October 25, 2015

"Four men died so Obama could win reelection": Email proves Hillary Clinton knew Al-Qaeda carried out Benghazi attack

Rebel Staff

Late last week, we heard the most damning revelation so far in the Congressional Benghazi hearings.


An email Hillary Clinton sent to her daughter (and later deleted from her secret server) proves she knew all along that Al Qaeda had been behind the attack on the US consulate in Libya.

But it was vital that Hillary keep that a secret.

Obama was campaigning for reelection on the claim that he'd won the war on terror and "Al Qaeda was on the run."

That's why the White House stuck to their ridiculous story that the terror attack was motivated by an obscure anti-Islamic YouTube video.

All politicians lie, but how many, like Hillary Clinton, have the blood of four men on their hands.

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commented 2015-10-25 19:43:32 -0400
Watch Rep. Jim Jordan question Hillary Clinton on Benghazi and Clinton being true to form, once being dubbed “a congenital liar” by a NY Times columnist:
She shamelessly told the American people that the Benghazi attack was a response to an anti-Muslim video, but the emails clearly reveal that Clinton knew immediately that the video wasn’t involved, telling her family (her daughter, as Ezra showed) it was a terrorist attack, and the Egyptian Prime Minister. Her email to the Egyptian Prime Minister reads: “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack. Not a protest.” Much like our leftist trolls, truth is always a victim when dealing with Clinton.
commented 2015-10-25 19:34:32 -0400
I would like to thank Jimmy the Slick and Yosa the Dick. Your constant visits to this site all contribute to our ratings. In addition we also have something to laugh at. You Efin Wankers.
commented 2015-10-25 19:17:19 -0400
Well Jimmy I do think The
rebel is a place we really need. If
TheRebel was not around where would you get your entertainment. Even you need TheRebel. It is only 8 months old but give it time. It survivers right now as you say on the donations of people. The fact that would give of their resources to suport TheRebel counts ofr somethinig. If a large MSM company boutht TheRebel it would only be to shut themn up. That would kill TheRebnel because it would be the same old crap we get from them now. It will survive because there are people of good will who will stand behind it.
commented 2015-10-25 19:14:52 -0400
I’m staying in Alberta as a 1%
commented 2015-10-25 19:04:11 -0400
“Folks, nothing to be gained by engaging people who are fast and loose with the truth and will take you down useless rabbit trails to divert you from the topic at hand.”

Needs repeating and repeating and repeating.
commented 2015-10-25 19:03:24 -0400
Hey Jimmy Boy! Can you answer my question? You know the one where I asked you what the Rebel said that “… isn’t even half true.” Or were you just bullshitting yourself?
commented 2015-10-25 19:02:13 -0400
“Can I get a hallelujah from the people on here that think Jimmy and yousa are useless waste of skin.”

commented 2015-10-25 18:55:36 -0400
Jimmy is right. Hillary & Justin both in power – man that would make the Conservatives everywhere squirm. lol.
commented 2015-10-25 18:53:41 -0400
All you have to be able to do is read what Clinton wrote in her email, “killed by an Al Queda-like group”. However, even when the facts are staring them in the face, typical leftists, “useful idiots”, trained according to Saul Alinsky’s playbook, resort to just deny, deny: “complete and utter bullshit”. Maintain the narrative no matter what. Folks, nothing to be gained by engaging people who are fast and loose with the truth and will take you down useless rabbit trails to divert you from the topic at hand.
commented 2015-10-25 18:51:10 -0400

Sorry that I represent most Canadians, but at least you have your little cute place here to hang out with likeminded people.
commented 2015-10-25 18:46:55 -0400
Jimmy, start packing. Especially for you. The greater church of lucifer is scheduled to open in Spring , Texas, October 31 just north of Houston. You’ll fit in nicely there
commented 2015-10-25 18:42:36 -0400
But the CBC doesn’t need sponsorship since they have gov’t bankroll. They can even fund their own commercials. I see those bastards now"Thank you Canada, thank you for making this election and increasing our outrageous spending budget" (except Alberta). That’s unbiased my ass. Makes me want to puke
commented 2015-10-25 18:39:19 -0400
The Rebel is obviously on a mission now to try to stop Hillary. Not that The Rebel would have any impact on how Americans voted, but they still need to try to brain wash Canadians – since it would be their worst nightmare come true for conservatives if Hillary and Justin are both in power.
commented 2015-10-25 18:37:01 -0400
commented 2015-10-25 18:35:31 -0400

If there was such a great need for what The Rebel provides – a major media company would buy The Rebel and bankroll it. The Rebel is making no money, beyond the hands out that they ask for.
commented 2015-10-25 18:33:35 -0400
Great Myth,

I answered your question completely. All the other parties are varying degrees of liberal and that’s what Canadians voted for – be it because they support Trudeau or Mulcair or due to strategic voting simply to get rid of Harper, which worked.

Certainly 39.5% is enough to make it so that I run Canada now. LOL.

My name is Jimmy and I am a Liberal.
commented 2015-10-25 18:19:19 -0400
Yousa Kamadick said that TheRebel can not sustain itself and will fil in 6 to 8 months. I do not think so.. the web rating for TheRebel today is 557 and it continues ot climb every day. It is now being read in Canada, the US ,the UK, India, Germany and Australia. There will be a time when it sloww down but it will soon break the top 500 mark which is a real achievement . The reason it will not fail is there is such a great need for news that is not slanted bny the MSM
commented 2015-10-25 17:42:33 -0400
Well, you know, as long as the Clintons are around cheap trailer trash have nothing to be ashamed of.
commented 2015-10-25 17:40:33 -0400
commented 2015-10-25 17:40:20 -0400
It would appear you hold that evil harridan in as much contempt as I do Ezra, I’m glad someone is able to say it out loud and public. But this scary monster has a lot more than the blood of four men on her claws, and documented all the way back to her college days…how does this reptile keep skating?
And like the unreality and nightmare Canada finds itself in after the recent ‘election’ here, there will likely be another, worse Clinton in the White House next year…
commented 2015-10-25 17:40:03 -0400
commented 2015-10-25 17:37:21 -0400
Clinton foundation took in $170 million last year and only paid out $9 million. What corrupt Mafiosi these pigs are. The sooner these old globalist assholes die of the better the world will be.
commented 2015-10-25 17:36:45 -0400
commented 2015-10-25 17:33:48 -0400
Hey yousa and Jimmy. What are talking abt the article is abt Hilary and her scandal. You two just gave comments abt nothing that has too do with this article. Mate you both really this stupid. Or do you act at being stupid just like Trudeau were you three in classes together. His article is abt Hilary not abt ratings. You stupid idiot two losers. To everyone on here. Jimmy is the guy that can’t do math because I asked him on previous article abt the 39.5 that voted liberal and the other 60% that didn’t. And they couldn’t answer if 39.5% is bigger then 60%. Because that’s the number that didn’t vote for liberals just divided by 4 parties. Hey Jimmy. Do you know what division is in math. Or are you part of the new generation of people that don’t get Fs in school now. Be issue no one can fail even though when you hit thenreal world as in now. You realize you are a stupid useless person So yousa and Jimmy. Do you have documents to prove what you say is true that this article is all lies. Can you please divulge these statements and articles to debunk this article Let’s hear them and see them please. Or better yet both shut up because you go off track and are not even taking abt the article. Once again Jimmy and yousa. You can’t teach stupid. And both of you my friends are lost causes. Your too stupid to help. Can I get a hallelujah from the people on here that think Jimmy and yousa are useless waste of skin.
commented 2015-10-25 17:33:42 -0400
Mancave and Vlad are correct, obillerey duo through Stevens under the bus and told him he would have to protect himself, days before the attack. They ordered a hit on the embassy to shut him up about selling arms. Fact. That disgusting piece of trash should be locked up for a thousand years.
commented 2015-10-25 17:33:00 -0400
Vlad, that’s why their videos average about 3,000 views each???? Yeah, that’s a tonne of traffic. My neighbor’s kids post game videos that get about 200,000 views each. See the difference? lol. The Rebel will be Defunct in about 6-8 months with the current traffic rates. It’s not sustainable – their cloud hosting service & their software backend are too expensive with these small numbers.
commented 2015-10-25 17:20:19 -0400
It will be very disturbing to see the progressives on here will be more concerned about protecting the left wing image and the figures in this story to save face and the 4 murdered people and their families are just an after thought. I really do not care what is being reported and who is doing the reporting. Hillary and Barry are covering up the truth and they are trying to cover their political ass’s.
commented 2015-10-25 17:17:44 -0400
Hey Jimmy, you sound like a guy that knows a little about traffic, metrics, web analytics & data. Welcome my friend. :)
commented 2015-10-25 17:16:00 -0400
Vlad, want me to show you a trick so you can get Rebel to #1 in Alexa (a useless ranking & metric when it comes to website’s popularity & performance btw). The Sun News Network lasted how long? How long did Ezra’s magazine last – he couldn’t attract advertisers there. I’ve ensured I’ve blocked every ad from this site to ensure that I don’t add any revenue to this site. Google Ads & Taboola as monetization techniques? How mickey mouse is that?? Relying on passive revenue strategies isn’t a winning revenue strategy. If you want, maybe I could provide you with some real monetization techniques, show you how to capitalize on your 300-500 visitors a day. lol.