February 24, 2018

Term “best friend” banned from schools for lacking “inclusivity”

David MenziesMission Specialist


It’s 2018 and the latest cause du jour for educrats is banning students from having best friends.

A recent Metro article notes the term best friend isn’t allowed in some schools anymore because it lacks “inclusivity”.

Isn’t the whole concept of a best friend something that should lack inclusivity?

A growing number of schools are encouraging children to have lots of “good” friends and discouraging them from having “best” friends because educrats and child psychologists favour the idea even though it’s not popular in the real world.

But what do we, the great unwashed masses, know about raising kids?

For a social-engineering encore, earlier this month a school in Utah told students they couldn’t say “no” if another student asked them to dance at the Valentine’s Day event.

Talk about mixed messages! For decades, we’ve been told that a woman has the right to choose, and that “no means no” but not any more.

Will this bring #MeToo and #TimesUp to a grinding halt? Pass the popcorn! I think we’re witnessing a circus sideshow of progressives cannibalizing themselves.

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commented 2018-02-27 11:33:42 -0500
Gerald is turdos best friend and he never says no.
commented 2018-02-26 15:57:36 -0500
More lunacy from the Left………….
commented 2018-02-26 15:09:14 -0500
Edward, that’s because Canada is a communist dictatorship. Marxists (NDP) and cultural Marxists (Liberals) have taken over all our public institutions: Parliament, legislatures, courts, media and the education system at all levels. This is no accident. They have been working at this since Marx wrote Das Kapital and Lenin took Russia. They knew they couldn’t take Canada militarily, so they have gradually infiltrated their ilk into our institutions. Their first big move after doing that was forming the cultural Marxist HRC’s, by which they have suppressed freedom of speech. Ezra Levant was one of their principle victims. Defending himself cost him about $100,000, in effect, a punishing fine for daring to exercise his lawful rights as a magazine publisher about a decade ago. He has fought back valiantly, and is still doing so, but the cultural Marxist dictatorship is now so completely entrenched, it’s a miracle that this website is still here. I won’t be surprised if the current cultural Marxist liberal fascist government of Little Fidel and his cohorts finds a way to shut therebel.media down any time now. That’s the usual way these people stay in power: suppress all speech that opposes them. I hope Ezra and the Rebels (sounds like a rock band) are making plans to stay on the internet, perhaps from the U.S., in case Little Fidel does find a way to shut down therebel.media. in Canada.
commented 2018-02-26 00:28:47 -0500
Edward, sadly, this is the case.
commented 2018-02-25 23:46:18 -0500
Tammie: I have to say Canada is increasingly feeling like a Communist country or some other dictatorship.
commented 2018-02-25 22:33:11 -0500
I forgot to add, this is for Ontario. I’m not sure about other provinces.
commented 2018-02-25 22:09:55 -0500
There is a way to completely disrupt public school board funding if a significant number of parents keep children at home for 22 consecutive days. Budgets are reduced accordingly.
commented 2018-02-25 18:01:27 -0500
Edward Jobin – the teachers already pass out the children’s hotline number and encourage children to rat on their parents. They are undermining parents every step of the way!
commented 2018-02-25 17:54:49 -0500
Liza Rosie is right: Saving the country’s children from the cultural Marxist brainwashing apparatus known as the public school system is the only hope for saving Canada. Private schools and homeschooling are the only hope our children have of being given a sane and wholesome education, which they will need in the years to come, as the cultural Marxist lunatics take Canada down the path to national destruction, which the Liberals under Justin Trudeau are now engineering, with the help of the public schools, media and courts.
commented 2018-02-25 13:44:12 -0500
Unfortunately many of the parents have little clue what is being pushed I our schools and to be honest I hadn’t heard this one until David Menzies reported on it. I can see the day coming when they will set up a hotline so you can report when your feelings have been hurt or you don’t feel included. Great comments everyone!
commented 2018-02-25 11:58:46 -0500
I am seriously starting to think that we should shut down public schools until we can clean out all the brainwashed teachers and snuff foreign funded Unions once and for all. They are poisoning society. Parents have an obligation to protect their children. There is not an excuse in the world that makes it acceptable to leave your kids to these wolves. Take your kids out of school, en masse. Just do it. You have an obligation. Take them out of this madness.
commented 2018-02-25 11:16:35 -0500
Big Brother is now to be your best friend. You must tell your new best friend everything.
commented 2018-02-25 08:50:41 -0500
It seems this Marxist madness will never end. They are attacking the individual and installing a tribe mentality. Whatever happened to parental involvment in schools? I assume the parents that are involved are on the same page as the creeps who are pushing these ridiculous behaviours. The union mentality has been allowed to run amok. The parents need to take back control of their children. These control freaks aren’t even teaching the required courses anymore, to cover for the bottom of the barrel teachers. They are so dumbed down themselves that it was determined not to fail anyone. The indoctrinating unions need to be removed and teachers should have to stand on their own merits, and be screened out for this type of sickness. Normal, healthy behaviour is being lobotomized!
commented 2018-02-25 05:59:36 -0500
George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’ became reality a couple of decades later than he expected, but that was because it had to wait until the left had completely populated all our public institutions with utter lunatics.

A massive evil has descend on our society, disguising itself as an angel of light. Doesn’t ‘inclusivity’ sound wonderful? As in ‘nobody left out’? But what if you want to be left out? Well, too bad. The lunatics rule.

I don’t see any way our society will recover from this, other than by being wiped out by an asteroid. Just changing the federal government won’t do it, because the lunatics will still be in place for years to come.

Canada, once the shining beacon on the hill, the land of freedom and opportunity that the world envied, has become an insane asylum where the lunatics have taken over and rule the place, and the sane staff are all locked in the closets with the doors barricaded. And the lunatics have thrown open the outside doors and invited anyone from other insane asylums who wants to come in (except Christians) to do so, not realizing that they will then take over eventually wipe out everyone who doesn’t become one of them.

Bye bye, free and beautiful Canada. You had every blessing thrown at you, but you got stupid and blew it.
commented 2018-02-25 00:39:52 -0500
Every day the government thought and word police encroach a little further into our lives placing new restrictions and indoctrinating the most vulnerable members of our society, our impressionable trusting children who are being force fed life’s ambiguous relativism. There is no mankind there is people kind, there is no best friends we are all equal and there are no losers so we don’t grow up feeling bad. I just wish one of these little ones summoned the courage one of my classmates did when we had a discussion about rules and he bluntly told our teacher that rule is full of shit.
commented 2018-02-25 00:23:20 -0500
commented 2018-02-25 00:04:39 -0500
No more BFF? What an outrage. What’s next when the boys decide not being allowed to go into the girl’s isn’t very inclusive? Where will the madness end? I will tell you. It won’t because we the sheeple have sent a clear message to the government when we rolled out the matt across our back and said walk over. In other words we can be counted upon to raise nothing more than our voices which in times past should have been sufficient but now that we have a media that willfully ignores us or if we get to uppity will send around their communist cohorts and accuse of being racists. So I honestly am not sure at this point what to suggest.
commented 2018-02-24 21:07:30 -0500
They are just mad that they do not have friends.
commented 2018-02-24 20:45:09 -0500
The left has gone totally whacky crazy. Some teachers are more interested in promoting this garbage than teaching what’s important like writing. Kids today can’t write, so if you don’t print, they are unable to comprehend what you’re saying. That’s pretty sad. What’s next, all have the same hairstyle? Wear the same shoes? Identical knapsacks? It’s over the moon.
commented 2018-02-24 17:39:46 -0500
Remember when it was hailed and high watered that the CRIMINISTER’S best friend was a butt ’ they were photographed on the steps of diversity
commented 2018-02-24 17:29:49 -0500
JANNIE JONES , was that mission senior high , mid 60s , sent back to Edinburgh , main crime , pronounicing aluminum as alyouminnium. , Cole mr
commented 2018-02-24 16:33:14 -0500
“Talk about mixed messages! For decades, we’ve been told that a woman has the right to choose, and that “no means no” but not any more.”

These “mixed messages” have been developed over time due to the constant machinations of the regressive leftwing academic unions and media across all western countries. The true feminists (the Suffragettes) who fought hard for equal rights are no doubt turning in their graves. What passes for feminism now is in reality anti-feminism intentionally mislabeled by the left as is all their attempts at rewriting history and the portrayal of their agendas. The left will not be happy until everyone is as mentally deficient as they are. Churchill was spot on, the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.
commented 2018-02-24 16:08:02 -0500
Best to just get kids away from these nuts and keep them as far away as possible.
commented 2018-02-24 15:48:10 -0500
I wonder if the school that wouldn’t let students say “no” if asked to dance insisted on that if a male asked a male to dance? Or if a female asked a female to dance? Or if a trans student asked any other student to dance? Or a teacher asked a student to dance? I wonder if this was the school’s way of making it easy for their queer students to pick up other kids? After it, I can’t imagine it is enough to teach that homosexuality is okay; the next steps are surely to teach homosexual technique and make sure everyone’s had a homosexual experience because inclusivity.
commented 2018-02-24 14:47:27 -0500
Teachers: Some bad, some good. Keith B. said it all in his last reference to the ‘Turd. Back in the day we had a thing called the strap, and the boys got it if they stepped out of line. It was expected. Things like throwing snowballs through the second story school at recess at some taunting girls. Or putting a tack or two on the teachers chair, or rolling a giant ball of string on the classroom floor, entwining all the chairs and desks together-even the girls were complicit, while teacher reading to us a book like The call of the wild. When he finished reading the allotted passage and looked up and saw what had transpired, I actually saw a wry smile cross his face. Nobody got the strap for the one. Same teacher. One day one of the boys, while teacher was out of the room, “George” went to teachers desk, took the strap out the desk drawer and put it in a different drawer. That particular day “George” became especially bad. Teacher told him to come to the desk to receive the strap. Teacher could not find the strap. So “George” reached over, pulled open the opposite drawer and produced the strap, holding it up for teacher and all the class to see. Well, teachers’ face turned bright crimson red and did “George” ever get it. But it was expected. This is one of the teachers all the kids did like. There weren’t too many teachers back in the day that were liked. Like when the new principle arrived, overstayed his welcome, and even town council had gotten together to decide to fire this guy. He was there for at least 6 years. A pompous, short little man. I could go on forever about all the antics, but Mancuso’s got it right—says it all for me.
commented 2018-02-24 13:56:50 -0500
Control, first the speak and next the mind. Marxist scum run Canada’s educational system and have done so for quite a while. Justin Trudeau is a good example of their work.
commented 2018-02-24 13:35:05 -0500
Public sector, teachers unions, are hotbeds of Marxist indoctrination in Canada.
That means the teachers who indoctrinate our children with this Marxist/Globalist BS, and accept benefit (from the taxpayer) for the robot-programming of our children, are as guilty of damaging our children – and our future – as those Marxist-spewing unionist thugs and criminals…and their masters!
Newspeak, compelled speech, words as violence, banned words, hurt feelings, identity politics, no-winning, no tag, no balls in the school yard, pervert’ sex ed and revisionist history, ‘new’ math…how about sticking to the three R’s and making sure our children are at the least, literate BEFORE they leave high school…the parents can take care of their own children’s moral upbringing.
In Camp Bubblewrap the lefties just cannot fathom the idea that liberalism is in fact a mental disorder -
you just have to look at how liberalism manifests itself – it’s not their narcissism and nihilism alone that causes their moral relativism induced blindness…
commented 2018-02-24 13:00:30 -0500
The entire teaching profession has always had their share of weirdos but now they seem to be elevated to the lunatic level.
Inclusivity has become a religion, a dogmatic sect of lunatics teaching and indoctrinating the young impressionable minds of children.
Public schools are a manage to humanity .
commented 2018-02-24 12:57:03 -0500
Next to come will be ,You can have a best friend as long as it is not the same color as you.
In the name of DIEVERSITY !