December 21, 2016

EPA alters fracking report in wake of Trump victory: Here’s why

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

It appears the Environmental Protection Agency is showing their partisanship by changing a report on the relationship of hydraulic fracking to drinking water. 

The initial report stated, there’s “no evidence that fracking systemically contaminates water” which means they concluded that the process didn’t have a significant enough effect on drinking water to suggest it’s harmful.

In the final version, the Agency now states that fracking has contaminated drinking water in some cases while EPA science advisor Thomas Burke, notes the report still had “gaps and holes” and the issue needs to be researched further.

This comes on the heels of the election of Donald Trump who has promised to cut red tape and increase fracking during his presidency. He’s also appointed pro-fracking energy advisors and Scott Pruitt, a man who has dedicated his career to fighting EPA regulations, to run it.

It’s obvious the EPA doesn’t like this and are attempting to challenge new appointees on the premise of scientific research.
But all the EPA did was reword the original statement in order to make it sound scarier and the media is lapping it up with sensationalized headlines.

The EPA doesn’t want fracking to increase in the United States, which means that they’re getting in the way of American energy independence.

The lesson to take away from this is that agencies like Environmental Protection are simply partisan groups looking out for their best interests and not yours.

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commented 2016-12-22 01:22:50 -0500
Come on people , the oil companies happily paid 10,000 a gram or more for that weapons grade uranium just so they can effect a farmers water.
commented 2016-12-22 01:19:54 -0500
Yeah some fluid got into a roughnecks bottle of water.
commented 2016-12-21 21:51:55 -0500
Guess the butt-hurt eco-activist bureaucrats should get their Fake News out while they still can.
commented 2016-12-21 19:07:34 -0500
The e p a is gonna be D O A soon

For some reason I’m hungry for chicken
commented 2016-12-21 18:29:28 -0500
EPA is full of Fracking BS.
commented 2016-12-21 17:40:54 -0500
Eco freaks would have you believe that fracking fluid is as toxic as ricin….it is made entirely from ingredients sourced from the food industry therefore it’s exact formulation is exempt from public disclosure as a proprietry recipie…sort of like KFC’s herbs and spices……but basicly it is pepsi and menthos.