s past sins are washed. West should read the un-distorted version of history to know who has committed more sins throughout the history.
For a person committed to it’s cause & faith any amount of vetting is no deterrent, especially when that person is indoctrinated from his/her childhood in the supremacy of it’s religion & culture. And what’s the guarantee that a well-vetted refugee won’t turn a radical & resort to violence after few years.
What checks are there to stop a Canadian citizen from turning to terrorism when their religious scripture openly mandated (commands) to hate, subjugate & wherever necessary kill kaffir?
Since 2001, there have been hundreds of incidence where west born & raised children of immigrants (and in some cases indigenous people) committed the acts of terrorism on their host society.
Remember, how communism (and marxism) spread?? The marxist terrorists (like Guevara, Castro & others) were no refugees or immigrants they were home grown & wreck their own people’s life, society & countries.
It’s the ideology which needs to be defeated, however in the case of islam, it being propagated in the guise of religion, it’s not up to the west or non-muslims to defeat this ideology in their countries. The whole exercise will be financially draining & futile. Muslims, if they are willing, has to do it themselves in their own countries. The best west could do is protect their borders, implement laws effectively against perpetrators and inform their own people of the evil this ideology carries. We could do this without hating or resorting to violence just like the west defeated marxism & communism during 80’s & 90’s.
commented 2017-02-11 21:58:33 -0500
Aside from really effective questions we need a really effective team to ask the questions. Qualified carefully chosen and tough, no sjw’s or Muslim’s. So as to avoid conflict of interest. Double and triple vet these people.
I wish there were a politician who wasn’t still talking about admitting several hundred thousand. We really need to do something about that lunacy.
commented 2017-02-11 20:53:52 -0500
Didn’t Trudeau convert to Islam? That would probably be why he called them sisters. I definitely will go to Daniel Pipes page. One other question they should be asked is “Do you believe in the Jihad?” Of course most of them would lie so it would be about catching them in a lie. Canada is getting closer to Europe by the day
commented 2017-02-11 20:42:05 -0500
I would include the question “in your friday prayers did you or have you prayed for the defeat of the Canadian Armed Forces.”