July 13, 2016

Entitled Syrian refugee blocks Toronto bus, demands service after others passed him by because they were full

StaffRebel Columnist

This wouldn't have remotely been a story if a Syrian refugee wasn't involved. But because it was, the mainstream media ate it up story like it was candy.

On July 5, wheelchair-bound Mohamad Alhajabdullah was trying to catch a bus to take his son to a dentist appointment. He ended up waiting, according to CTV News, for over 90 minutes until he decided to stand in front of one demanding service.

It wasn't that the other buses refused to take him, it was that they couldn't take him because they were full. At this point, any responsible father would have called for a cab to make sure his son wouldn't miss his appointment. But if you wait for 90 minutes, chances are you're going to miss it.

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Mohamad told the bus driver, “Sorry madam, I can’t remove from here if you don’t find a solution for me.”

It's not the bus driver's place to find you a solution. It's your own responsibility. What do you think would have happened if you tried this in Syria?

After a 10 minute delay, which most likely negatively affected the daily lives of several people on the bus, a passenger called for a wheelchair-accessible taxi.

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There, a passenger on the bus just ended up solving a problem in minutes. Did you really need to inconvenience everyone?

Mohamad told CTV that he wants his son to know that if “you take action you can get results”.

“If I keep silent and keep down, there’s no one (who will) know what happened with me,” he said.

Except the solution to your problem was just calling for a wheelchair-accessible taxi. Something that only happened because you annoyed passengers with your entitled antics. That's utter garbage.

I've been in situations where I've waited just as long, if not longer, for a bus. And yea, it sucks. But you know what I did? I found another way. Either by taking a different route or getting a ride. It's not bloody rocket science.

You're not special.

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commented 2016-07-14 14:18:39 -0400
Kelly, what a ludicrous statement, “Christians can also be in a wheel chair and be called Mohammed.” Never said this person was a muslim however his name and status is indicative of it. Why don’t you address my statement of how a non muslim, particularly a Christian, in the same situation would be treated in the middle east? You can’t, because we all know that a crippled Christian would be beheaded or horse whipped or thrown into jail or something else equally barbaric.
commented 2016-07-14 13:58:25 -0400
Jihadi Justin has spent 30 Billion dollars so far – everywhere but in Canada! He lied to get into power and now he’s spending the next 3 generations of taxpayer’s money! Liberal voters should be ashamed of themselves – and pay the 30 Billion from their bank accounts! Someone should have pushed this Syrian’s wheelchair to the curb and let the bus pass – then call a wheelchair taxi.
commented 2016-07-14 13:51:20 -0400
Canada was supposed to bring in Syrian Refugees that will contribute to Canada and be mentally and physically fit – instead we bring in Syrians that are wheelchair bound and others with severe physical problems like 2 Syrian girls that can never walk due to a genetic disorder that will be on welfare from 18 until they die. Someone “FIRE” the morons deciding who Canada will take in or not! This is just another example of Jihadi Justin wasting our tax dollars on “FOREIGNERS”.
commented 2016-07-14 04:06:21 -0400
Jay, where did Cathy say he was Muslim? She put out a scenario about a Christian in a Middle East country.
commented 2016-07-14 03:40:11 -0400
Cathy Rochford, how did you find out the refugee was Muslim? The article did not mention that. Christians can also be in wheelchairs and can be called Mohammed.
commented 2016-07-13 22:32:15 -0400
LOL Cathy Thank you for the disclaimer.
commented 2016-07-13 17:16:20 -0400
Can you imagine what would have happened to a non muslim immigrant (Christian) in a middle eastern country if they had tried to do the same thing? (As though any Christians would even try to immigrate there anyway.)
commented 2016-07-13 17:09:24 -0400
I wonder how much this man will pay in taxes while living in Canada? LOL
commented 2016-07-13 17:08:21 -0400
When white people obstruct transit operations, they go to jail. Racism of lower expectations indeed…
commented 2016-07-13 15:30:38 -0400
Lesson to son: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease and if it doesn’t squeak loud enough call the MSM and let them help you make it squeak louder”. Son to father “but father the wheel is still squeaky”. Father: Grinning and smirking a little " lesson two do not stop milking the teet until you have bled it dry".
commented 2016-07-13 14:15:58 -0400
Recently I told someone about the public housing building in Toronto that is only Muslim. A wheelchair bound Canadian born citizen tried to get a room in that building, but the Muslims who apparently control the place said “No” to him. They are living there on the public dime, but they wanted the building to remain 100% Muslim.

Well, true to the politically correct world of the person I was telling this to (lets just call her Elizabeth from Newmarket) angrily said, “Boo hoo for him! Let him get a job and a place of his own.” Uh? He is on social assistance, in a wheelchair (for whatever reason), and its public housing.

So making a big deal about this “refugee” and the expectation of how the rest of us have to solve his problem is about par for the course. He probably asked for a refund for the taxi from the government.
commented 2016-07-13 14:14:43 -0400
“Sorry madam, I can’t remove from here if you don’t find a solution for me.”

Heh heh, do I have to give you the truthful answer to this Moe?

Ok, I think I have the whole micro-aggression thing down now, let me do one.

Trigger warning: In this post, there will be the clear depiction of an average adult male pretending to be interested in what a victim-card pulling welfare migrant is saying, while at the same time wondering if the bus driver relieved their bladder on his lap, how truly wheelchair bound this melodramatic scammer really is.
commented 2016-07-13 13:54:13 -0400
Mo sounds a lot like a future Liberal voter as well as a drain on Canada’s goodwill.
commented 2016-07-13 13:03:05 -0400
Maybe next time he should take action to ensure he makes his appointment on time without needing to hold everyone else responsible for his failure to plan.
commented 2016-07-13 12:44:44 -0400
And the media attention confirms that he is special. I wonder whether he made any attempt to thank the passenger who called for a wheelchair-accessible taxi? Did the media?
commented 2016-07-13 12:42:13 -0400
commented 2016-07-13 12:38:12 -0400
“Syrian refugee…wheelchair-bound Mohamad Alhajabdullah was trying to catch a bus to take his son to a dentist appointment.”

So Canada has taken in a cripple “refugee” who is going to cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to the tax payer over Mo’s life time. Chances are, the dentist is also paid by the tax payer.

Then he has the audacity to pull this stunt with the following comment. “Mo told CTV that he wants his son to know that if “you take action you can get results”. If I keep silent and keep down, there’s no one (who will) know what happened with me,””

I’ll bet old Mo keeps silent about the benefits he is receiving as a crippled Syrian “refugee”, and CTV certainly would not have followed up on those benefits since is not part of the narrative.
commented 2016-07-13 12:33:00 -0400
Toronto doesn’t have DATS (Disabled Adult Transportation Service) ?