February 14, 2018

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: What I learned about Trump's vision for America when I worked in the White House

Sebastian GorkaRebel Contributor

Who is the real Donald J. Trump and what did working in the administration teach me about his goals for America?

Join me for an inside look into an address I gave over the weekend to Young Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club, and find out.

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commented 2018-02-15 08:50:06 -0500
Andy, it seems they have all been cowed by that great master Political Correctness. We desperately need someone who will speak the truth and, like Trump, will need to have an elephant’s hide to survive the onslaught of leftist MSM attacks.

Jordan Peterson is great but he is not a politician ,which -like Trump, is a good thing. I’m just not sure that his profound insights would be too cerebral for the average dumbed down Canuck. He is a clear thinker and presents his material clearly but I’m not sure he is very inspirational. He doesn’t have a strong call to arms. But maybe given the chance he could pull it off. He is no dummy, that’s for sure.

We need someone to lead a call to arms and who will , when the lefties attack and name call, will say, “damn the PC torpedoes. Full speed ahead”. The reality is that if we don’t get a true conservative who can present a strong vision to come forth our nation is finished.

Bill Whittle has a convincing program. It is US based but applies to Canada just as well:
commented 2018-02-15 04:49:11 -0500
Al Peterson.. Now THAT is a profound question!!… As a former speechwriter at the municipal, provincial, and federal level of politics over some 30 years, I am also dismayed at the “simple level of cant” by today’s politicians… Is there no “fire in the belly” left?… Are they simply inarticulate given our educational system of the past three decades??… Can they not rebut simple absurdities?… Does not “logical absurdity” not trigger a valid response?… Do they not have the “guts” to honestly push back against transparent “spin”?… When confronted with obvious absurdity on the moral or religious plane, do they not have the “balls” to kick somebody “in the nuts”?… Alas, Canada, that seems to be the drift of our acceptance of things “as they are now”… What the “Fuck” happened to our blood shed at Vimy Ridge!?!?
commented 2018-02-15 02:13:08 -0500
Why does Canada not have any great orators? Especially conservative ones? Mark Steyn is great but seems to have left the HRC haven for greener and less litigious pastures. Am I missing someone? I sure hope so.
commented 2018-02-15 02:01:22 -0500
Jerry Pasternak—Why couldn’t we have him instead Butz
When we had Harper getting us through a recession unscathed, They had Obama killing their Housing and other parts of the Economy. I guess it evens out.
commented 2018-02-14 23:47:42 -0500
Interesting, and more important – believable.
commented 2018-02-14 22:27:29 -0500
Jerry Pasternack you got that right. Would trade them in a nanosecond.
commented 2018-02-14 21:03:40 -0500
It really is quite remarkable that Trump got in, what he has accomplishes since he got in and that he gets up and fights his way through the attacks everyday.
I dream of a day when we have adults in charge again.
commented 2018-02-14 20:06:45 -0500
Great address Sebastian Gorka.
commented 2018-02-14 19:34:17 -0500
What an impressive person Dr. Gorka is. While we are stuck with Gerald Butz pulling Trudeau’s strings this man has aided a powerful leader to set the U.S. on a course of prosperity and freedom. Whats does Canada get; political correctness and economy killing ideology. Why couldn’t we have him instead of Butz?