April 17, 2015

Drunk on power: Kathleen Wynne's beer tax

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Kathleen Wynne is allowing beer to be sold in grocery stores, but there's a catch like always.

Marissa Semkiw is joined by Anthony Furey to discuss how buying beer is going to change in Ontario and what it means for you.

Spoiler alert: there's a new tax involved.

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commented 2015-04-20 19:21:15 -0400
I find it odd that they’re going after the beer store but the liquor store is remaining untouched… If they really wanted change they might change the government owned monopoly.
commented 2015-04-20 00:24:57 -0400
Yeah, taxpayers are going to receive $100 million from this scheme? Wrong! The Ontario government is getting the money. Where does it come from? Taxpayers. Where does it go? General Revenue for the Ontario provincial government. Oh, and to pay for the bloated salary of the official government Beer Ombudsman. What a joke.
Real change would have been opening the Ontario market to more competition from craft breweries all around North America. There are some amazing U.S. state craft beers that you can’t get anywhere in Canada, let alone Ontario’s protectionist monopoly.
Glad I don’t live there anymore.
commented 2015-04-18 16:33:30 -0400
There is no upside here for those who enjoy real beer.
Real beer is not sold at grocery stores or TBS – it is sold at brew pubs and served fresh from the taps.
Those who love their daily pint have NO “convenience” to take a few pints of fresh draft home in a growler through off sales from the pub – this province is still a backwoods disgrace where consumer “convenience” is concerned – just another soviet backwater where nothing evolves unless government can figure a way to make their consumer commodity monopolies appear less ugly. The Ontario soviets have a penchant for putting lipstick on a pig or giving a cow-pattie a fresh coat of frosting to make them more palatable.
commented 2015-04-18 15:02:57 -0400
Another Cluck Wynn Cluck Up.
commented 2015-04-18 07:15:27 -0400
Wynne is a foul disgrace. Liberal pigs at the trough selling snake oil once again.
commented 2015-04-18 04:25:41 -0400
Kathleen twisted the truth when she said we would get $100 million in revenue. Was she lying when she said we would have the cheapest beer in Canada when she is adding $1 to the cost of a 24? She said she was going to roll-back some price increases, but I have not seen how much will be cut from the price and have a hard time believing her.

Her claim of convenience is laughable. We have 1Beer Store in town and will probably end up with 1 grocery store out of the 3 grocery stores selling beer. Buy groceries at one major chain and drive to another for a 6 pack is convenient? Standing in line to pay for my groceries and then going to the kiosk to buy a 6 pack is not convenient. Buying groceries and then driving to the Beer Store for a 12 pack or 24 is not convenient. Not being able to buy larger packs like the 52 pack of cans available in corner stores and grocery stores in Quebec is not convenient. The kiosks must keep the same hours as the Beer Store. Get off work past the Beer Store closing time and you are still out of luck. Convenient?

These complaints are small compared to Ontario retailers not being able to purchase any type of alcohol from the producer or a wholesaler, set the price, and carry any size of packaging they want without a huge government bureaucracy meddling in every step along the way.
commented 2015-04-17 23:50:38 -0400
Quebec was always right on in that regard. Big bottles of beer in the local where you bought your smokes and bread. And cheap!
commented 2015-04-17 23:44:07 -0400
Haha lucky for me, I get my beer in Quebec. Almost half the price, do a story on how the same 24$ case of beer costs 40$ 5km away in Ontario.
commented 2015-04-17 20:29:44 -0400
Price fixing, wealth distribution, another one of Wynne’s revenue tools. It is really no step forward. In Alberta and BC, there are private beer stores, the gov. beer store keeps trying to undercut private beer store prices. But the privates can have any sale they want and actually compete against the gov. stores. Which in itself is insane, a gov. competing with private business on the same commodity. Its all anti business. But as far as I can see, the privates are able to stay afloat, and even prosper with niche markets, creative marketing strategy etc. Don’t seem to be too encumbered with regulation, aside from the out and out competition the gov. stores have with privates, it seems to be working out here, with out extra taxes. Wynne is a crook.
commented 2015-04-17 19:09:06 -0400
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