April 29, 2017

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed: Rebel can bring “chutzpah,” “pizzazz” to Australian media landscape

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, I introduced you to new members of our Rebel team, from Australia. In this excerpt, you'll meet Dr. Tanveer Ahmed.

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commented 2017-05-01 02:07:24 -0400
Welcome Dr. Ahmed.
commented 2017-04-30 03:26:48 -0400
Welcome to the rebel. I look forward to your videos.
commented 2017-04-30 00:21:49 -0400
Welcome aboard Dr. Ahmed and all new rebel staff!
commented 2017-04-29 21:24:13 -0400
Welcome to Rebel Media Dr. Tanveer Ahmed! I look forward to your upcoming reports.