April 24, 2017

EU elites out to crush Le Pen

Rebel Staff

So, there you have it — Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have emerged triumphant from Sunday’s first round of the French presidential election.

Macron, the man the Guardian calls a "centrist" — when he isn’t (he was once the economy minister in Francois Hollande’s vividly unpopular socialist government) — and Le Pen, the National Front leader, secured 23.75 per cent and 21.53 per cent of votes respectively.

France has been split down the middle, both politically and geographically. The man who married his teacher — yes, Macron is married to his 64-year-old former drama coach — came top in the west while the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen dominated in the east. 

He succeeded in towns and cities with more than 15,000 people, while she romped to electoral success in the countryside. 

The former investment banker and anti-EU firebrand will now duel it out in the second and final round on May 7. 

Sunday’s result marks the first time in almost 60 years that neither the mainstream Left nor Right managed to reach the final. 

But Europe’s political and media mainstream have already chosen their favourite. 

Angela Merkel’s spokesperson in Germany, Steffen Seibert, took to Twitter late Sunday night to state:

“Good that Emmanuel Macron was successful with his course for a strong EU + social market economy.” 

The UK’s shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, said Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party was backing Macron:

“Heading into the second round, we hope that the ultimate result will be a victory for the politics of optimism over the politics of division and fear.” 

WATCH as I report on reaction from elsewhere in Europe, and on the riots that broke out after Sunday's results came in. 

AP reports that twenty-nine people were detained at the Bastille, where protesters brandished red flags and chanted, “No Marine and No Macron!” in anger. 

Polls are suggesting that Macron will trounce Le Pen in the runoff — but where have we seen that before? 

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commented 2017-04-25 15:33:20 -0400
Le Pen is the only hope for France. Merkel and her likes should learn from her. NO to EU. Take back your country France and vote for LePen. Labor&Politically correctness has gone too far. If any immigrant wants to assimilate, that’s fine with me. The rest can go to hell.
commented 2017-04-25 10:42:26 -0400
James Scott: The left has been playing this game for quite some time by slandering conservative politicians with terms like far right, islamophobic,, homophobic, religious right etc. They then mobilize groups to call for boycotts effectively scaring off many companies from wanting to advertise on media sites that might hurt their brand. The effect is to deny much needed advertising dollars to conservatives which allows the left to control 80% of the media. Add to that the money the liberals give directly to the CBC and we can understand why they are nearly a monopoly.
commented 2017-04-25 10:13:59 -0400
Le Pen is the only hope France (make that Europe) has at this point in our history.
Why is it when a politician wants to take their country back from terrorists and overwhelming illegal immigration, they are labelled as “extreme right”? How about labelling them “extreme common sense”?
commented 2017-04-25 08:31:17 -0400
The media here is already trying to smear her labelling her as far right (nothing far right about not wanting to live with the threat of terrorism as the daily norm) and by trying to tie them with anti-Semitism.
commented 2017-04-25 07:08:24 -0400
we have to crush the left before there is nothing on the planet worth fighting for and no place to run for security and peace. LIBERALISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS are annihilating the entire western world! Snap out of your coma’s people!!!!!
commented 2017-04-25 02:27:05 -0400
Actually Elton, the Muslims don’t have it in the bag as the Financial Post notes up to 40 per cent of eligible voters in some districts didn’t participate in this first ballot… The real vote will indeed be on May 7th when it’s time to either “put up or shut up”… So, “Stay tuned”!…
commented 2017-04-25 02:13:40 -0400
How nice. The future first lady of France is the modern day Mary Kay Letourneau.
commented 2017-04-25 01:17:38 -0400
I can’t help but wonder if the Muslims already have the numbers to swing elections. Like what happened in the Netherlands, Austria and a couple other European countries. The nationalist movement is strong but the masochistic Europeans still haven’t felt enough pain. But even if Le Pen wins, she’ll have little cooperation to get anything done.
commented 2017-04-25 01:16:10 -0400
France does no longer exist. The French are big talkers, small doers, and courage is not one of their virtues. They have built over the centuries one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Because they are too afraid of not being directed by the EU and losing their wealth with a possible different currency than the Euro, they will lose their country. And Macron will win.
commented 2017-04-24 23:43:49 -0400
Macron = Venezulea and worse. Le Pen = FREEDOM and better. Has common sense left the politicos who are driving the fall of the societies they live in? I was told told once " There is no such thing as common sense. Only learned behaviour" Obviously some people do not learn.
commented 2017-04-24 22:57:51 -0400
France is lucky to have a brilliant candidate like Le Pen to vote for. If they reject her, they will deserve what they get.
commented 2017-04-24 22:17:14 -0400
If France wants to take it’s identity back, they need Marine LePen. Their country will be lost if they don’t choose her. Whether they will get it right is quite another thing. Many mosques will be advising their flock that they must choose against her. I hope she wins over the creepy guy that married the old lady.
commented 2017-04-24 21:16:19 -0400
Macron will be fatal for France. Any 20 something year old Guy who Weds a 65 year old Women, has some kind of problem. He married a Mommy substitute. Would You want a Guy who needs Mommy, to be running your Country.
commented 2017-04-24 21:14:39 -0400
Le Pen has the police, military and security sector in her corner, Trump didn’t.
commented 2017-04-24 20:53:19 -0400
Le Pen won’t be sitting on her hands during the coming 2 weeks; it will be exciting. I hope we get some coverage unlike the run-off.
commented 2017-04-24 20:49:59 -0400
Le Pen must win, it’s France’s last chance, before completely collapsing under the tyranny of the unelected, unaccountable and predatory EU / UN / NWO technocrats. In 2019, Trudeau must likewise fall, before the damage he’s causing becomes irreversible.

BTW – I stopped believing MSM polls a long time ago – they’re designed to manipulate and influence to a narrative. Like Brexit & Trump, the people who are afraid to speak because of the physical and verbal threats from the Regressive-left will once again show their disapproval in the sanctity of the ballot box. I have hope. When hope is lost, than all is lost.
commented 2017-04-24 20:15:41 -0400
What Le Pen needs right now is a nice big juicy Terrorist attack. One that dose a lot of damage but with nobody hurt. Problem is, the Terrorist’s know this and have all gone on vacation for a while.

I predict that Marine Le Pen will be the next Prime Minister of France and we will see Frexit before to long.
commented 2017-04-24 20:12:37 -0400
Socialists supporting socialists, nothing new! Alexander Jones, this is a deja-vu moment & I hope LePen supporters prove the media and the corrupt EU wrong!
commented 2017-04-24 20:09:08 -0400
If common sense prevails, La Pen will win in a landslide. But common sense isn’t nearly as common as it used to be, so I have no idea.
commented 2017-04-24 19:50:23 -0400
It is the term “social market economy” that says it all. No free market, no common interest market, but a socialist economy. At least the EU bigwigs are now admitting the fact.