March 23, 2016

Easter for jihadis: Why secularism isn’t working

Clint HumfreyRebel Blogger

The secular West is puzzled. Why would people wish to detonate explosives killing themselves and others? What is happening in their brains’ synaptic gaps? What went wrong in their education? Where were the programs to prevent them from being “radicalized”?

Secularists don’t have categories for metaphysical motives. They stand slack-jawed at a jihadist world. They are literally speechless. Who would have thought that a Darwinian movement which so effectively undermined the idea of an omnipotent "Designer" is now paralyzed by the depth and complexity of evil designs.

So some secularists fall back on their default fears, the devil they know. The real evil, they insist, is that old Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. Secularism vilifies its metaphysical underpinnings, from belief in a Creator distinguished from creatures; the fixing of binary genders; human law as given from a higher source and even the possibility of supernatural conversion of enemies into kin. If something tips the hat to the supernatural, it is unwelcome in the secularists’ material world.

The irony of course, is that we are seeing secularists being irrationally sympathetic to jihadis by trumpeting the fear of Judeo-Christian “Islamophobia”.

But is there evidence of systematic responses of Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox suicide bombers in Muslim neighbourhoods?

Are Jews regularly targeting Muslims for knife attacks in Molenbeek? There is no moral equivalence between the slurs and disdain that non-Muslims may express toward Muslims, and the urban blitzkriegs of takfiri jihadists against Western civilians.

So it is clear that secularism isn’t working. At least, anti-supernatural, Marxist materialism isn’t.

Many Christians like myself are thankful for the separation of Church and State, but a pluralistic public square doesn’t mean that it must be expunged of faith. Besides, the secularists have their own faith -- a faith in themselves, their reason and their autonomy. But that faith isn’t standing up very well to the evils of our age.

So are we left with paralysis and despair? Must we impotently watch as jihadis murder with coordination and precision? Must we only respond with blunt rage or bankrupt policy?

There is hope offered in, of all places, the history of Syria.

There was a man long ago who was ideologically sophisticated, religiously zealous, and logistically capable. He was the perfect jihadist. The story goes that, while expanding his campaign of removing infidels, this terrorist met Jesus, the Jew from Nazareth, on the road to Damascus.

And then the terrorist was a terrorist no more. Saul of Tarsus, the terrorist, became Saint Paul, the evangelist. He put down the sword, and offered a message of hope for a terrifying world.

And so there is a similar Syrian choice for secularists today. If they refuse to consider the possibility of the supernatural, they will only remain confused and lost in the face of the sword.


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commented 2016-03-25 17:14:10 -0400
Excellent picture of chem trail sky’s , every province,town,city hamlet are run by by UN enablers(treasonest). Top to bottom taxes go directly to funding 3rd world policies designed to impoverish this once great nation(you) not the degenerates in AUTHORITY position! The prolitarite has now been created welcome all you idiots that voted liberal Maoists and Soviet NDP and genocidest Green Party ! Dopes
commented 2016-03-24 10:03:00 -0400
Laurence – I take it that you haven’t read the Bible! Saint Paul did indeed persecute Christians, he himself confessed this.
commented 2016-03-23 20:26:19 -0400
Saint Paul the terrorist! Well I must say, that is a new designation for him. :-) Although no doubt he did instill terror into the hearts and minds of others who crossed paths with him. And after his Damascus Road encounter with the Risen Jesus he instilled a new type of fear into the hearts and minds of others, the kind which can lead to a salvific experience with the Person of Christ Jesus.

God bless Saint Paul the once upon a time would-be terrorist. ;-)
commented 2016-03-23 20:19:03 -0400
Great article, Clint.
It never ceases to amaze me to what desperate lengths people will go to to avoid the truth. Especially the “I Am the way the truth and the Life” kind of truth. “Professing to be wise they became fools”. It will no doubt be interesting to watch the disintegration of Western civilization and society. People in the future will ask,“why did they let this happen?” The answer is that “they” had no adequate moral foundation which ironically means they did not have an adequate scientific one either. As they used to say, “Theology is the Queen of the sciences”.