Trudeau must invest in state of the art aircraft, and properly equip Canadian troops

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The Canadian air force desperately needs new fighter jets. 

But Justin Trudeau and his Liberals made a decision that doesn’t equip our troops with the equipment they need.

Instead, the Liberals punted the ball downfield and won’t make a real decision for another five years.

Canada’s current CF-18 fighter jets entered service in October 1982. They need an update. 

Justin Trudeau doesn’t want a fully equipped air force, so he is investing in 18 "Super Hornet" jets as what he calls a "stop-gap measure."

When Canada got the CF-18s, there were more than 130 of them. Now, Canada has around 80.

The plan to replace them with the F-35 saw Canada buying 65 new planes. But Trudeau has lowered that to just 18 jets from 1995.

What we are witnessing is the shrinking of our air force.

Our soldiers, our sailors, our pilots – they will fight, they will lay their life on the line for this country. Don’t you think they deserve the best equipment?

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Justin Trudeau must invest in state of the art aircraft for our troops. 

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