August 30, 2019

Eurasia Group admits to MORE contracts in letter disputing Gerald Butts' sole-source contract story!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we followed up on Sheila Gunn Reid's exclusive scoop that Gerald Butts' new employer the Eurasia Group received a sole-sourced contract from Natural Resources Canada with a letter from the Group requesting that we retract the story.

The story has gone largely ignored by the mainstream media. The Post Millennial basically just re-wrote Sheila’s piece, but credited it back to us.

Then former Dragon’s Den star and financier Brett Wilson picked up the story, and Butts lost it on Twitter.

WATCH this clip and I'll show you the incredible letter we received from the Eurasia Group, telling us to correct the story (without telling us what Sheila had wrong) or remove it.

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commented 2019-09-01 12:31:17 -0400
Many Canadians seem to prefer Corruption to Balanced Budgets and Good Governance.
I suspect it’s all downhill from here Canada . . .
commented 2019-09-01 10:55:53 -0400
Sweden used to be the highest trust society in the world, with the most desirable standard of living, second only to Canada. The women there suffered over 7,000 rapes last year. Nobody will admit who is doing the raping for fear of being called a bad name. No one will talk about why the crime rate is through the roof in their once high trust society. To do so would be racist. People are terrified of being called a bad name. More terrified of a bad name than being raped, murdered, beaten or robbed.

Gerald Butts calls Canadians bad names, points a finger and tells anyone who refuses to be unjustly labeled that they are the problem.

On holiday on the west coast he tweets that Canada is ‘still’ the best place to live (and it is for now , outside of cities) and has the audacity to list Sweden as ‘still’ being the second best. I don’t think Butts is blind OR stupid. I think he is a motivated huckster and has no problem denying even empirical proof with a straight face, to get what he wants.

If that’s not true about Butts , then I apologize for not seeing right off the bat that he really is stupid. However he is still no less damaging to our homeland, our country and our people strong and free…and we are strong, and still free and won’t be taken advantage of.

Whether Butts personally did the work or literally pocketed a fee(?) is not even the issue. Sole source contract, Butts is connected to that company, he is also working for the PM. If its all just one big coinkidink then my goodness, so sorry. Except to swallow that, would make US stupid.
commented 2019-08-31 03:43:08 -0400
The stout Commissioner of the RCMP is a little busy right now taking advantage of the lifetime all you can eat coffee and donuts passport Junior procured for her at Timmy’s. She may never be heard from again.
commented 2019-08-31 01:07:41 -0400
I know what you’re saying Duke.. But.. I’m still hanging on the thought… that the RCMP is doing due diligence and getting a iron clad case to bust the bad guys.. I know I sound like I’m in denial of reality.. it just helps me to keep some sort of sanity in the current Trudopeia Butts of Canada.
commented 2019-08-31 00:08:58 -0400
Robert, it is high time to disband the formerly honourable RCMP. They are too corrupt at the top to be redeemed.

Horse 54, where are you?
commented 2019-08-31 00:06:06 -0400
Thanks Duke of Paducah.. says it all RCMP?? Where are you car 54?
commented 2019-08-30 23:53:56 -0400
Another Liberal legal malfeasance issue for the private security force of the Liberal party – the RCMP to ignore.

n. Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
n. Evil-doing; the doing of that which ought not to be done; wrongful conduct, especially official misconduct; violation of a public trust or obligation; specifically, the doing of an act which is positively unlawful or wrongful, in contradistinction to misfeasance, or the doing of a lawful act in a wrongful manner. The term is often inappropriately used instead of misfeasance.
n. The doing of an act which a person ought not to do; evil conduct; an illegal deed.
commented 2019-08-30 22:50:01 -0400
I think the thing that Butts and his colleagues at Eurasia Group may be objecting to is the implication that Butts personally did the work – or collected the money – from the $150K(US)/$200K(CDN) contract. I don’t see how they can challenge the existence of the contract or the fact that it was awarded to Eurasia Group on a sole-source basis but they may be trying to assert that Butts is not implicated in any way. In other words, it’s just a coincidence that Butts works there and that he didn’t profit from the contract.

If Eurasia Group works like most consulting firms, they assign a person or team to do the work involved in the contract, such as writing anti-oil propaganda. That person or team might not include Butts.
commented 2019-08-30 19:50:47 -0400
Another law suit if it is not correct . And they went after the conservative MP Duffy over 90,000 in expenses. What ever happened to that Liberal MP that had 10 x more ? But it all disappeared after the Liberals won . And Duffy was found not guilty .
Butt head must go and take Trubumb with him .
If Butt head is getting any money it should be from Trudeau’s trust fund not Canadian tax payers .
commented 2019-08-30 13:52:17 -0400
Methinks disgraced Liberal hack, Gerald Butts, doth protest too much.