February 11, 2016

Europe: Where cultural relativism has gone to die

Josh FisherRebel Blogger

Lately it seems that every other news story coming out of Europe conforms to the same rubric:

Migrants rob store. Migrants riot in asylum center. Migrants sexually harass, rape and murder.

If they do deign to report on these stories at all, the mainstream media and other elites follow a pattern of their own: Downplaying, relativizing, expressing willful ignorance or even actively covering up and burying this sort of "negative" press.


Well, the cult of relativity has dictated that this is their only course of action.

Mass rape in Cologne? According to the cult of relativity, such crimes are even worse during Oktoberfest!

Imported rape epidemic in Europe? Roosh V is the real devil.

People protesting against the tidal wave of migrants? They’re Neo-nazi racists, of course, and therefore must be suppressed.

Migrants overrunning Calais? They’re just disenfranchised because Prime Minister David Cameron is a mean person.

The cult of relativity dictates that all cultures, no matter how its members think, believe or act, are inherently equal. To say otherwise is declared to be inherently racist. (Shutting down any whiff of opposition has always been an excellent way to promote a cult.)

Solid evidence and cold, sobering reality needn’t be taken into consideration, because to honestly examine the migrant crisis might lead to a rejection of the cult of relativity, a prospect which many on the left see as utter blasphemy.  This is why organizations like PEGIDA or the German opposition party AfD are facing such a backlash from the media and ruling governments.

Cultural relativism has embedded itself into the consciousness of Europe’s 4P’s (professors, press, police, politicians) to such a degree that they believe it is their duty to promote these ideas, and reject any evidence to the contrary.

The cult of relativity is a dangerous one. In fact, it is suicidal.

Embracing relativity means rejecting any foundation upon which to base your society, as the very essence of relativity holds that there is no foundation.

Without a foundation to govern your society, one is free to embrace any sort of development or event as the new norm. This is precisely what is happening in the European press right now.

This was seen in Germany after the Cologne rapes, where the ruling government told the media what to report and how to report it. If this pattern continues, the result will be a forced cycle of willful ignorance tailspinning into utter oblivion.

Ultimately, to reject Western culture is to reject the ideas that created it: Judeo-Christian morality, Greco-Roman philosophy and Anglo-Saxon law. To reject these ideas is to say that what the West has created is inherently wrong, and thus must be corrected.

But I believe there is another motivation contributing to the cult of relativity. Many on the Left believe it is dangerous to say that the Western way of doing things is better. They believe this sort of thinking created the monster of radical nationalism that led to World War II.

The problem, however, is that the possibly sensible idea of keeping nationalism in check has gone too far. It created a void that the cult of relativity has filled. The result is what you see today in Europe.

Some people there and abroad are waking up to this. Germany's AfD is polling at record high numbers as are other "far right" parties on the continent.

Furthermore, a few media outlets have succeeded in getting the truth out, such as Breitbart London and of course, TheRebel.media. In the meantime, keep watching history in the making.


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commented 2016-02-17 09:54:42 -0500
Some people cause problems. You can avoid a lot of problems by keeping the wrong people out of your country. Some things are just too simple.
commented 2016-02-13 03:12:19 -0500
How many countries are necessary to be involved in a war for it to be called a world war? How many countries are currently involved in the same war?
commented 2016-02-12 15:34:38 -0500
“some silk robbed son-of-a-bitch comes out the palace at midnight and opens the gates and the city falls” read that statement and tell me that does not EXACTLY describe justin trudeau and suicidal leftists and EXACTLY how they are about to destroy Canada
commented 2016-02-11 22:16:48 -0500
I’m getting the sense that Europe is getting dangerously close to another war.
I heard Sweden’s military is making preparations for war. Does anyone know if that’s truth or just rumour?
commented 2016-02-11 18:08:43 -0500
Leftists adore Islam because it so perfectly encodes the leftist ideals of: misogyny, violence, rape, intolerance, inequality, bigotry, homophobia, hierarchy, patriarchy, slavery, xenophobia, discrimination, capital punishment, theocracy, and dictatorship. (Okay, that last one wasn’t sarcastic.)