June 26, 2015

Evening Fix: Friday June 26, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

US Supreme court rules in favour of same-sex marriage in all 50 states PLUS:

New Conservative ad using ISIS propaganda may be in violation of Bill C-51

Former Tory MP Dean Del Mastro out on $5k bail


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commented 2015-06-28 21:08:59 -0400
Contrary to what many people – including conservatives – think, the SCOTUS ruling is a victory for conservatism and individual choice. Once the state got into the business of re-defining ‘marriage’ it was obvious that the state no longer had any legal justification for deciding which consenting adults could or could not get married. Even in the case of polygamy or even incest – as long as only consenting adults are involved, the state no longer has any grounds to prohibit marriage to anyone as lonmg as only consenting adults are involved. (Some will even argue that’s a specist argument. All love is a justification for marriage, even between Mr. X and his beloved pekinese Sophie.)

Of course, if the state and/or LGBT groups try to enforce their wishes, i.e. claim to override the religious teachings of Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu temples, I predict that they will fail for two reasons. First, for the law to try and dictate religious belief violates the Charter’s freedom of religion clause and violates the separation of church and state; and second, any attempt to force same-sex marriages on religions would be met by a level of civil disobedience that Canada has never yet seen. With few exceptions – such as the ever-declining United Church and Anglicans – few faith communities will simply roll over and conform – especially when the notwithstanding clause is available.