October 11, 2017

Error-riddled petition condemns ABORIGINAL restaurant for serving seal meat

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Ku-Kum Kitchen in Toronto serves two dishes with raw seal meat. Predictably, anti-seal hunt activists have created an online petition asking the restaurant to take the meat off the menu.

Apparently, there are a lot of people under the strange misconception that seals are an endangered species, including the author of the petition, who wrote:

"We know that due to global warming the ice where these beautiful creatures live has been melting and the seal pups are drowning so killing them is not a matter of population control.”

Innocent seals! Born with flippers into the ocean but somehow drowning in ocean – except they aren't.

In fact, there are six times more seals today than there were in the 1970s and their populations are continuing to rise to the point where it may become dangerous.

The woman who started the petition, told the CBC:

“I started a petition for the restaurant to remove seal meat from the menu because it is sourced by the commercial hunt and not the indigenous hunt.”

A dead animal — albeit a delicious one — is still a dead animal, and it's no more righteously dead depending on the race of the person who killed it.

But the craziest thing is that the petition is that it is directed at an aboriginal owned restaurant.

It’s named Ku-Kum Kitchen for a reason. I’ll explain in my video.

SJWs are always so concerned about paternalism and colonialism, but here they are with their animal rights colonialism trying to tell an aboriginal entrepreneur what to do with his own business.

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commented 2017-10-12 17:18:29 -0400
The woman who proposed this petition is an idiot !
Seals are dewy eyed rats of the sea. They continue to grow in numbers , not just on the East Coast but the West Coast and the Arctic Ocean as well . While fishing I once counted 17 seal heads popping out of the water near a creek where salmon were spawning. The seals would grab one salmon, take a bite out of it , release it and then grab another and do the same.
A commercial harvest is never going to affect them because most people will never eat one. I have tasted seal meat and it is not nice. They live on a diet of fish and their meat tastes like fish.
If this idiot woman got her way it would not satisfy her. She’s be off on another mission – probably to ban leather shoes or something like that.
commented 2017-10-12 13:32:03 -0400
Nice to see Aboriginals getting the same grief as the rest of us, maybe they can help us to fight back for a change.
commented 2017-10-12 12:16:22 -0400
Why yes, every year on the longest day of the year, it is eat dog day in a part of China.
commented 2017-10-12 09:36:59 -0400
In times of famine everything is on the menu, including your grandparents. We’re not there……yet.
commented 2017-10-12 09:27:51 -0400
@SpaceMoose….In Taiwan and other places in Asia there is an annual cull , slaughter, and clearance sale for food of feral dogs.


In wartime Germany dog was called “blockade mutton” and cat was called “roof rabbit”
commented 2017-10-12 02:58:41 -0400
Nothing wrong with eating seal. I think I would like to try seal one day. But then again, I would also like to eat dog. I never understood why there is a stigma to eating dog. Maybe one day soon, we will see many restaurants that serve both seal and dogs.
commented 2017-10-12 02:03:22 -0400
Janice K. The left wing politically correct are only getting crazier. What’s next?
commented 2017-10-11 21:36:49 -0400
I have never eaten it raw, but there are several excellent cooked dishes that I have eaten over the years.

Lots of folks – native and non have lived on it during the tough times.
commented 2017-10-11 19:32:43 -0400
I’ve eaten seal, delicious. In fact, when in Iceland, I ate whale steaks and kababs. Also delicious.

Once, on the wharve, I asked a protester in a whale costume which restaurant served the best whale steak: pretending the protester was advertising whale restaurants in his ridiculous outfit. He did not see the humour.
commented 2017-10-11 19:06:37 -0400
Sheila, thanks for highlighting another leftist hypocrite with no discernment.
commented 2017-10-11 18:39:27 -0400
Know what? I don’t give a *&^k for this “Aboriginal” restaurant. They’re (predictably and finally) being hoisted on the petard they helped build.

From the restaurant website:
“Chef Joseph Shawana was raised on the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Reserve located on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron. "

And, from the CBC:

“12-year-old water activist
Landon said the youth were inspired to launch the water protector fund after hearing the words of 12-year-old Autumn Peltier, from Wikwemikong First Nation on Manitoulin Island.
Peltier had hoped to deliver a message to Trudeau Tuesday, before he addressed the assembly, but the prime minister didn’t have time in his schedule.”