May 11, 2015

Elizabeth May cover up "shows how deep the rot is in Canada's Media Party"

Rebel Staff

Elizabeth May's weird pro-Omar Khadr comments at Ottawa's gallery dinner were a disgrace.

She didn't just welcome home a convicted, admitted terrorist, either.

Elizabeth May talked about her sex life, joking about oral and anal sex.

But what's worse is what happened almost immediately:

As we reported yesterday, all but one journalist in the audience kept quiet about the speech.

Why did the CBC sit on the footage until people on Twitter demanded to see the whole thing?

Can you imagine them doing the same thing if Stephen Harper had been so obviously drunk on stage?

And then there was May's apology...

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commented 2015-05-25 11:26:58 -0400
Ezra Levant: I need stuff from you that I can share and support without embarrassing myself! You often do such good research, but this piece is just mean. You focus so much on May being drunk and swearing merely to make her look bad (a lot of normal people get drunk and swear sometimes). You might remember back to your days at Sun — at one point staff at some liberal event were in the process of rudely ejecting Sun reporters when Elizabeth May rushed in to stop the ejection, hugged the reported and welcomed them even though she knew they would cover it negatively. Seeing that you are focusing so much on a drunken silly moment to shame May as publicly as possible, it comes off as very mean. Please, just do the good research and respectful stories that are important rather than finding embarrassing but meaningless mis-steps to mine.
commented 2015-05-15 05:49:16 -0400
The enemy truly is within..
commented 2015-05-14 00:00:13 -0400
Fine fashion sense, sparkling wit, astounding singing voice and haunting eyes. Yup. Elizabeth is the whole package….
commented 2015-05-13 20:00:24 -0400
Elizabeth May,

Your recent comments about Omar Khadr are disgusting. Your behavior is unforgivable and your excuses of a “failed comedy routine” are not much better because there is nothing funny about this situation. I served Canada in Afghanistan and I can tell you this individual could have easy killed one of our soldiers over there. Do you understand why? It’s because he was an enemy combatant. Do you have any clue the suffering people endure from war? The Speer family has lost everything and you want to crack jokes about convicted killers of dead servicemen and have a toast to the terrorist that killed him? Well, I usually avoid using vulgarities when I’m corresponding with politicians, but in this particular case it seems more than fitting since you crossed that boundary yourself. Therefore, I sincerely wish to say that you are a fucking disgrace to our country and I hope you find yourself living on the dole again after the election.

Canadian Veteran
commented 2015-05-12 22:00:51 -0400
That cbc and other pro left media left out the drunken decadence from lizzie the lose lipped leftist loony is normal practise for them, they hide most all the foolery , absurdity, and crookery of the left .
commented 2015-05-12 19:34:42 -0400
Is most of the MSM soft on Lizzie the Lush? Sure. But, who cares? The story pretty well made headlines right across the country in one way shape or form. So people are able to draw their own conclusions about the rant, the truthfulness of her excuses, the sincerity of her apology, and the media coverage.

Far as I’m concerned she’s just another screeching, immature socialist – angry at a world that has done her little harm. Grandpa used to say that true pigs only make two sounds: a grunt or a squeal.
commented 2015-05-12 18:50:46 -0400
love watching raplh goodale trying to explain bozo’s latest eruption.. “tax breaks for all families isnt fair!”
commented 2015-05-12 18:49:34 -0400
evan solomons head just imploded when they found out that they werent going to control the debates… synonyms for consortium, the word used by the cbc..are among others…mob, monoploy, gang, plunderbund…..plunderbund is my particular favourite..
commented 2015-05-12 16:33:02 -0400
Mental disease on parade.
commented 2015-05-12 15:38:13 -0400
“values like accuracy, honesty, objectivity and balance” All missing from the CBC.
commented 2015-05-12 15:36:27 -0400
$3.3 million per day to big brother produced a poll where 89% of the core evan solomon audience verified their lack of mental abilities… and of course the accompanying censorship on to verify their pitiful existence.
commented 2015-05-12 13:14:02 -0400
Imagine if you will if this had been the Ontario Provincial Parliament’s media bash, and imagine that a drunken Conservative legislator had got on stage, praised Rob Ford and said he “had more class than the whole f——— (Ontario) cabinet…”

You can bet the so-called “mainstream” media would have been much quicker to respond!
commented 2015-05-12 12:59:17 -0400
The best thing about the CBC bias is that they suck at hiding it. I’d like to use the billion plus spent in it for relevant Canadian nesessaties. Having the CBC hasn’t save a single life.
commented 2015-05-12 12:24:59 -0400
Well, now the world knows that there are at least two things Laughing Lizzy is absolutely no good at.
commented 2015-05-12 12:17:04 -0400
MIlan, I appreciate entrepreneurial spirit too; I’m approaching retirement after working with a company I started in 1993. But entrepreneurial spirit alone doesn’t make for quality reportage or a news service of value. So do values like accuracy, honesty, objectivity and balance. This site serves a purpose, but it has a long way to go if it hopes to be taken seriously as a news source, and not just a comfy place to hang out and bitch about the same old demons.
commented 2015-05-12 11:27:07 -0400
I think The Rebel does pretty well with it’s resources. Hopefully as it expands so will it’s ability to cover more global issues. I watch a fair amount of news stations and I have to say I get annoyed by some of the industry leaders who drone on for hours and days and weeks about a single issue they per perceive to be popular. It’s not that I think they should cover issues that only I am interested in but that the rest of the world news and issues that were recently deemed important suddenly barely get any mention if any while they milk the current issue to death. I sit wondering whatever happened to the coverage of the fighting in Ukraine as we finally get to the bottom of who let the air out of a football and if their punishment is just.
commented 2015-05-12 11:17:23 -0400
As I have said before, the best thing Dizzy Lizzy could do for her fringe Party is keep her mouth shut and face away from any cameras.
commented 2015-05-12 10:46:05 -0400
Terry Rudden: Been chatting with you too much, so I will make this my last. The entrepreneurial, ‘go get em’, hard working spirit that is evident in is the spirit that made this country great. The malaise, ‘something for nothing’ socialist CBC attitude that you are referring to that is superior to this start-up is what destroys countries and not build them.
Enjoy your day – you have every right to your opinions – I respect your views nonetheless (that is the difference between us and the left).
commented 2015-05-12 07:57:41 -0400
MIlan: I do indeed choose to come here. It’s neither enlightening nor entertaining to limit ones consumption of news to sites that faithfully one’s own viewpoint; it’s much more interesting to seek out a range of opinion.
Yes, my comments are indeed disparaging. That’s because I’m disappointed. This site, with effort, could raise its own journalistic standards and become a valuable source of conservative and libertarian news and commentary. Instead, it’s turning into a lazy, obsessive, and whiny catechism of conservative cliche, hammering at a few comfortable pet ideas to a chorus of approval from an uncritical readership.
As for the comparison with CBC: read the headline and text of the story I’m responding to.
commented 2015-05-12 07:26:18 -0400
Terry: YOU chose to come here, nobody is forcing you to watch these ‘obsessive’ videos that are a hobby. You are alao free to leave any time, buddy. Your disparaging cynical comments are so sad. This is a start-up by smart, entrepreneurs that received ZERO funds from the taxpayers. Instead of supporting the spirit of independence and business acumen, you are comparing to a taxpayer funded ($1.2B), corrupt organization like the CBC who has covered up a culture of entitlement and sexual harrassment for years. You are free to love the CBC and what it stands for….I know I am standing by Ezra, Brian and the rest at
commented 2015-05-12 07:02:25 -0400
Vlad and Milan: the difference between TheRebel and other, actual news outlets, goes a bit deeper than than the distinction between a public broadcaster and a website run as a hobby by Ezra, Brian, and the other former Sun folks while they look for real jobs.
The problem is, the site has limited resources, both financial and human, which has to increasingly obsessive and repetitive coverage reflecting its stars’ obsessions. In any given week there are a tiny handful of stories in rotation – stories that get repeated endlessly in different variants, with tiny differences of spin. (Look how times this site has returned to the Pam Geller story, each iteration adding nothing but a little more anger).
commented 2015-05-12 03:27:15 -0400
Once again the CBC demonstrates it is a leftist partisan protector of leftist politicians who screw up in public. They sure wouldn’t cover like that for a conservative politian. They would splash every detail of it all over The National. The CBC really is a very bad joke on the taxpayers who are forced to bail it out year after year after year to the tune of a billion dollars a year, while people wait for surgeries they need from our health care system as the CBC syphons billions to make their pro-leftist propaganda and anti-conservative propaganda, the best that our money can buy.

Why doesn’t Stephen Harper stop coddling this sick leftist propaganda machine? Why does he keep disrespecting his own base while the CBC laughs? Does he think his base is going to keep him in office because the alternatives are so bad? If so, he underestimates the degree of alienation he has generated in the social conservative base that elected him. We won’t vote NDP or Liberal, but how many of us just won’t vote at all next time, when we see Harper doing nothing about our issues and concerns? I respectfully suggest he better wake up before he loses the next election.
commented 2015-05-12 01:58:43 -0400
Perhaps May will don a burqa as her next joke. I least then we wouldn’t have to see her face in public again.
commented 2015-05-11 20:32:24 -0400
Someone said :-“CBC news actually covers multiple stories. However, it did lead the national news”. That is a big assumption saying the CBC and news. I will stick with Emily and leave the CBC to the deadheads.
commented 2015-05-11 19:11:45 -0400
The sorry state of the left in Canada: A DRUNK woman who works praising a Radical Islamist Mujahideen. The comedy writes itself.
commented 2015-05-11 19:00:08 -0400
Elizabeth May is a joke. Her denial of being obviously drunk destroys her credibility. Hey Elizabeth, praising Khadr as though he’s a Canadian war hero and not a convicted terrorist killer isn’t funny you brain dead moron. Throw her out of parliament and be done with it.
commented 2015-05-11 18:21:27 -0400
@terry Rudden – yes and the CBC gets welfare to the tune of $1B per year for being and doing…..can’t quite figure that one out.
So in future @terry Rudden, try a little math before typing. Oh right, the lefty communist/socialist/liberal pigs are only good at spending other people’s money and really don’t understand math that well.
commented 2015-05-11 18:06:10 -0400
Hey TERRY RUDDEN – If received welfare from the Canadian taxpayer in the tune of $1.2 BILLION dollars like your CBC does, they would have multiple stories on it as well.

Your comment is very cynical and out of place, dude.
commented 2015-05-11 17:03:17 -0400
Seems like the CBC threw out a lifeline of sorts to May by asking if alcohol was involved, but May didn’t grab it. SELL the rotten CBC so not a penny of my taxes goes to support this ‘progressive’ propaganda machine. Then, people like TERRY RUDDEN can spend their money trying to keep it afloat.
commented 2015-05-11 16:52:21 -0400
This pathetic woman was always an extremist. A one-trick pony, who has all the insight, tolerance and class of the co-extremists like Khadr whom she admires so much.
That this idiot would get drunk and denigrate all her colleagues in deference to an Islamist thug, should surprise no one and demonstrate in spades why this loser could never make the extremist Green Party viable in Parliament.
She should immediately resign from Parliament in disgrace and disappear from public life, never to be seen and heard from again. Good riddance.