February 25, 2018

Lush Cosmetics jumps on trans rights soap box

David MenziesMission Specialist


Lush, the global chain of cosmetic stores, seems to be drunk with self-righteous virtue-signalling recently jumping into its latest cause du jour of transgender rights.

But how does their campaign for trans rights dovetail with the unabashed support they gave terrorist group Hamas back in 2011 when they went to bat for the Palestinian Authority?

In addition to serving up BDS BS, Lush was supporting the same Hamas that targets members of the LGBT community for death, so it’s fair to ask, which is it Lush?

I reached out to the media relations department with some questions about their trans-rights initiative.

So far, it’s been radio silence but if they do indeed support those aforementioned initiatives, then effectively, the company is supporting the rights of a very tiny group at the expense of 50 per cent of the population.

The trouble with running a company based on social justice is that issues can sometimes be at polar ends of the ideological spectrum, making things a little messy.

Based on other sticky situations Lush has found itself in, it might be best for them to stick to the business of selling soap instead of sermons.

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commented 2018-02-27 20:14:29 -0500
You too. Say hi to all your gay folk friends that you talk to about Pride for me.
commented 2018-02-27 17:42:35 -0500
Blah Blah Blah
Continue building castles in the sky!

Have a nice day!
commented 2018-02-27 17:05:11 -0500
You certainly go out of your way to try to pretend you don’t hate gay people despite your comments that prove otherwise. Why is that worth your time? You are better off to not say anything at all. We know where your stand on these types of issues.
commented 2018-02-27 16:10:44 -0500
Sorry Vinny, I don’t have to prove anything to a worthless troll.

Don’t you have a basket to weave?
commented 2018-02-27 16:05:39 -0500
I wouldn’t be saying it if it wasn’t true. Every comment you make confirms it. You certainly don’t make supportive comments. Please correct me if I am wrong though and show me all your praise for gay people and pride parades.
commented 2018-02-27 15:47:57 -0500
Your constant reference to hatred is a very disturbing trait you have. I don’t engage in such a destructive emotion. Get some professional help!
commented 2018-02-27 14:30:22 -0500
If people here didn’t hate per this topic, we wouldn’t even be talking. What do your gay folk friends have to say about your homocentric lens? We both know that when gay pride rolls into the city, every fiber of your being hates it all. Who are you trying to kid?
commented 2018-02-27 06:43:54 -0500
Wow Vinny, you sure like to say the word hate a lot….must have something to do with your poor reading comprehension skills. Please ask your handlers to give you a new script to follow.
commented 2018-02-27 01:10:56 -0500
Yes, there is nudity at Mardi Gras and people are not arrested. A simple Google Image search will confirm that.

And if you can handle the nudity here, there was the World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto:


So you have been proven wrong – there is no double standard. Nudity is allowed for certain events and parades/performances.

Yes, I know you hate gay people and that you are homophobic.
commented 2018-02-27 01:06:00 -0500
Vincent why did they ban the police float if they are so inclusive? Why did they ban the Gays against Sharia? Why should i respect them when they do not respect others?
commented 2018-02-27 01:03:40 -0500
Vincent sorry but Mardi Gras does not allow nudity, and Pride being able to do it is a DOUBLE STANDARD! You cannot wallow in a double standard and whine about Equality , that is hypocrisy.
Please tell me why i would respect anyone who wants to wave their dick around in public in front of kids, gay or not? Anyone who does this is a f*cking POS scumbag. And we do not have to kiss their asses to be inclusive, you are not the judge of that in any way. Now go crap on religious people while crying about others not worshipping gays.
commented 2018-02-26 23:29:33 -0500
Does this mean you won’t watch Molyneux’s “The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels” ?
Its historically correct and as the title suggests draws many logical and pertinent parallels. Drenched in facts and logic and is an intensely interesting and informative piece. Not political at all actually.
You might learn something.
commented 2018-02-26 23:02:42 -0500
Yes, they have things to say that are drenched in bigotry and hatred and they are selling an extreme agenda that apparently you really like.

Molyneux was exposed last year as being a complete fraud, so stop making excuses for these people and stop pretending like they are Woodward and Bernstein just trying to tell the truth. They are in the business to sell extreme right propaganda. They are not a threat to me, because I am smart enough not to buy the idiocy that they are selling.

Having said that, I will concede that The Rebel isn’t as bad as Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars, which are all just blatantly crazy.

You want everyone to have equal rights? LOL, that’s a good one, especially after explaining your issues with gay people and cultural changes.
commented 2018-02-26 22:46:24 -0500
How long have gays had equal rights for cryin out loud? A long time.
Get off your pulpit Vinny, there is nothing holy about you.
Like the msm and many on the left, you will bash the likes of the Rebel, Molyneux and others because you know they have things to say that need to be heard and you don’t want people to hear them. It is a threat to you.

Stop acting like such a loser saying things about people that you know are not true. You are the liar, I don’t hate anyone. I want everyone to have equal rights, and have their human rights respected, as I have said many times before.
I don’t respect people who refuse to consider the fact that young adults don’t need the extra pressure of media and ad companies trying to create a potentially dangerous culture for financial gain, with no regard for long term damage to kids trying to make their way. Politicizing everything is not helpful. You won’t even entertain the thought that you could be doing more harm than good.
commented 2018-02-26 21:25:07 -0500
The only people who are getting sick and tired of companies supporting gay people, etc. are horrible people that would stop shopping somewhere once they learned that a company was supporting gay rights, etc., because they hate those people. To everyone else, it’s another reason to give that company our business.
commented 2018-02-26 21:18:40 -0500
Well that was an intelligent and well thought out response. I wonder what your gay folk friends would say.
commented 2018-02-26 21:14:51 -0500
It doesn’t help your case that you don’t hate gay people or transgendered, when you post a link from the New American – an extreme right source known for hating gay and transgendered people.

Why you do read such extreme right and hateful bullshit? I am serious. Why does that appeal to you? Do you not have any middle ground? If there isn’t a little bit of bigotry, hyperbole and hate in your news or commentary – be it Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Info Wars – does it not interest you? Despite all being exposed as liars with an agenda?

I just don’t get it. There is reasonable conservative media out there as I know you would want a news source to slant right – that’s fine, but why give the crazy extreme and the worst of the worst the time of day?
commented 2018-02-26 21:04:13 -0500
More crap served up by the authoritarian troll who exhibits a great deal of narcissism.
Go away little man!
commented 2018-02-26 21:01:03 -0500
No one is making you look through a homocentric lens. That is your response to hating gay people – you feel like you are surrounded by gayness because it disgusts you.

A reasonable compassionate human being views a gay person like another minority. They exist, they deserve rights, they deserve support, they deserve to be championed, they deserve to be accepted and they deserve respect.

Since you hate gay people, you have no business commenting on gay pride parades, which are insanely popular, bring in hundreds of millions of dollars every year and create a ton of jobs. There is no gay movement to end Pride despite your gay folk comment as if you are friends with gay people.
commented 2018-02-26 20:22:13 -0500
As far as Lush and other companies are concerned, they appear morally corrupt themselves as they flap in the wind grabbing onto the latest victim hood game going by, with little regard to the meat of the ‘causes’ they are supporting. People are getting sick and tired of all the identity politics and pretty soon it is all going to blow up in these advertisers faces. All this made up social justice is looking more and more like what it is, a farse.
Only thing is people won’t forget who the players were.
commented 2018-02-26 18:54:30 -0500
How about authoritarian leftists and militant LGBTQ agenda pushers stop expecting all of society to view everything with a homocentric lens….it’s ridiculous. I base my opinion of a person based on the content of their character and their actions. I don’t care what they are doing in their bedroom with a consenting adult.
Stop the rhetoric already, no one has referred to gay & gender dysphoric people as anything less than human beings.

Gay pride parades have turned into a government funded parody, a huge cliche. There are many gay folk who avoid going because of this.

Your support of a company which backs BDS is very offensive to me….so stop trotting out your BS about LUSH.
commented 2018-02-26 18:09:47 -0500
How am I disingenuous when I actually support people that you don’t?
commented 2018-02-26 17:59:11 -0500
You want gay pride parades to go away, you want company support for any social or cultural issues you disagree with to go away.

How about support gay and transgendered people as human beings even if you don’t understand them?
commented 2018-02-26 17:39:44 -0500
You Vinny, are the one who plays projection games. We are just throwing it back in your disingenuous face.
commented 2018-02-26 17:37:23 -0500
Says you Vinny, which is the same as saying nobody.
If you really believe that and its not just rhetoric, you would be very, very wrong. I only have disdain for those who hurt others whether through ignorance or agenda. I don’t take lessons from people like that.

I hope that more will see that there is no malice, only a different approach and a respect for the true meaning of equal opportunity, in hopes of helping vulnerable people realize that they need not join a victim hood group to have the same rights as anyone else. I want children protected from hucksters and exploiters. Normalizing cutting off the genitalia you were born with does no service to anyone.
commented 2018-02-26 17:30:42 -0500
You mean words that apply to you, but you pretend they don’t, because you also lack compassion for those different from you?
commented 2018-02-26 17:24:28 -0500
Hey Vincent, you forgot all your favourite labels which end in “phobic” “ist” and “ism” – I see you haven’t fully settled in to your new persona….
commented 2018-02-26 16:38:41 -0500
Your comments confirm how you are not a compassionate human being for those different from you, but feel free to use more social conservative buzz words like “Alinsky” to justify your behavior and hate.
commented 2018-02-26 16:29:24 -0500
…and Vinny, Soros does help bankroll a lot of this , there is no doubt, but he isn’t the only big name.
You think that is tin hat material. Some people just have to learn the hard way. As I have said from the beginning of your time here Vinny….. just stay out in front.