September 28, 2017

Drop “political” football for pigskin: NFL’s “kneeling nimrods” unworthy of Star Spangled Banner

David MenziesMission Specialist

The number of NFL players disrespecting the U.S. national anthem on company time continues to grow. Why can’t they leave this crap out of the workplace and allow fans a day of rest to enjoy a game with a pigskin football rather than a political football?

What exactly are these elitist athletes protesting anyway?

Are these mercenaries, players and owners alike, so indoctrinated in progressive propaganda that they feel the need to regurgitate the Black Lives Matter mantra that cops are killers targeting black men?

Apparently, they remain unaware that the biggest homicide threat to young black men in the U.S., statistically speaking, is other young black men.

Since that’s the case, how about this for a virtue-signalling stunt: venture out to Harlem or the south side of Chicago and “Take a knee” on those mean streets but make sure you have 9-1-1 on speed-dial when you do.

And for the record, like so many other football fans, I’ve had it with the political grandstanding. I’m tuning out.

These Superbowl-chasing slimeballs, aren’t worthy of the Star Spangled Banner to begin with.

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commented 2017-09-29 07:34:57 -0400
Jay Kelly, your portrayal and comparison to Martin Luther King Junior is way off the mark.
“Gesture of trust and hope” perhaps on Mars it is!
commented 2017-09-29 03:22:53 -0400
KEITH AND HELEN HARVEY… Succinctly put… I’ll start believing these knee-drop millionaires even have a clue as to what’s going on when I see them personally going to East and South Chicago to talk to the gang members there who are shooting fellow blacks each and every night, each and every night…
commented 2017-09-29 01:19:02 -0400
Of course the whiners will cry racism when people tune out and of course they claim Trump is being racist when they are the ones who made this about race. Trump never said anything about race , the left did.
commented 2017-09-29 01:17:06 -0400
Other than Kapernick , none of these clowns did this when Obama was in power , Obama was in power for 8 years and the stuff you are protesting got worse under him, so why blame Trump?? Oh right, hypocrisy and selective outrage.
commented 2017-09-29 01:12:00 -0400
Flat Earth, most legitimate websites would block you for your crude and insulting language.

The Rebel needs readers like you and me and so has to let pass such comments.

But still, you should behave better.
commented 2017-09-29 00:56:59 -0400
Jane Kelly.. i’m sure when you Neil you Bob as well..😮
commented 2017-09-29 00:11:39 -0400
This gesture of kneeling evokes the civil right movement in the United States decades ago. At that time Martin Luther King Junior and tens of thousands genuflected — they went down on one knee — as a sign of reverence. They knew that God was with them and this genuflection (going down on one knee) was both a sign of respect for the rule of God and asking his help.

Rebel readers would do well to support this action today. Young black athletes seem to be more aware of scripture than most of us: “Every knee shall bend”.

It is certainly not disrespectful. Rather it is a gesture of trust and of hope.
commented 2017-09-28 22:06:56 -0400
If these rejects weren’t lucky enough to be on a field playing a game and getting paid millions of dollars doing it. Most would either be on drugs, serving time in a prison or killed in the street by another black man in a gang bang hit. Many are already in trouble frequently with the law, mostly for beating their wives or girl friends, some involved with drugs but none of them are role models. And when they support a terrorist organization, like Black Lives Matter, that confirms it. Apparently Kapernick who seems to be the one who started this trend, isn’t even on a team this year. I haven’t seen any news releases where they demonstrate how much they miss him. That’s right, these guys can be here today and gone tomorrow and they won’t be missed. They are just virtue signalling, attention getting whores, whose fifteen minutes of fame will be spent on their knees.
commented 2017-09-28 22:05:42 -0400
Kelly I’m sure that when you Neil/kneel you Bob..

commented 2017-09-28 21:58:50 -0400
Al Peterson, thanks for the Seinfeld flashback!
commented 2017-09-28 21:03:44 -0400
Kelly Weber, of course you don’t!
commented 2017-09-28 20:53:30 -0400
The garbage they put on the field can’t compete with the CFL game. Hope this billionaires Hollywood prima dona game folds now that it’s being used as a political pulpit to pimp Bolshie narratives.
commented 2017-09-28 20:51:16 -0400
I’m watching football right now and I don’t give a fuck if they stand, sit or kneel.
commented 2017-09-28 20:34:21 -0400
Tammy Putinski.. Very Sage advice..

We should boycott those sons of bitches and show them who signs their ticket..!!!
commented 2017-09-28 19:53:56 -0400
Here’s hoping the first hockey player to pull this stunt gets cross-checked right into next month.
And the player who does the deed gets a standing ovation on his way to the penalty box.
commented 2017-09-28 18:33:11 -0400
I started to turn from pro-sports when Gretzky gave his false tearful press conference about how he really wanted to stay in Edmonton and not go to LA, but the circumstances did not allow it.

At least pro-wrestling I still honest in it’s fakery, unlike the other pro-sports.
commented 2017-09-28 15:37:39 -0400
Protesting at work is unacceptable…The owners should FINE these players every time they take a knee. If they refuse, fans should sit out games and refuse to buy NFL merchandise. The fans could topple this industry if they choose to.

BLM is a domestic terrorist group, built with Soros money and based on lies.
commented 2017-09-28 15:21:32 -0400
The whole kneeling thing started with Kaepernick over a fake narrative promulgated by the Obama Administration and the Fake Stream media. Now it is a bunch of spoiled rich guys who don’t like Trump telling them what they should do.