May 16, 2019

Newfoundland Election: Voters poised to “renounce Trudeau's Liberal brand”

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians vote today in the closest general election the province has seen in a generation, and I'm there covering the story — Follow my live-tweets from PC headquarters at @TheRealKeean


Polls show Dwight Ball's governing Liberals are just trailing Ches Crosbie's Progressive Conservatives, with both provincial leaders polling significantly lower than their respective parties.

Over 50 per cent of the population in Newfoundland say that they don't agree with the direction the government has been taking, which is understandable given the province’s soaring debt levels, high taxes and dwindling population.

Every single Newfoundland and Labrador resident owes almost $30,000 in debt, and there is no end in sight for the government deficit.

Polls close at 8pm NST, meaning most Canadians will know by early evening if Newfoundland and Labrador is the latest province to renounce Trudeau's Liberal brand and join the blue wave in the lead-up to October's federal election.

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commented 2019-05-17 11:38:22 -0400
ANDY NEIMERS commented 8 hours ago
Missy Stephenson was probably referring to the NF Libs being relegated to minority government status?…”

That’s your definition of “renounce”?
commented 2019-05-17 10:54:04 -0400
Well, some say only a Newfoundlander can tell a good Newfie Joke. Not true, anyone can…. In Nova Scotia, you might be asked “What is a Cape Bretoner”? Answer? A Newfoundlander that ran out of money on their way to Toronto… Newfoundland was the last Province I visited, and can now say that I have been to every Province and Territory in Canada.. I visited George Street, of course. And what did I get? The locals bought me some Beer, and welcomed me. And, a couple of hotties from “Sirens” just down the road gave me a ticket for a couple of free Lap Dances.. I like Newfoundland, but some of the people are total Jerks, that hate everyone from “away”… Still, I would go back for a visit. As for living there? Forget it… For the cost of living in Newfoundland for one month, you could live for a complete year on a beach in Costa Rica…
commented 2019-05-17 08:45:04 -0400
Just on a historical note, one of the incidents that didn’t get reported during the October Crisis/War Measures Act was the RCMP raid and literal smashing of presses with sledge hammers at a New Brunswick “underground” newspaper of the era called “The Mysterious East” the only paper willing to expose and criticise the Irvings…in the long run this press censorship failed to prevent the word from getting out.

Letting the elites screw the little guy and calling it social progress is like pissing on someone’s leg and telling them it’s climate change……..;-)
commented 2019-05-17 08:22:07 -0400
RON and DAN…you live in the prairies not the maritimes…the ground is different…the water is different….who has the old money is different…and in Newfoundland you can count the weeks of summer on the fingers of one hand…no chance of agriculture.

When I was twenty a fisherman could make a living with a forty foot cape islander without going out of sight of his house on the shore…now fishing boats are in the thousands of tons displacement and you need the navy to fend off the foreign fleets.

Being a middle class entrepreneur here is a matter of serving obscure micro markets (and keeping the fact that you are a conservative a secret).

I switched from CPC to PPC…but the local riding association failed to launch a candidate…so I will be holding my nose and supporting the CPC candidate (I strongly disagree with his support of supply managed agriculture)…I just want to see Lawrence MacCaully go down in defeat for his votes on freedom of speach and lawfull firearm owner pointless harassment….and to see some genuine tears and regret from Justin.

In this neck of the woods you do what you can with what you have to work with.
commented 2019-05-17 03:37:04 -0400
Missy Stephenson was probably referring to the NF Libs being relegated to minority government status?…
commented 2019-05-17 02:35:07 -0400
Andrew Stephenson what ooops??
commented 2019-05-17 02:13:10 -0400
Oops. lol.
commented 2019-05-16 18:22:25 -0400
Hey Keean, welcome to the Rock. Keep up the good work!
commented 2019-05-16 18:17:53 -0400
Let’s go Newfoundland get the job done and kick those corrupt Liberal scabs to the curb!!! I wanna see Justin cry some more because nobody likes him!!!
commented 2019-05-16 18:14:15 -0400
I figured this Librano email fundraising tripe should be exposed.

A woman’s right to choose

ACTION (from Unsubscribe
10:05 AM (5 hours ago)
to me Liberal Party of Canada

There’s something we need to talk about, Dan.

It’s her body, and her choice.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team understand that women unequivocally have the right to decide what to do with their bodies. That’s why it’s so alarming that 12 Conservative MPs attended last week’s anti-choice “March for Life” rally on Parliament Hill – 11 men, and their Status of Women critic. It’s a rally that Andrew Scheer himself has also previously attended as well.

While some Conservative MPs are trying to reopen that debate by speaking at anti-choice events, screening anti-choice films, or empowering conservative politicians who “pledge to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime,” Liberals know that women in Canada have the right to make their own health decisions.

Women’s rights are human rights, and we need to send a message that no one – including Andrew Scheer or any member of his caucus – has the authority to dictate to women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

Here’s the list of the Conservative MPs who were there one week ago today, and links to where you can go to donate and support the local Liberal riding associations working to elect Liberal MPs instead. Together, we’ll help ensure these Liberal campaign teams have the necessary tools to share our positive message once the campaign kicks off:

David Anderson ➜ Cypress Hills–Grasslands, Saskatchewan
Harold Albrecht ➜ Kitchener–Conestoga, Ontario
Ted Falk ➜ Provencher, Manitoba
Rachael Harder ➜ Lethbridge, Alberta
Glen Motz ➜ Medicine Hat–Cardston–Warner, Alberta
Dane Lloyd ➜ Sturgeon River–Parkland, Alberta
Phil McColeman ➜ Brantford–Brant, Ontario
Bev Shipley ➜ Lambton–Kent–Middlesex, Ontario
Kevin Sorenson ➜ Battle River–Crowfoot, Alberta
Brad Trost ➜ Saskatoon–University, Saskatchewan
Arnold Viersen ➜ Peace River–Westlock, Alberta
Dave Van Kesteren ➜ Chatham-Kent–Leamington, Ontario
While these Conservative MPs have been busy working to roll back women’s rights, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team are focused on making real progress for women and all Canadians. That includes the Liberal government’s action to ensure that safe and legal abortion services are available to all Canadian women, and a Feminist International Assistance Policy that ensures our aid dollars support a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

That’s real progress at work – and there’s much more to do. With an election just five months away, we need to defend this progress, send a message to Conservatives who want to roll back women’s rights, and continue our work together to build a better future for all Canadians.

Chip in now to support Justin Trudeau and our the Liberal team to help earn another mandate this fall.

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Thank you for your support,

Liberal Party of Canada
commented 2019-05-16 16:29:03 -0400
The only good Liberal is a defeated Liberal.
commented 2019-05-16 15:50:22 -0400
I can’t figure out why anyone in NFLD-LAB would vote Lib, NDP or Green when these three leftist Parties not only hate fossil fuels, but they claim Hydro-electric is also dirty.

First the Fishing Industry is just staying afloat, now the left wants to shut down these other Resource Industries.
commented 2019-05-16 15:40:30 -0400
Hey you’s Newfies, do the Right thing and Blue it this time, never mind the Blow, which is all you will get if you’s all votes Libtard.