August 29, 2018

Elites vs. Grassroots at #CPC18: Will division over supply management “tear party apart”?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Clinton P. Desveaux, a party member from the Halifax area, showed up at the Conservative Party convention with bags full of buttons calling for an end to supply management.

While it may be official party policy to support it, this grassroots anti-supply management activist reports that the response from fellow party members has been phenomenal.

Can this divide between grassroots members and party elites be resolved?

Watch as I discuss the issue with Clinton.

P.S. Watch all of The Rebel's footage from the 2018 CPC convention in Halifax HERE.

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commented 2018-08-29 13:47:54 -0400
It’s intriguing how all the conservatives who’ve suddenly developed Bernier Derangement Syndrome are carrying on as though, but for Max’s defection, Andy Scheer was pretty much a shoo-in for PM next year. Nothing is further from reality. The more that Scheer drifts towards nothing-burger conservatism, the less likely he is to win. Connecting with freedom-oriented conservatives is essential to winning next year and he’s not doing it. If they’re not supporting Max, they’ll just sit this one out as they’ve done many elections because there’s no one worth voting for.

Supply management is going to bite the dust one way or the other and I think that Max’s position is a very astute one on this. Donald Trump has been very clear, right from the start of his campaign, where he was going with this. If it’s a choice between keeping the dairy lobby happy or losing thousands of jobs to auto industry tariffs, even Trudeau may roll over eventually (wait until the manufacturing unions start twisting his arm). If he doesn’t, then the issue will loom large next year. While this would not normally be a ballot box issue, anyone facing a layoff because Justin and Andy decided this is the hill they want to die on, may be quite receptive to another option.
commented 2018-08-29 13:17:50 -0400
Wow.. that young man is a good speaker. It sounds like Sheila got more than she bargained for on that interview… Even the young man knows the party is rotten it needs to die and be reborn ..
I don’t understand what it is with these people and their ties to old parties no matter how cancerous rotten or corrupt they are.. Max Bernier is promoting conservative ideals to appeal to a majority of Canadians… Why can’t people like Sheila and a host of others including Ezra and many other people that post on the site see that..
You may be very very attached to your leg but if it develop cancer just below the knee I bet you all the money in the world you will cut it off when the time comes.. it is the same with attachments to other things… When they become rotten and malignant it’s time to cut it away.!!
commented 2018-08-29 13:02:31 -0400
That guy sounds like he should have been elected leader of the Conservative party.
commented 2018-08-29 12:17:38 -0400
Supply management isn’t the issue.

It’s about choosing balls and honesty over neither.