August 03, 2015

Election Day 1: Vancouver reporter calls Trudeau a liar about always taking questions

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

One of the first media issues on Day 1 of the election was about the party leaders’ taking questions from reporters after their initial speeches.

With PM Stephen Harper the focus was on the amount of questions he took which Steve Ladurantye exposes that even though the Media Party whined about the number, they repeatedly asked the same questions:

And Rebel’s Brian Lilley shows CBC’s Terry Milewski as being one of the reporters ‘asking’ his load statement dressed-up as a question which then Harper gives Milewski a public spanking:

Next up was NDP leader Thomas Mulcair who refused to take any questions from reporters and right on schedule, the Media Party blamed Harper for:

And finally after over a 3 hour delay, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau bragged to the media about always being available for questions:

But CKNW’s Shane Woodford’s wasn’t letting that statement by Trudeau slide:

Most interesting though is how not a single Ottawa journalist has said a word about a Vancouver journalist calling-out Trudeau on his blatant lie.

h/t Wyatt Webster


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commented 2015-08-05 01:36:27 -0400
The only time Justin is not lying is when he says “UHH? UHHH?”
commented 2015-08-04 23:48:26 -0400
I love it how liberals are complaining about this election being very expensive for the taxpayers. The same liberals who don’t see a taxpayer-funded scheme or social program they don’t like. It’s laughable really, and goes to show the obvious bias of the media party for pushing this contrived talking point.
commented 2015-08-04 19:04:31 -0400
I think Brian hits the nail on the head with the mentioning of Wynne and the gas plant scandal. It is true, she has a lot of nerve to even think about lecturing to Harper about the election being an unnecessary burden on taxpayers, given her and McGuinty’s antics on the provincial level.
commented 2015-08-04 17:19:33 -0400
“The bottom line is taxpayers are paying more for a longer campaign.” The Dippers and Lieberals have been doing this for about a year using parliamentary funds. And that is fine?
commented 2015-08-04 16:24:49 -0400
Milewski’s question was good. Steve wants to spin this early election call as a savings for taxpayers? If the campaign is longer, taxpayers pay more. End of story. Either Steve is wrong, or he’s lying. Watch the video, Steve starts to lose his temper with Terry, but manages to get himself under control. Then he just repeats the lie about saving taxpayers money. The bottom line is taxpayers are paying more for a longer campaign.
commented 2015-08-04 12:45:41 -0400
bozo eruption #16, “you must be from the sun.” to a cbc reporter….#17 running away from sun reporter who graciously showed the deer in the headlights the proper exit.. it is time to forget about gerald butts puppet and concentrate on comrade citizen robespierre..
commented 2015-08-04 12:42:45 -0400
terry milewski, senior correspondent ? snarls and almost spits every time he “corresponds” about conservatives… one of big brothers ironic jokes played on their low intelligence demographic
commented 2015-08-04 11:12:00 -0400
Right on Brian. Good video and article. PM Harpers response to Mileweskis loaded question and campaigning statement was right on. The media constantly tries to entrap PM Harper and trip him up to try and make him look bad. Then when they say he is “secretive” or controlling, they point out their little scheme as evidence. The media party is out of control and are champions and cheerleaders of the Liberal party of Canada. It is so very disturbing that they are able to control and manipulate the public like this. Thank goodness for the
commented 2015-08-04 09:20:39 -0400
Dean, since you’re unemployed, maybe you could spend some of your free time taking some English grammar lessons. We all need a break from Twitter from time to time.
commented 2015-08-03 23:33:29 -0400
All the back stabbers hopefully will be repaid in kind one day! I think when you lie and attack others for no reason, other than they do not agree with you, then you will get yours in the end. Do unto others what you would have them do to you. What goes around, comes around!
commented 2015-08-03 22:19:02 -0400
The media is protecting Trudumb because they are afraid he will F**k up again when he speaks or should I say as usually and they will have to clean it up.
commented 2015-08-03 22:16:32 -0400
We all know that Justin only answers questions about what kind of shampoo he uses. What a hypocrite…..remember how he was running from Faith Goldy & Marissa when they tried to ask a question. He knew he could not answer the question, so his defence was “oh, it’s Sun News”. The PM has his work cut out with the lame stream media, the other leaders inc Elizabeth May & now Wynne all bashing him because that’s all they have going for them.
commented 2015-08-03 21:28:53 -0400
yeah the media party has been too busy pushing the harper’s cynicism/long election non-story to cover anything actually real.
commented 2015-08-03 16:27:54 -0400
‘Tend to’ doesn’t mean ‘always’. I would suspect the difference is why it’s not considered to be a ‘story’.
commented 2015-08-03 15:01:38 -0400
If junior’s butt wasn’t being covered 24/7 by the MSM propagandists, he would have been tossed into the dung heap long ago. I hope that both Tom and junior wear that dung well, it is what they so richly deserve.