October 26, 2018

Duelling petitions reveal pro-gun control Liberals out of step with public

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Two days ago, iPolitics ran a story about duelling gun control petitions sponsored by opposing members of parliament.

The story noted that Conservative MP Michelle Rempel’s petition against the federal government's proposed handgun ban had 23K signatures at that time - just a week and a half after the petition launched.

On the other hand, Liberal MP Robert Falcon Ouellette’s petition in favour of a full handgun ban had about 311 signatures.

That’s the best he could muster, even with a three-day head start on Rempel’s petition.

Conservative MP Rachael Harder’s petition calling for a stop to Liberal Bill C-71 has gathered well over 86K signatures. Tabled in September, it became the second most signed e-petition in Canadian history!

The public would never know about the momentum on the anti-gun control side in Canada if all their news came from the mainstream media. They'd have us believe that the majority of normal Canadians are behind the latest Liberal efforts to confiscate the private property of Canadian gun owners.

The media needs to do less talking to left-wing activists and radical feminists - who are disregarding the incredible advocacy of these two Conservative women - and instead start talking to normal people if they want to honestly gauge the sentiments of Canadians on gun control.

They may just learn that Robert Falcon Oulette and his gun control friends don't speak for very many Canadians.

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commented 2018-11-01 14:11:11 -0400
It’s Time: To give our guns to Hitler

“Why do people keep voting for them?”
Brainwashing, and indoctrination practically from the cradle.
commented 2018-10-30 09:18:47 -0400
I found this comment on YouTube…

“The Legal basis for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Canada.
Many Canadians believe (and our government would certainly have us believe) that there is no Right of the citizen to keep arms for their own use and defense, like the US Second Amendment, in Canadian law.

To those citizens, I would suggest a bit of reading up on our own history and legal framework. Our right to bear arms is not mentioned in recent documents such as the Constitution or Charter because it’s already stated elsewhere in Canadian law.

Our right to keep and bear arms in our own or the country’s defense comes from exactly the same place as the American one — English Common Law, the English Bill of Rights 1689, the writings of Sir William Blackstone in his Commentaries on English Law, and others.

All these laws (and indeed the full body of English Law), became part of Canadian law on our Confederation in 1867 with the affirmation of the British North America (BNA) Act.

We have this Right, though our government is attempting to suppress it and deny citizen’s their age-old right to self-defense with the egregious and unconstitutional (not to mention horrendously expensive) Firearms Act and other proposals. It leads one to wonder why the government so wants an unarmed and defenceless populace."
commented 2018-10-30 09:16:18 -0400
  1. In a free country, citizens are armed to protect against tyranny.
  1. Everyone should have the right to defend themselves against home invasions and assault on the streets.
  1. FBI statistics prove that crime goes down where citizens are armed.
  1. Whether guns are legal or not, criminals will always get them.
  1. Gun-free zones are kill zones.
  1. There is no time to wait for police to help.
commented 2018-10-30 08:47:39 -0400
“And the really sad part is that it is highly likely the Liberals will take office again because of the split Conservative vote.”

There is no split of the conservative vote. The CPC are conservative only in name.
commented 2018-10-29 18:15:19 -0400
SPACE MOOSE commented 1 day ago
Petitions. Sigh.
I like what The Rebel does better than what you don’t do.
commented 2018-10-29 18:12:56 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 23 hours ago
86,000 is approximately 3% of the circa 3 million gun owners in Canada.

Clearly this is an issue that resonates, given that barely 1/30 interested parties responded, and 1/300 Canadians overall.

Well, Mr-Babies-Are -Parasites it is the second largest response to a e-petition in history. The problem is getting the knowledge of the petition out there. Not too bad I’d say. More gun owners than leftie Canadians for sure.
commented 2018-10-28 20:59:17 -0400
“When are Canadians going to figure it out!!!! "

Let’s hope sooner rather than later, but I am not optimistic.
commented 2018-10-28 20:53:51 -0400
Brazil had the same socialist problem that we are experiencing right now,they woke up and kicked the disease to the curb voting in Bolsanoro in. When are Canadians going to figure it out!!!!
commented 2018-10-28 20:16:32 -0400
And the really sad part is that it is highly likely the Liberals will take office again because of the split Conservative vote.
commented 2018-10-28 20:14:25 -0400
The Liberal push to:
1) tax us out of house and home (Carbon tax).
2) spend like drunken sailors (gifts to Bombardier, 10.5 million gifts to Muslim terrorists, etc., etc. all on the tax payer’s dollar.
3) bring in and allow in massive amounts of fake refugees which all draw massive amount from the health care and welfare systems, housing costs, free $50K gifts, paid for by the tax payer.
3) censure our speech (m103, threats to Facebook, etc.)
4) take away our guns
5) demonize Canadians as racist, Islomophobes and more

Why do people keep voting for them?
commented 2018-10-28 19:38:05 -0400
86,000 is approximately 3% of the circa 3 million gun owners in Canada.

Clearly this is an issue that resonates, given that barely 1/30 interested parties responded, and 1/300 Canadians overall.
commented 2018-10-28 18:14:51 -0400
Guns don’t kill, it is people who kill, by loading guns and pointing them at other people then squeezing the trigger. These very same trigger squeezers will get guns, whatever the government or police do.

It would appear that it is OK to import savages who have sworn to kill all white people but taboo for white people to defend their selves.

Smells like Trudeau to me.
commented 2018-10-28 15:47:36 -0400
pe’ti-shun: old Wendat word meaning “many names of people who won’t take action.”
commented 2018-10-28 15:09:11 -0400
Bill Blair,Ralph"Bobble Head"Goodale,and “The Flasher”John Tory the 3 Amigos of stupidity,of course to them guns are bad and should be banned,they are under the protection of allah!!
commented 2018-10-28 15:03:28 -0400
The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter was an admirer of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. That makes him a National Socialist and member of the far left, which is well known for it’s anti-Semitism. Yes people should keep an eye on these far left racists.
commented 2018-10-28 13:47:32 -0400
Another mass shooting in the States, time for failed ex-Toronto Police Chief and current Minister of Public Peril Bill Blair to once again round up the usual suspects.
commented 2018-10-28 06:34:27 -0400
I would like to get a permit for handgun target practice. Unfortunately, the hoops not only for getting a permit but for transporting and/or keeping a handgun makes it not worth the bother. So just as deadly archery will be my new hobby.

Its not the legal gun owners that society has to worry about. Its the illegal guns and criminals owning illegal guns.

About 30 years ago three vans carrying 1500 illegal guns and rifles tried to sneak into Canada. They were caught, arrested and tried. A few of the men ended up in jail for a short time, the women were let off even though they were equally guilty. When they left Canada, the confiscated weapons were returned to them. Have things really changed? Nope.

Instead, lets go after those who took the time to pass the courses, lock up their weapons and store the ammunition separately, and get unannounced police inspections too make certain they follow the rules.
commented 2018-10-28 03:52:03 -0400
Petitions. Sigh.
commented 2018-10-27 19:22:43 -0400
Jill and John, You have that right, that’s for sure.

Our great leader is instigating the act of Jihad against all white Canadians. The next election, if it ever happens, will be a farce because he will give all Muslims the vote and they will, of course, vote for the Milch Cow called Trudeau. This is why the Government is so enthused about disarming all Canadians…….Just my opinion.
commented 2018-10-27 18:40:53 -0400
either way trudeau will do what he wants and that is to leave canadians unprotected while he continues his open borders/no questions for all the invading radical, terrorists/criminals all of whom have access to illegal guns and all hate us as much as he does!
Keep paying his salary, pension and perks canuks
oh and for the gold plated lives of the invaders as they plan our demise!!
commented 2018-10-27 12:08:12 -0400
It’s terrible that tragic events like that happen,however in light of what has happened,all the more reason for law abiding citizens to have guns to protect themselves!!
commented 2018-10-27 11:20:33 -0400
Hmmm…active shooter in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. I wonder who it could be?
commented 2018-10-27 11:17:08 -0400
The news is reporting now that Stats Can wants the banks to hand over everyone’s banking information to track people’s transactions-why?? Are they scared people are buying weapons-freedom my ass!!
commented 2018-10-27 11:01:08 -0400
If only the gang bangers and criminals would register their guns all would be well , and the cow jumped over the moon . Easier to confiscate guns you can find .
commented 2018-10-27 10:56:01 -0400
RON VOSS commented 15 hours ago.
I visited the House of Parliament………………
Ron, I suspect that the armed guards are their to make Trudeau feel safe.
commented 2018-10-27 09:37:39 -0400
They are taking their marching orders from the UN world government of tyranny.
commented 2018-10-27 08:25:01 -0400
Are they afraid of the Bruce Cockburn song If I had a rocket launcher? One line in the song says. If I had a rocket launcher, some sun of a bitch would pay. Better ban gun assault music songs too. (sarcasm)
commented 2018-10-27 07:46:30 -0400
It only stands to reason that only the military should have “assault rifles”, right Police Chiefs? Seeing how Canada doesn’t really have a military, that will guarantee nobody in Canada will have them won’t it?