July 02, 2017

Dream Machine: Musicians keep loaded shotgun at their door after leftist threats

Gavin McInnesArchive

On Friday's show, I interviewed Matthew and Doris Melton of the band Dream Machine. 

After their interview with a French website, Dream Machine was targeted by angry SJW mobs because of statements they made about deporting immigrant criminals.

The outrage campaign was successful: Dream Machine was dropped by their record label. 

WATCH my interview to hear the commonsense comments that caused this uproar (and about Matthew and Doris' experiences with Mexican jails...)

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commented 2017-07-04 01:27:24 -0400
Interesting. Never heard of this. Liza, thanks for the links. These guys are like a flashback or dejavu all over again. Very good.
commented 2017-07-02 10:59:20 -0400
A=432hz is the fibonacci theory as it relates to music and sounds in nature. There is more to these two than meets the eye. Interesting kids.
Check out 3:30 in link below. Speaking of nazis, it was nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels who led the ‘proposed?’ World Music Organization, who was responsible for the sequence change to 440hz. Musicians opposed the change without success and it has been messing with our brain synapses ever since.
I wonder if the sjw’s who are attacking the Dream Machine are familiar with this factoid?
commented 2017-07-02 10:32:28 -0400
There is no such thing as bad press but there is such a thing as bad social justice warriors. There is a special place in hell for those nazis!
commented 2017-07-02 10:06:51 -0400
Keith – that will never happen until Canada is backed in to a corner similar to what is beginning now to happen in Sweden. They now admit they are a failing state.

As well, California is becoming the American Sweden.

I am also seeing people calling Canada the “new Sweden” on various social media outlets.

Until the social justice thugs are literally and physically beaten in to the ground it will only get worse in Canada.

commented 2017-07-02 09:43:08 -0400
Deport illegal Immigrants? Yes. Jail Marxist SJWs? Yes.
commented 2017-07-02 09:43:08 -0400
Deport illegal Immigrants? Yes. Jail Marxist SJWs? Yes.