Editing Suites

Rebel Staff

Ever wonder how expensive it is to build a big, TV studio control room -- where all the bells and whistles are added, from fancy graphics to background video footage? It can cost well over one hundred thousand dollars. We're not going to do that. But we do still need a way to pull together all the amazing sound and pictures we plan on bringing you. So we need a decent computer for each studio at a cost of $2499 plus tax. And we also need to buy the video editing software for each computer at a cost of $349.99 plus tax. For you techies out there, some of the software we need includes ScreenFlow 5 (to record Skype or anything on the Internet); Final Cut Pro X (user-friendly video editing on a laptop, on-the-go); Jaksta Media Recorder (for getting quick video clips for fair-use commentary). We also want Adobe Creative Cloud for special effects.

We did it. All our editing suites are now funded. Thank you!
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