October 06, 2017

Eric Duhaime: Liberals reject Energy East in favour of foreign oil

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Quebec broadcaster Eric Duhaime joined me to discuss Justin Trudeau's decision to kill the Energy East Pipeline.

The death of Energy East will do nothing to lower Canadian's reliance on oil, but it will force it to rely on foreign imported oil instead of ethical oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Justin is acting just like his father

Pierre never cared about oil and gas jobs held by western Canadians who don't vote Liberal. 

Quebec has received billions of dollars in equalization payments from the western provinces they demonize. I've launched a new campaign at CutThemOff.ca, and I want you to be part of it. It's time we stand up for Canadian oil patch workers.

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commented 2017-10-08 11:45:51 -0400
HARLEY MCCARTNEY commented 3 mins ago
I for one would like to see a Western separatist party.
so tired of being ripped off.
I have said this before many times Canada should be the wealthiest nation on earth.
We have enough oil for three hundred years. yet we buy from OPEC scum bags 800,000 barrels a day.
No up stream down stream or carbon taxes for them. They wash out their tanks at sea fouling reefs and coast lines.
Right whales eating turds from the millions of liters of raw sewage dumped and killed by ships, could it be the super tankers coming up the ST.Lawrence. PIPE LINES ARE DANGEROUS.
We have a coal seam that extends over three provinces best quality in the world yet we shut down clean coal burning fired electrical plants. Canada has pioneered this knowledge and is the cleanest in the world. Instead raise carbon taxes and electricity rates for all Canadians. Billions spent on toxic light bulbs (contains mercury) almost useless wind power. Note a hundred ducks killed in an oil pond is national news. Take a walk under any of the wind generators in southern Alberta see how many dead bird you see. Protected species lured in by an easy meal only fall victim to the whirling blades. No national news there.
We have enough minerals etc. to keep all Canadians employed, look after our seniors. disabled and veterans easily
commented 2017-10-06 18:33:22 -0400
Canada will continue to finance despotic oil exporting nations and see the fagboy trust fund grow as Saudi money silently appears as a pay off to the elected prime minister of this country.

Of that I have little doubt.
commented 2017-10-06 17:25:23 -0400
Salut Eric. Bon de vous avoir sur le rebel encore. J’amierai beaucoup si vous pouvez retourner plus souviens.
commented 2017-10-06 15:55:42 -0400
Trump could sting it to Quebec once again.
commented 2017-10-06 15:30:50 -0400
I agreed with Ezra when Trudeau first spoke of approving pipelines that 0 would be built . You can blame the whole dam bunch . Nutty Trudeau Quebec the environmentalists . We are shipping money and jobs with the future of Canada out of the country . The fact is we are still using oil and will in the future . Some one is getting well greased for this mistake .
commented 2017-10-06 13:53:13 -0400
FLAT EARTH commented 9 mins ago

You sure as hell have that one right.

There is only one answer to curbing Trudeau/Castro, or whatever his name is. To put it into words on these pages would get me arrested or, more likely an unexpected additional aperture in my back.

As Canadians we sit back and allow one moronic idiot to ruin our Country, what is wrong with us?
commented 2017-10-06 13:25:02 -0400
Billy Howard… He knows and realizes exactly what he’s doing and he’s being remunerated very well for it..
His globalist handlers are very pleased with the job that he’s doing so don’t think for one second this is random acts of stupidity or bad judgement calls while trying to run a country.
commented 2017-10-06 12:58:31 -0400
The mayor of St. John, N.B. is none too pleased the the cancellation. Maybe some of those 30 safe Liberal maritime won’t be so safe next time around.
commented 2017-10-06 12:44:29 -0400
How can Trudeau claim “upstream/downstream” green house gas emissions demands on western Canada are common-sense climate change requirements when he doesn’t demand the same criteria on oil from Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc?
How can anybody with half a brain not realize Trudeau is damaging the economy of western Canada in favour of dictatorships around the world?