March 30, 2016

English shopping institution Marks & Spencer brings “burkini” to Britain

Richard AndersonRebel Blogger

Venerable British retailer Marks & Spencer surrenders to Islamism:

It is the Islamic swimwear range with a little extra “magic and sparkle”.

In a sign of the growing diversity of Britain’s shoppers, Marks and Spencer has put the burkini on shelves in England.

The burkini -- designed to adhere to strict modesty standards -- made headlines when donned by Nigella Lawson on a beach holiday five years ago as protection from sunburn.

The M&S version, which promises to cover the whole body “without compromising on style”, has already proved popular in branches in Dubai and Libya, where it has been on sale for three years.

Never in British history has subjugation been so fashionable.

Cooking show hostess Nigella Lawson wore a burkini in Australia a few years ago in order to avoid getting a tan. She had purchased the garment at a small London-based firm.

The stocking of the burkini by Marks & Spencer -- a major retailer roughly comparable to the Hudson's Bay Company in Canada - is an altogether more ominous sign. It seems very unlikely that M&S is targeting the burkini at sun-shy British TV presenters of a certain age.

This 130 year old symbol of British retailing -- in some parts of the world synonymous with Britishness itself -- has seen the future of British fashion and that future is Islamist. 

If a dystopian novel had been written a decade ago -- perhaps by some brave, politically incorrect writer -- predicting the rise of an Islamist threat to Europe he might very well have used the above story as a plot point. The very idea would have been scoffed at by knowing reviewers. A burkini at Marks & Spencer!? Pure fear mongering on the part of a racist writer afraid of a little healthy diversity...!

Yet this too has come to pass...

The burqa and its various iterations have nothing to do with race and little to do with religion. As First and Second Wave feminists understood very well -- though their alleged intellectual successors fail to grasp -- there is nothing that terrifies the authoritarian mind so much as a liberated woman.

The burqa is not some cultural eccentricity, it is the manifestation of a dictatorial mindset that is antithetical to the culture of a free society.

It has all the subtlety and charm of a bundle of fasces being paraded down the street by black shirted men, with the notable contrast that Mussolini's thugs were never as misogynistic as modern day Islamists.   

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commented 2016-03-31 14:45:14 -0400
“… some of them get it, and then they can school the rest” I do hope you are correct on that.
I am the same as you in regards to privacy, I do not think that is old fashioned but rather it is being prudent. Reminds me of the old credit card transactions, some people didn’t think to ask for that carbon slip then were shocked if their info was stolen and used.
commented 2016-03-31 13:23:50 -0400
Hyacinth – there is hope, since some of them get it, and then they can school the rest. I hail from a time when we had party lines in SK, and they were the main source of gossip back then. I don’t use FB or any social media because I enjoy my privacy. I still only have a land line, and believe me, people look down their noses and call me old-fashioned, which I don’t mind at all. My response is that unless they have my phone tapped, nobody can listen in on what I’m saying.
commented 2016-03-31 12:24:08 -0400
Good to hear that your daughter realized this on her own, that gives me hope for the future. I am not surprised that she was attacked on facebook by her “friends” – fair weather friends by the sound of it. I’ve never opened a facebook account, never felt the need to, seems to me that was the natural progression from the old Yahoo chat rooms when the internet was first opened up to regular people (not just the military and big business). Just not my cup of tea, well coffee really. I wish you luck with your son, sounds like he is in the phase “I know everything so go away because you bother me”, hopefully he will grow out of it.
commented 2016-03-31 11:06:00 -0400
Hyacinth – the problem for the younger generations, is that they have never had to face real hardship, which builds character and stamina. My daughter will be 25 in June, and she gets it. Most of her friends had their educations paid for, but since I am not wealthy, I made her pay half for her hairstylist course, even though I could have borrowed and scraped together the full amount. What was interesting, is that she had a vested interest, and she worked harder than those who had the costs paid in full by their parents. She used to think that I was always going overboard warning her about different things, but since the AB provincial and the federal elections, she’s now on board with what I’ve been telling her. She is conservative now, and was attacked on FB by those who she thought were her friends. I told her to remove her comments, or face the wrath of those who are clueless about the reality of what is really happening in our society today. My son, who will be 30 in August, is on the other side of the fence. I keep trying to reel him in to the truth, but he will have no part of it.
commented 2016-03-31 08:52:26 -0400
I am an avid reader, some aspects of history are truly fascinating.

I agree, they are trying to put the genie back into the bottle. I also agree that they are focusing on the young (still impressionable), it seems that way. “It’s interesting that the models head wasn’t shown.” that didn’t occur to me, what did is the model is so young (hands and the neck give age away – I’d put her at maybe 20 yrs old tops). The photo looks like the same model wearing different suits then the photos spliced together as one photo hence the plain backdrop (easy to do in Photoshop).

“the flaw in their design is that they are forgetting about the wet t-shirt effect” – I agree but also disagree. I am assuming, because of the glossiness more noticeable on the dusty pink and light blue ones, that it is much thicker material than that of a T-shirt, perhaps some type of spandex?

“The constant attacks on the freedom of women is just plain wrong!” Agreed, yet all we hear from the younger generations is crickets – are they that oblivious or are they that anxious to give up their freedoms that was hard won by generations past?
commented 2016-03-31 00:29:28 -0400
Hyacinth – I was shocked to see the bathing machines! Now they’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle, by fooling women into accepting fashions that will lead to repression. The constant attacks on the freedom of women is just plain wrong! They are targeting young, college age women, because they know older women aren’t going to buy into it. It’s interesting that the models head wasn’t shown. The implication of a headless model, is kind of creepy, given it’s the “burkini!” Of course the flaw in their design is that they are forgetting about the wet t-shirt effect. So much for their attempt at burka modesty.
commented 2016-03-30 14:19:50 -0400
“English shopping institution Marks & Spencer brings “burkini” to Britain”
Good going Brits, you have managed to drag female fashion back 100 years.

First change fashion, then slowly remove all [equal] rights, then remove the vote and the privilege to drive, once that has been achieved full steam ahead – back to the 7th century entirely. Must be so proud, go hang your heads in shame.

In the early 1900s more skin was exposed than what “The burkini” allows for. Arms were exposed as well the knees.

This no doubt is the true aim, the goal they wish to reach some day:
commented 2016-03-30 13:59:20 -0400
Acuuna and Karan Singh:

Remember when the 1970’s purported environmental disaster that was going to overcome us by the 21st century was the return of the ice-age? I vaguely remember that mankind’s hydro-carbon economy was to blame for that as well.

Then things started to go through a warm spell in the 80’s so the disaster script had to change.

I suppose that now we are in a temperature pause, the script will eventually change again. “We as mankind have put the planet at risk because we have stopped natural occurring climate change through our hydro-carbon economy.”
commented 2016-03-30 12:55:21 -0400
SEAN PENSON why not try Masturbating with your right hand, it may help you to express your self without reverting to your usual Marxist BS.

Marks & Spencers stand to make a few extra bucks with their new line of Drown Ware. It is just a sales gimmick.

As a point of interest, nowhere in the Quran dose it state that a woman has to cover her face. They just do this as a signal to Canadians, We are here, you are screwed !
commented 2016-03-30 12:53:30 -0400
Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything!
commented 2016-03-30 12:52:41 -0400
Karan Singh, acid rain was going to be the death of us long before global warming.
they just keep on flipping the script.
commented 2016-03-30 12:40:32 -0400
Slowly & steadily these subtle changes are eroding the western freedom, liberty & civilization while most westerners are oblivious to these changes are too busy chasing kardashians and trudeaus.

Next we’ll hear British government is making ‘burkini’ mandatory swimwear for all British women although it’ll come with a twist like; “to protect women’s skin from harmful sun rays which are caused by ‘global warming’.”
commented 2016-03-30 12:31:13 -0400
I love how The Rebel sold advertising for this story to Women Crochet Swimwear. Hardly subtle at all.
commented 2016-03-30 11:56:57 -0400
I’m adding Marks & Spencer to my no-go store listing!
commented 2016-03-30 11:28:25 -0400
Does no one see that women’s rights are being taken away. Hello femmy’s why are you not saying something about this. Wait until you can be in the Olympics, swimming pools or even outside without a full sheet. Get you damn heads out of your ass and say something you useless wankers.
commented 2016-03-30 10:53:50 -0400
anything to satiate the endless greed of corporate conglomerates. next they will be selling the knives for cutting the heads off infidels. fuck marks & spencer. you’ll never see me in your store again.
commented 2016-03-30 10:53:13 -0400
I thought the Rebel is totally capitalist, and in favour of adapting to changing market trends. White Judeo Christian modes are dead; it’s time that racial and religious minorities assert themselves and rid this planet of the corruption guised as “chritianity”