May 04, 2016

Earls Boycott still on! First, they smeared Canadian farmers, then they LIED

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Earls Restaurants says they’re backing off their plan to outsource their beef needs to an American company, Creekstone Farms, based in Kansas. 

Initially, Earls said the company would be sourcing their beef from the American supplier because they could not get enough “humanely raised” beef in Canada. What Earls says is humanely raised and what Canadians know to be humanely raised are two different things.

Earls wanted Canadian beef producers to submit to a shakedown by a certification cartel called Humane Farm Animal Care to certify their farms as humane and antibiotic and hormone free. Canadian beef farmers don’t need this. They never needed this. They are humane and safe. Canadians like us were rightly outraged and we let Earls know loud and clear what we thought of their decision.

It appears Earls is backing off. They heard your outrage and listened. Or did they?

I did what other media outlets didn’t. I put a call in to Earls spokesperson, Cate Simpson, to get the facts. Is Earls still demanding that its suppliers seek a certified humane designation? And if this is the case, will Earls continue to source their beef from Creekstone Farms in Kansas while they find enough farmers willing to pay the certified humane ransom? The answer is yes to both.

So to be clear, Earls is spinning. Nothing has changed. Earls is continuing to expect the best farmers on the planet to surrender to an expensive American stickering cartel when the Canadian Food Inspection Agency already labels Canadian beef as raised without hormones. Earls will also continue to buy American beef until Canadian farmers kneel before the certification mafia and kiss their rings. It’s a PR smokeshow. Earls will not be serving Alberta beef as we know it tomorrow.

It’s not bad enough that Earls called farmers inhumane. Now they think Canadians are stupid enough to believe these lies? We aren’t. We won’t fall for this.

I’m still boycotting Earls, first for disparaging Canadian farmers and secondly for lying to us.

Go to and sign the petition. Tell Earls to stop their virtue signalling and their PR smokeshow. Tell Earls to get perfectly humane Canadian beef back onto their plates.

I’ll take my steak with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Hold the social justice, please.

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commented 2016-05-18 10:38:52 -0400
Is anybody even thinking about the people who work at Earl’s ?We have families to feed ,bills to to pay .I work hard for my check and I have been there a long time ,and now after all that I will have to go and find a second job so my kids don’t ask me anymore how come o can’t buy them food or a toy ,so next time when you boycott anything think about hard work people that work for nog companies .Thank you for reading.
commented 2016-05-07 11:14:14 -0400
The company who owns Earls also owns Cactus Club and Joey’s Tomato.
commented 2016-05-07 02:57:10 -0400
Dieter Cunth commented 1 day ago
“Keep in mind that Earl’s president is named “Mo” Jessa.

Hmmm…Mo as in Mohammud? Perhaps this is a covert effort to introduce Halal into the North American diet?"

I was thinking the same.

Nebraska-based Creekstone Farms, Earls new beef supplier, told the Muslim Eater that: All Creekstone Farms cattle are processed in a manner that meets the religious qualifications of Halal.

On April 26, 2016, Earls Restaurants President, Mohamed Jessa, announced that, from then on, the 66 locations of the chain (59 in Canada and 7 in the U.S.) would get their supplies of beef from Creekstone Farms in Nebraska.

So, Mo(hamed) Jessa gets appointed president and all of a sudden there isn’t enough “humane”, antibiotic-free beef in Alberta and, as if by magic, there is the perfect producer Creekstone Farms. It is mere coincidence that all their beef is Halal processed.
commented 2016-05-05 19:13:26 -0400
I went on a cattle drive that the Western Stock Growers’ Association put on in 1996. It was their 100th anniversary. Meals were provided from Alberta stock and I can say without a doubt that it was second to none. I’ve had steak in Atlanta, Georgia and it doesn’t hold a candle to Alberta beef. I know that our family will never eat at Earl’s again. I don’t support restaurants that slander and lie to Canadians.
commented 2016-05-05 18:19:42 -0400
This is just my opinion. There is NO restaurant that is worth the excess cost….not Earl’s, nor any eating establishment. Just get off your duff, purchase some ingredients and cook at home. This endeavor is actually a rewarding experience, cheaper, and so much more healthy, if that is one’s concern. Soon enough, Earl’s and its ilk will be out of business.
commented 2016-05-05 17:09:48 -0400
Thanks ALLEN --keeping my eyes open now those stones from that creek are contaminated and are off limits
commented 2016-05-05 14:29:54 -0400
I must add that creekstone’s website mentioned Temple Grandin( world renowned animal behaviouralist) designed their corral system. She would be some kinda pissed if this is the case. I met her at a ranch I was working on in BC, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone!!
commented 2016-05-05 14:20:48 -0400
Thanks you , Allan that clears up a lot…… WOW !!!!!!
commented 2016-05-05 14:16:34 -0400
I looked up creekstone’s website and of course they don’t mention “how” their beef is slaughtered. I would like to know where Will Quest found this info on halal slaughtering , that’s interesting. I tried earls one time years ago and didn’t like it, so of course I never went back.
I had some beers a while ago with some ranchers in a bar in Nevada, and to a man, they all agreed that Alberta beef was superior, in fact that is why they don’t want country of origin labelling. One rancher told me that he was in a fancy New York restaurant and the AAA angus steak from Alberta was 3 times the price of their American steak.
The Clinton foundation funded R-calf was the organization that was pulling all the dirty tricks to stop Canadian beef from crossing the line. It’s good to know now that the R-calf organization is now eating their own and is crumbling allowing the slaughterhouses to call the shots, trying to lower the price of cattle and screwing the producers.
As far as earls lying about not enough Alberta beef to support his restaurant…….it’s just that a bald face lie.
commented 2016-05-05 13:30:18 -0400
You see Chinese like to eat their own type of food, like East Indians, Italians, Mexicans, Polish, etc. They probably even grow, process and produce their own products…You know? I mean here’s a concept, Why don’t Arab’s become farmers, grow, process and produce the foods they like and open the kinds of restaurants they want to eat at…like everybody else…it is possible here in the west to do these things…instead of pushing their religious beliefs, sitting on their hands, and contradicting our culture…I mean common! As for Earls…sorry about your Halal mistake and religious bullying beliefs…but your done and all your other restaurants in this chain…Ciao
commented 2016-05-05 13:25:57 -0400
Can anyone tell me if ‘Humane Farm Animal Care’ certification means Halal?
commented 2016-05-05 13:12:10 -0400
I don’t believe anything their CEO says at all. He’s lying through his teeth to save his own job.
commented 2016-05-05 12:42:42 -0400
Jessica, only time will tell if they are lying or not. If they start sourcing their beef in Alberta again, then we know Mo was not lying.

And as for Alberta not being able to supply enough beef, you’re kidding, right? Alberta, the beef capital of Canada not able to supply enough beef? That would be the day. There was at the beginning of January 2012 approximately 4.99 million head. That should be enough, you think?$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sdd13897
commented 2016-05-05 11:46:17 -0400
Keep in mind that Earl’s president is named “Mo” Jessa.

Hmmm…Mo as in Mohammud? Perhaps this is a covert effort to introduce Halal into the North American diet?
commented 2016-05-05 11:26:41 -0400
I told you guys weeks ago , Deiter had to drop the “H”. As for Jessica Ann, deceit is a funny animal. Look at the band of social media mice following the Pied Piper of Puff, Mr. Trudeau Jr. You may want to do some additional proof checking.
commented 2016-05-05 11:04:11 -0400
This is not true. I watched the the president of the company on the news when he apologized and he said the standards were found here already but not enough supply. He also indicated it would take time to fully come back to Alberta beef as they want to keep there standards but are committed to working with farmers to making that happen. The president of the company is from Alberta himself. On top of this I asked the company to help Fort McMurray Evacuees and anyone with Gov id goes into an Earls in Edmonton will be given a sandwich and drink for free and 100% off steak sales yesterday went to help victims of the fire. Lets not exaggerate things rebel. This was right on the news for the public to see. They did not lie.
commented 2016-05-05 10:36:06 -0400
I wonder how Earl’s customers are going to like their beef steak tasting like a corn roast. American beef is among the lowest quality around.
commented 2016-05-05 10:16:16 -0400
Creekstone produces Halal beef to supply the Muslims. I understand, Mohamed Jesse, the President of Earl’s is Muslim. I believe Earl’s decision was not based on their concern for humane practices.
Meanwhile Ft. Mac. is burning & the Prom Minister is having selfies with Alex Trebek. Tomorrow you can probably catch Mr. Selfie posing at an Earls somewhere.
commented 2016-05-05 10:16:11 -0400
All these phony certifications coming from self invented leftist eco-organic phone booth size entity, with no expertise of the market , they pop up everywhere , everywhere there is companies stupid enough to subsidize them .
ISO 9000 , remember this scam,
Sheila I support you they are a bunch of liars, tell it like it is,
commented 2016-05-05 10:07:17 -0400
I read the Earl’s statement and read right through the garbage. I still will NEVER eat there again. They had their chance, and they blew it by trying to trick us.
commented 2016-05-05 10:07:06 -0400
I won’t be going to Earl’s or any of the Fuller’s group of companies. Let’s hope that Canadian farmers do not cave into this cruel method of slaughtering animals. This barbaric custom needs to be stopped.
commented 2016-05-05 09:21:05 -0400
*D*eiter. *Cunt*h is an idiot, just ignore the faggot.
commented 2016-05-05 09:14:48 -0400
Dieter Cunth corn fed beef is not even close try again,
commented 2016-05-05 09:12:08 -0400
The bse crisis was totally manipulated by the americans, They had bse then and still do. They could not even trace animals back to the farm they originated from. Canada has a superior system in almost every way but as usual the alberta bashers would rather hate than listen. I know as my wife raises beef cattle, hormone and drug free, very easy to find in Canada. This is just another tax on the farmers so city people can feel proud of themselves and think they are doing something good, when in reality all they are doing is funding American farmers,
commented 2016-05-05 08:55:59 -0400
D. Cunt from Texas must be an Islamic apologist.
I always had great respect for Texas and Texans but am rapidly losing it as a result of the comments made by D. Cunt.
He has little to say except for insulting us Canadians.
Someone must have peed on his shoes once. Probably never came to Canada and knows sqar about this country except that we are north of the 49th.
A complete shame good internet space is used by this twat.
commented 2016-05-05 08:44:06 -0400
WHY, WHY, WHY, is unlabeled halal butchered meat being forced onto the unsuspecting Canadian consumer? I will not knowingly eat meat blessed by a devil worshipper. Back to the bush for me. I’ll shoot my own. Fuck the law!
commented 2016-05-05 07:57:23 -0400
@ Will Quest commented 43 mins ago
Creekstone Farms, ………………………………………………..

Well said Sir!