November 02, 2016

“Hill-bullies” at “Esquire” shame celebs who “haven’t joined the angry lynch mob against Trump”

Tiffany GabbayRebel Staff

On last night's program, I talked about the desperate measures liberals are resorting to, to drag Hillary Clinton over the finish line. In one case, Esquire magazine "named and shamed" big name celebrities for not being sufficiently angry at Donald Trump. 

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commented 2016-11-03 21:34:21 -0400
@jay Kelly….the NYPD now has enough on Hillary and Huma Abedin to indict on charges even the president cannot pardon. Hillary took trips to Lolita Island to savour the delights of underaged girls…shame on you for endorsing and championing that….:-)
commented 2016-11-03 12:08:41 -0400
As usual Jay is completely delusional. But then he is a lefty so no surprise there. They are always trying to spin things to suit there Brave New World order. But it is still a delusion. And still he never tires of being wrong.
commented 2016-11-03 09:20:06 -0400
@jay Kelly… Did you just down a couple of bottles of benelyn Jay. Your last statement proves you have just hit a new low. The last laugh will be on you Jaybird. TRUMP will win and Hillary is booking digs at the Crowbar Hotel. In fact they booked the entire hotel, a lot of her cronies will need housing as well.

DJBT et al
commented 2016-11-03 00:45:40 -0400
Many celebrities in the United States have refused to back Hillary. Why would they do this, unless they are following some secret agenda?

Many celebrities have backed Donald Trump. They have clear reasons.

The main stream media has pointed out that those supporting Trump are ignorant right-wingers. When Trump loses badly and the weak-kneed revolution begins, who will have the last laugh?
commented 2016-11-03 00:20:26 -0400
My prayers are that justice prevails -Hillary and Wiener in jail, Obama, Holder, Slick Willie, Lynch indicted, President Trump restores constitutional governing and nationalism – and jay kelly ends up screaming in the night in a pool of his own urine.
commented 2016-11-03 00:04:03 -0400
The “Cult of Celebrity” is essential to Donald Trump’s campaign. Big names and hot and sexy women models seem cheap to most of us, but to the Trump campaign they are essential.

Canadians turn away and say a quiet prayer for this fiasco.
commented 2016-11-02 18:53:52 -0400
This has definitely proven how dangerous humans can be and how they can turn on each other to destroy any opposition. One can imagine how families fought each other during the Civil War.
commented 2016-11-02 17:43:52 -0400
Trump is the tornado and Hilliary is the trailer park
commented 2016-11-02 17:40:54 -0400
When responding PC shaming techniques remember no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
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