July 08, 2015

Evening Fix: Wednesday July 8, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Health Canada green lights production, sale of medicinal cannabis oils, fresh buds PLUS:

* Senate committee recommends outlawing terror group memberships, no-visit list

* California governor calls on Harper to cut Canada's emissions


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commented 2015-07-09 07:00:53 -0400
Fantastic!! The two leaders of North America’s BANKRUPT jurisdictions, California and Ontario…PLUS….Quebec, a Province that takes in a HEFTY amount of Income from Transfer Payments….that is: it is a TAKER not a Contributor to the well-being of Canada…..PLUS Jane Fonda, Al Gore and other “Penthouse Socialists”…who jetted in, burning fossil fuels, of course, to protest wait for it..the changing “Climate”…..which changes WITHOUT any assistance (or possibility of interference) from Humans…and has, for nearly 5 Billion Years. A Carnival of Clowns, trying to tell the Leader of the ONE country in the G7 with a ‘good’ economy….how to live. Don’t we have a “no-fly” list of people who shouldn’t be allowed into Canada?
commented 2015-07-08 19:58:56 -0400
Fraser, if only! Yes, the Alberta boreal forest absorb all that 1.48% CO2 and could absorb more, and in turn the forest gives us wonderful oxygen! A wonderful relationship, I would say.
commented 2015-07-08 19:25:26 -0400
Peter Netterville, Canada may have emitted 1.48 per cent man made CO-2 BUT with Canada’s vast forests with trees and plants covering most of Canada how much of the worlds CO-2 does our country clean. Maybe we should be charging the rest of the would. Lets say hmm, 2 trillion dollars a year. Just think of the pension I would get.
commented 2015-07-08 18:16:28 -0400
Who the hell gives a damn about what Governor Brown says? I suppose some may, but I know I don’t.
commented 2015-07-08 18:15:30 -0400
Dear Governor Brown,
Shut your face.
Sincerely, Canada
commented 2015-07-08 18:05:13 -0400
Canada emits 1.48 per cent of the man made CO2 on the planet, and by how people keep telling Canada that we need to reduce our emissions, is just plain bull. Why do some people, and especially the U.N. feel the need to continually hammer of Canada’s emissions when all we produce is 1.48 per cent?

Bloody hypocrites!
commented 2015-07-08 16:44:32 -0400
Governor moon beam should mind his own business and get back to destroying California maybe he should send some of his companies to Canada, I know they are leaving in droves