July 21, 2016

EverydayFeminism.com “has blood on their hands for publishing lies” about police and race

Lauren SouthernArchive

On my last show, I debunked the misinformation being spread by activists and the media about crime, race and policing. Here's one example:

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commented 2016-07-21 12:58:40 -0400
Don’t take Southern’s word for it, read it here….


This covers FBI and other reports on race crime and statistics – the good news is violent crime and other crime is on a decline in the US but the perpetrators basically remain the same.

Also read the bit that as of 2009, Obama had race struck from crime reports.

The LEFT are liars and always will be. They continue to live in a fantasy world that is going to explode. I blame the deaths of those police officers on Obama and the media. Why don’t they publish the facts ! Same reason they wont publish the facts on gays or what is really going on in the ME or anything that might put a serious dent in their make belief world.

In short the problem with blacks are the blacks themselves. Their modern culture and blame game attitude. Their emotional response simply does not live up to the facts. From the facts of slavery to the facts of modern day life in America. The same is going on in Canada with the First Nations.

One has to wonder about a people who criticize and call those who succeed “traitors”. There is an entire black culture out there of success and moral right that is NOT being heard. Even Obama tried on the ignorant and arrogant inner city hip hop – rap accent and lingo to appear cool. Trudeau simply wants to expand the diameter of young boys anus’s and hide his head up his arse about what’s happening in the world. While Obama is the same, he is destroying America from within and outside their borders all at the same time. Both are penultimate idiots. Good luck planet earth!
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