March 19, 2015

Evening Fix: Thursday, March 19, 2015

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

The CRTC will now require cable and satellite providers to let consumers "pick and pay" for channels over and above a basic low-cost package. PLUS:

* Suspended Newfoundland MP Scott Andrews says he'll no longer try to rejoin the Liberal caucus

* ISIS claims responsibility for yesterday's fatal Tunisia museum attack

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commented 2015-03-20 16:59:17 -0400
Good news to finally get some relief in ridiculously high pricing for television. The government needs to do this with just about everything especially groceries, rent, telephone/internet. Well, like I said just about everything. Has anybody noticed what they try to sell as shoes and boots? Those ugg boots are really good for harsh Canadian winters. They’re made like a pair of bedroom slippers. And shoes? The soles are even worse than a cheap dollar store pair of sandals. I could go on and on.
commented 2015-03-20 16:06:59 -0400
About time the government protected the consumer from fraudulent industry :) Makes me very happy to see the television industry forced into fair practice. Cellular industry and gasoline next…Right after banking!!
commented 2015-03-20 10:27:13 -0400
*The industry has had plenty of time to ‘fix itself’ and has not done so. I have Rogers cable and in my ‘package’ there are many channels that are duplicated and triplicated. The showcase channel is one example. It shows up 3 times. Why, when you can only watch one channel at a time. It must be to ‘pad’ their channel count so they can say they offer 300 channels. These channels are not showcase east, central or west so there is a time shift benefit. It is the same broadcast at the same time. I have called Rogers on it numerous times and I have yet to get a straight answer as to whether I am being charged 3 times for the 3 channels. How many times can you watch paint dry (the irrelevant CBC I mean) ? The ONLY time I watch the CBC is for hockey.
  • Today we are forced to take and pay for channels we don’t want. I think a basic package idea will be great. The cable/satellite companies will not be able to shove 10 CBC channels down your throat and force us to pay for them like they do now.
  • Some channels will go by the wayside, but that will only prove the theory we are now paying for channels no one watches.
commented 2015-03-20 04:57:38 -0400
Great, just what we need, the government over-regulating another industry. How about we let good old fashioned capitalism decide what we get? I didn’t like the channel packages I was offered so instead of asking the government to fix it I cancelled my service. Best decision I ever made. If more people did that you could bet that these companies wouldn’t be long changing their tunes or they’d be going extinct with the rest of the dinosaurs.
commented 2015-03-20 00:55:48 -0400
Could this mean “The Rebel” could become a “pay separate” channel as not part of a structured package that many of us don’t want? Having to take CBC as part of the basic package is what it is but there must be equal opportunity for independent stations that Canadians have the choice to pay extra for as a minimal way to ensure all sides of Canadian issues, news and politics is readily available!
commented 2015-03-19 20:28:18 -0400
does that mean i can get rid of CBC off my shaw direct sattellite because i hate cbc and were forced to have it i never watch it.
commented 2015-03-19 20:27:30 -0400
pauline a little bit to late sunnews is gone
commented 2015-03-19 19:41:08 -0400
Go easy on her, Kevin, I think she is doing just fine.
commented 2015-03-19 19:21:00 -0400
No big surprise about IS in Tunisia. Godd news about tv, tho, I guess. I view everything online so it doesn’t affect me.

As for Andrews, who can blame him? He claims he is innocent. If he is, it is one hell of a bitter pill Trudeau has shoved down his throat to appease the bigots of the politically correct left that prefer vigilante justice to an open review of the evidence.
commented 2015-03-19 19:15:54 -0400
It now appears that the common TV subscriber will finally have the opportunity to have individual programming.
commented 2015-03-19 19:15:25 -0400
Emily. A few hand gestures would make your messages much more colorful. Not being rude just trying to be helpful. Great video.