December 05, 2016

Edmonton rally-goers get “basket of deplorables” treatment from dishonest media

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Our Rebel Rally for Alberta was a huge success. Thousands of Albertans joined us on the steps of the legislature for our family friendly event to send a message to Rachel Notley that she does not have social licence to bring in the largest single tax hike in Alberta history. 

And predictably true to form, the smear merchants got to work trying to discredit the speakers. The NDP even had a staffer from their Climate Change office in the crowd tweeting out lies that the mainstream media immediately picked up and ran with as absolute fact.

The biggest target of the smear merchants was Conservative leadership candidate, Chris Alexander. The mainstream media types ran with a rumour fed to them by the NDP that he led a chant of “lock her up” about Rachel Notley.

It didn’t happen that way but the truth doesn’t matter when there are good people to ruin.

The CBC even took to smearing the people who attended the rally.

They trotted out a professor named Brian Gorman who did his own version of Hillary Clinton’s deplorables schtick.

Watch my video to see what he said about the rally goers and why it made me so mad.

I even solve the mystery the mainstream media can’t seem to figure out:

Why do these people support The Rebel?

We can all see the sneers and smearing for what they really are.

The CBC and the rest of the media are trying to change the focus, and avoid talking about why those people went to our rally.

But honestly, if calling unemployed, working class people a “basket of deplorables” goes as well for Notley, Trudeau and the CBC as it did for Hillary Clinton, I hope they never stop.

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commented 2016-12-07 01:00:21 -0500
Right on Sheila! We need a real leader like Trump!
commented 2016-12-06 23:40:16 -0500
I think that Derek Fildebrand might be a better leader than Brian Jean… His confrontation with Wynn was outstanding but his own party threw him under the bus in a politically correct moment.. He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions but I am very disappointed in Brian Jean and he showed very very weak leadership towards the people that gave him money as well as supported him with their time and effort.
Political correctness does not work fairly in both directions because the left has all the freaks on the right is mainstream people…
commented 2016-12-06 20:38:43 -0500
I have passed on invitations to meet and greet Conservative Party leadership candidates or attend the debates. I may withold any further contributions to the party.

If there is nobody willing to defy the CBC….then we just might as well declare the CBC the dictatorship of this country.
commented 2016-12-06 14:18:06 -0500
There is a party already started called WCC that’s Western Canada concept… Look them up online.
They are about separating from central authority and they will give you a detailed account of where the west stands right now as a result of our provinces bound to the Laurentian elites.
commented 2016-12-06 12:10:48 -0500
ALBERTA FIRST should be our new name and DEREK FILDERBRAND our new leader. Brian Jean is an absolute disaster who does not come across at all, following the msm’s narrative to condemn the little puny harmless chant. Lock her up means to me "get her out of our people ‘s building, the Legislature. Brian Jean’s continual apologizes are sickening and I will never forget what he did to Derek Fildebrand when wynne-bag was here.
Great job Sheila, shame on the Alberta left wing media who are traitors to Albertans and couldn’t care less about our loss of jobs and our right to protest this useless, garbage, thieving carbon tax. I can’t watch their compliant and evil deception to ordinary hard working Albertans.
commented 2016-12-06 10:32:26 -0500
Rachel Notley Brian Jean Chris Alexander Jayson Kenny Justin Trudeau Kelly Leach and the rest who are too easily forgotten and too many to name…!!! Give the people what they want or sooner or later you will wish that you had… What is the population of Canada 35 million…?
5 million of those are your Muslim friends, 6 million of those are lefties I’m not much to worry about anyway…
5 million of those are elderly and children / disabled.
That leaves 11-14 MILLION like-minded people that may be a little bit difficult to chain up as your personal property..
You should start thinking of your futures..!
commented 2016-12-06 10:00:47 -0500
Personally, I am ashamed to be forced into a system where control must be maintained through fear and oppression. I believe most media outlets can’t be wholly blamed for their comments, they are government regulated and are told what they are allowed to broadcast to avoid government backlash – as is my understanding. I also wonder why I don’t hear much of certain documents, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights being used for our benefit when we are so grievously wronged by those who were voted in to support us. Perhaps we should change the term “in power” to something that doesn’t swell their heads. From my book, The Little Book of Joe’s Sh!t Life: ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights… was adopted by the United Nations in December of 1948. For such an important document that was drafted to protect the welfare of the people, the system sure regards it as hogwash. Maybe it was scribed to appease the masses and lull them into a sense of security but doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to brass taxes.’

It sure diminishes all impressions of freedom of anything…
commented 2016-12-06 09:22:32 -0500
ALBERTA for separation and maybe just maybe we will lose all these useless cucks .
commented 2016-12-06 08:54:22 -0500
Notley and your other Globalists buddies? Take your drama bullshit to your next spirit cooking and go live with George soros. Politics is absolutely perverted, sick and twisted.
commented 2016-12-06 08:36:26 -0500
The problem is simple. Politicians, those Welfare recipients who think they are better than the other welfare recipients Do not do what the People want. So they are ticked off.
They are so stupid that they don’t realize that you can use the term lock her up as a protest rant and not actually mean jail time but mean smarten up or get out.
The point with Hillary and with these other welfare recipients is that they get our money, do the opposite of what we want and some actually should so do jail time but all of them need to get to work. IF we did as little as they did, and had that little of accountability we would be so happy, but we don’t we do not have a 4 year get out of Jail card, do whatever you want and get a double pension.
We need to reduce the election time down to 2 years or find another way to get them to smarten up. OR elect cabinet ministers each on a platform so that each policy is the way the people want. Now that would be interesting. a Liberal a Conservative and a NDP’r walked into Parliament. And they all went to work doing what we wanted. Yes, that is a dream, and a Joke. will never happen.
commented 2016-12-06 07:30:01 -0500
Almost all politicians running this Country are part of the liberal alliance, when people realize that, the fix can begin.
commented 2016-12-06 02:37:06 -0500
And, I wonder if Jason Kenney has even started to do those daily push-ups he obviously needs to do to get lean and fit for the fight ahead?… No?… Didn’t think so…
commented 2016-12-06 02:32:55 -0500
RON & DIANE VOSS… Thanks for you detailed “one the ground” insight as to who said what at the rally and who “wasn’t even there”… My impression from what you write is that indeed the opposition to Rachel Notley, from supposed “conservative” party leaders, is that Albertans still have a bunch of wimps vying for leadership… Jason Kenney not even showing up, and Brian Jean going mealy-mouth means it’s going to be a long haul before the sun shines again in Alberta… Bless all who did turn out…
commented 2016-12-06 02:15:15 -0500
Well spoken KevinKELVIN GRABOWSKY ..
For you conservative politicians out there that think that the “lock her up”chant was uncalled for, you had better wake up and get with the bloody program and start actually listening to the voters. Nobody would ever chant anything derogatory unless they are pissed off.

I hardly heard a peep out of you scum when the left wanted to jail climate deniers. If you want my vote and respect from now on, it’s time to throw away your childish PC crap and crawl with us in the mud and get dirty. End of rant……..
commented 2016-12-06 01:54:02 -0500
The left hates us so much because they know they cannot survive without us and they know we would do much better without them.
commented 2016-12-06 01:52:45 -0500
I agree with others , no party is doing any good, Western Separation is what is needed.
commented 2016-12-06 01:47:22 -0500
Don’t forget, CBC’s jobs are on the line and they are out for blood. They are going to fight any Conservative, The Rebel and anyone else who gets in their way.
What was disappointing is Rona Ambrose call the chant disgraceful. She should have immediately redirected any questions to the issue at hand and the Albertans out of work. She got sucked in royally, I’m afraid.
As for The Rebel being intimidated by them…..make my day!
commented 2016-12-06 00:57:01 -0500
Thank goodness for the Rebel! No other mainstream media reports the story truthfully on the rally in Edmonton. This should gives us all the more reason to support them with “The Big Plan” going forward. If politicians or media won’t stand up for the average citizen who will? Who else will go against the grain of the mainstream media in Canada? We need a conservative source of media and the rebel is filling the void.
commented 2016-12-06 00:09:16 -0500
Not a Brad wall among them..!!!!
commented 2016-12-06 00:07:55 -0500
The only “deplorable’s we have” is our gutless provincial parties all wanting our affection and at the last minute will abandon us to the black abyss for their precious career convenience..
commented 2016-12-05 23:47:12 -0500
Shine a little light on the cockroaches, the political club circles the wagons.
commented 2016-12-05 23:46:47 -0500
The only thing I support now is western separation..
commented 2016-12-05 23:43:25 -0500
Ron and Diane Voss…
Everything you said… And I mean everything, you nailed it on every point. I don’t see any future in Alberta regardless of who’s running I pull my support for the Wild Rose I pull my support for all of them they’re all the same… I am sickened by what they pretend to be and by the false hope that they project to the people of this once great province.
commented 2016-12-05 23:37:48 -0500
And don’t worry about Chris Alexander or even Brian Jean for that matter because the soon as the mainstream media was on them they were all down talking the crowd that they didn’t have the right to voice their disgusted opinion of our present administration.. it’s not like the crowd used profanity it’s not like the crowd uttered threats it was a peaceful demonstration and these people were angry and rightfully so… I am disgusted with the actions of the speakers as soon as the mainstream media put them under the spotlight
commented 2016-12-05 23:27:59 -0500
I was at that rally and it was a peaceful demonstration… When I was watching the news today they were making it out like the people had no business voicing their opinion and their anger against policy’s and new legislation that makes them choose between heat or food..
They have no shame and they have no conscience… All they do is think of themselves and they hate it when somebody stands against them.
One little NDP skank even went so far as to say “if they don’t like what we’re doing vote us out”
commented 2016-12-05 22:54:23 -0500
I don’t care what fools call me. And as far as being extreme goes, well let’s just say, you ain’t seen nothin yet.
commented 2016-12-05 22:53:28 -0500
What gets me, Sheila, is why the left always resorts to name calling: deplorables, the manipulated, racists, etc.
I call the Trudeamanics, NDPers, and their ilk: wrong minded. I don’t call them stupid. Some of my closest friends are left-thinking. They’re globalists, eco-radicals, socialists. That’s their educated opinions.
On the other hand, we are nationalists, anti-pollution moderates, and capitalists…not manipulated deplorables.
If you call people with differing opinions disrespectful names and accuse them of lacking intelligence…look in the mirror.
commented 2016-12-05 22:17:44 -0500
Impassioned post SHEILA
It seems there will a few more rallies next year , will sacrifice a camping trip
Hope there’s more rallies in Calgary , then I can just slip across the big rocks and be there

A lot of good rants be low

When I was living in Calgary in the 70 s , there was this cowboy that had a beef with the government of city hall , and he got in his little airplane and bombed city hall with bull shit , I think he nailed the Calgary tower too , I think he did a little time and took a way his flypapers
This guy was a bit of a country recording artist , now that is what I call protesting
I wonder what ever became of him ,as I had to go to another province because of senior turdo’s policies
commented 2016-12-05 22:07:33 -0500
Predictable reaction from a media who wonders where their readers are going.

Not for a moment does it seem to have occurred to them that maybe it’s not so wise to play aggressively hostile Mao-like ideological condemnation politics when the vast portion of Canada between it’s two narrow coastal globalist beach-heads, is not ready to abandon participatory populist democracy for a modern version of Stalinist political cleansing and demographic pogroms.

The thing that turned the tide in Brexit, the US ans everywhere else populism is inresurgence, is a large swath of voters are tired of being called names and actively hated, they are striking back and saying“enough is enough.” They arn’t voting against their own best interests interests, as is so often patronizingly alleged by leftist MSM; they are voting against the condescending, accusatory scolding of sheltered Marxist creampuffs in politics, media and academia who try to denegrade their interests as unimportant.

The populist backlash to left-wing toxic condescension is now a global phenomena in western liberal democracies – it was the impetus in the Brexit vote, the Trump victory and now the Italian referendum against EU hegemony. It’s the revenge of the nerds writ large. Alberta is nest to go populist, you can almost smell the seathing contempt the leftist elite have for citizen actuated democracy.
commented 2016-12-05 21:40:14 -0500
The left-wing media went overboard trying to discredit the Rebel and this rally arranged by the Rebel and latched onto the chant, “Lock her up”. Felt good standing in the cold expressing that sentiment given all the destruction that Notley has caused to Alberta’s economy and peoples’ lives with her left-wing ideology, which, frankly, I consider ‘criminal’. Here are some of the media headlines:
Dawson: ‘Lock her up’ chant is fundamentally undemocratic – and threatening
- Ottawa Citizen
Albertans chant ‘Lock her up’ about Rachel Notley at rally against carbon tax
Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander said he felt ‘uncomfortable’ during chant
‘Lock her up for what?’ Professor weighs in on Alberta rally
‘The only weapon they have to employ is their sullenness and their anger’
Right-wing media outlet organizes anti-carbon tax rally
Wildrose should disavow “Trump-style hate politics” in Alberta: NDP
- Calgary Herald
Wildrose leader denounces ‘lock her up’ chanters at weekend rally
Brian Jean was a speaker at an anti-carbon tax rally at the Alberta legislature Saturday

The Ottawa Citizen report chastising Chris Alexander, a contender for the federal Conservative party leadership, for not stopping the chant, got it right saying that he “lacks anything resembling a spine”. Giving in to the media bullying, he later said that he was “uncomfortable” with the chant even though the video shows him smiling, bobbing along, almost conducting the chant. Strike him off the list as a leader of the federal Conservative Party! These are tough times and the last thing we need is a gutless, spineless leader who will submit to the bullying by the leftwing media and political correctness. Also strike Conservative leadership hopeful Michael Chong off the list, who not only supports a carbon tax so, of course, would not have made an effort to attend the rally and stand with the hurting Albertans, but in a gesture of virtue signaling, obliquely criticized one of his rivals for not standing up to the crowd’s chant!

Cute how the left-wing media (CTV) denigrates the Rebel as “right-wing media”. Press Progress referred to “Ezra Levant’s alt-right Rebel media”. The liberal professor consulted by the CBC ‘weighed in’ by referring to the Rebel as the “extreme right”.

Then, sadly, we have Wildrose leader, Brian Jean, bowing to the left-wing media and telling reporters at the Alberta legislature on Monday that he ‘denounced’ people who held homophobic signs and chanted “lock her up” about Premier Notley. I am glad he didn’t call us the “deplorables”. Brian Jean said, “I completely denounce what took place at this rally in relation to inappropriate signage that spread or encouraged homophobia. There is no place for that in modern day politics and there is no place for that in the Wildrose Party, nor do I think that there is a place for inappropriate chants, in this particular case, something that came out of the American election has no place here in Alberta. And I wish that they would just stay home and leave those alone”. With respect to signage spreading or encouraging homophobia was he referring to the one sign that I could see, saying, “Don’t Let Gay Activists in Schools”. Brian is that what you call ‘homophobia’ (a political correctness term) or are you okay with letting gay activists into the schools? Disappointingly, Wildrose responded to this intimidation and bullying by the left-wing media as it has in the past; for example, with respect to the Derek Fildebrandt fiasco.

Then we have Jason Kenney, who is running for the Tory leadership in Alberta and wasn’t at the rally, tweeting, "There are good reasons to oppose a carbon tax. But calling on our democratically-elected Premier to be ‘locked up’ is ridiculous & offensive.”

So, the rally was revealing in many respects! It’s hard to find any conservative leaders with a back bone in these troubling times. Sad.