April 30, 2015

Evening Fix: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Report: Canadian Armed Forces allowed "culture of misogyny". PLUS:

* Top Canadian court to hear mandatory minimums drug sentence appeal

*Airbnb to pay for trashed Calgary home

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commented 2015-05-01 08:01:45 -0400
One of my colleagues made a point of copying and archiving comments made on the CBC news site before they got censored by the political correctors at our state broadcaster. It would appear that the men of our armed forces are not going to quietly line up for the whipping……..:-)

On many occasions at Veteran’s Affairs I was told that I had the veterans to thank for my freedom of speech…I would point out that there are no enemies of my freedom of speech who reside outside of the borders of Canada. Outside of the borders of Canada I could bad mouth the domestic and foreign policies of my country to my heart’s content and nobody is going to inflict sanction on me for doing so…but inside Canada the enemies of my freedom of speech were numerous and on the subject matter of the culture of misandry our veterans seemed to be as pussy whipped as everybody else…thanks for nothing.

It now does my heart good to see that they seem to have found their voice and have encountered the stone wall of trying to have that voice heard at the CBC. I knew that all it would take is for them to become the subjects of the witch hunt.

Certain subject matter will now get talked up at the Legion.
commented 2015-04-30 20:15:29 -0400
The last I heard of Richard Warman he had been mored from the CHRC to the position of “Special Grievances Officer” at DND. Any way of getting a copy of this report to see who the authors and contributors were?

The slogan of the Reggia Aeronautica (WW2 Italian Air Force) was I SOLITI QUATTRO GATTI…..It’s always the same four cats.