September 26, 2016

(VIDEO) Entitlement gone wild: City worker records tirade after he’s caught breaking rules

David MenziesMission Specialist

Is it just me or are we now living in such an age of entitlement that even those loogans who are blatantly in the wrong not only think that they’re in the right but believe public opinion will be on their side?

The Rebel’s Lauren Southern brought us the story of a social justice warrior who verbally harassed a Lyft driver for the little hula dancer that was mounted on his dashboard.

Now comes a video filmed by an unidentified City of Toronto worker who considers himself to be a victim after being caught by police illegally parking in a handicapped spot.

Instead of offering a mea culpa, the offender goes on the warpath with a profanity-laced tirade. And just like Annaliese, he records the confrontation thinking that he is on the side of the angels.

It’s not so much the boorish behaviour but rather, the delusional attitude that had them recording their insane interactions assuming they’d be celebrated for exposing “cultural insensitivity”.

But talk about being hoisted on one’s own petard. In both cases, the videos have blown up in their faces.

How in the world did our culture of entitlement devolve to the point that people who are so dead-wrong, are so delusional they think they’re unquestionably right – even when their acts of idiocy are caught on camera?

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commented 2016-09-27 09:05:01 -0400
@ John Landry
That is exactly the problem with people today. Nobody calls out stupid because of the PC mentality. When stupid is as stupid does, they continue the stupid behavior.
commented 2016-09-27 03:55:15 -0400
I bet he sleeps on the job alot
commented 2016-09-26 22:50:11 -0400
Bravo Zulu commented – “The distinguished black gentleman is suspended”

Down south they call morally outraged criminals “dindus” (sounds like Hindu) – it’s the abbreviated form of the first thing out of their mouth when they get caught red handed in a crime – " I dindu nuffin’ "

I find this reference quite apropos if not amusing.
commented 2016-09-26 20:16:56 -0400
That is why I tend to despise a lot of people today.

Spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug.
commented 2016-09-26 19:19:35 -0400
Hasn’t technology made this a great world?
Thanks Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates et al who, because of your balanced social skills and confident communications skills, you gave us this whole new way of talking to each other.

Only when it comes back to bite ya!
commented 2016-09-26 18:14:44 -0400
Reminds me of my Pakistani neighbour who drove into my parked car, drove off without informing me, denied it when their were witnesses and then called me a bad neighbour for demanding he pay for the damages or I’ll have to make an insurance claim against him. I can’t fathom how someone like that makes it through life without getting his head bashed in.
commented 2016-09-26 13:20:30 -0400
I guess its the Black Privilege of a Toronto public service worker that entitles him and his privilege to park in a handicapped parking space.

Maybe he can be fired for not being able to pass an IQ test. Just as at the circus, you can’t get on rides if you are below a certain height, you can’t do public service if you can’t think yourself out of a clear plastic bag sitting loosely on your head.

When I used to bring my parents shopping, and the car had a handicap tag, it would always amaze me how people would think that “I’ll only be five minutes” means anything. I have parked blocking them in or told them they have 30 seconds before I call the police. Unfortunately, once a police car parked in one of these limited reserved parking spaces – much he later came out with his purchases, and it wasn’t donuts.

Privilige and entitlement. I hope he gets fired. His disrespect for the officers, language, breaking the law, immaturity, entitlement, using his position of a city worker and generally being a shmuck she be good enough reasons for dismissal.
commented 2016-09-26 13:11:32 -0400
I misspelled Mr. Wilders first name. It shoud be ‘Geert’. Sorry about that.
commented 2016-09-26 13:08:31 -0400
This of course is no different than assholes like Jay Kelly and her/his/its ilk condemning people like Greet Wilders, except Kelly does it on the Rebel in the form of a ‘comment’ and thinks that it is a way of engaging in useful conversation.
ALL of these people like Kelly are mentally challenged and should be locked away.
commented 2016-09-26 12:34:13 -0400
Because the is no blow back. They are allowed to get away with atrocious behavior as our politically correct society is afraid to respond with appropriate action.
commented 2016-09-26 12:31:52 -0400
Being a social justice crusader disguises an abundance of personal moral and intellectual deficiencies.