July 27, 2018

EU cuts trade deal with Trump, so why can't Trudeau?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the President of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, announcing the EU would agree to Trump's demand to cut tariffs. 

The announcement is a huge victory for President Trump's "America First" trade policy and has sent the stock market skyrocketing in reaction. 

Trump hates the EU and the EU hates Trump, but they were able to make an agreement that benefits both their economies. Canada is far more exposed than the EU to the harms of a trade war with the United States, so why can't Justin Trudeau put aside his petty politics to make a deal that's good for the Canadian economy?

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commented 2018-07-27 18:45:33 -0400
RICK PLESNIK…. Even if you are partly correct and Liberals blame Trump for losing their jobs instead of Trudeau, Canada will be screwed, both Financially and Culturally as he will bring in double the Migrants in his next term.
commented 2018-07-27 16:15:27 -0400
Word is Canada was offered a zero tariffs deal. TruGrope rejected it. This is political. Justin’s support increased in Canada because of the anti Trump stance. The real opposition going into the next Federal Election will be Trump, not the other parties. And stupid Lieberal voters, encouraged by the CBC will lap it up to put the dicktraitor back in power. Canada will be finished then.
commented 2018-07-27 16:08:53 -0400
The obvious answer to your question Ezra, is that Gerald Butts won’t let him…