January 23, 2016

"Laughable": Here's everything Maclean's got wrong about "the angry, radical right"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Maclean’s magazine just published a huge story called “The Angry, Radical Right," with the sub-headline, “Why a growing number of extremists are lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants and Justin Trudeau."

What the author did was laughable:

He went to some public Facebook groups — where anyone in the world can write a message -- and he cherry-picked some people ranting politically about the PM and refugees.

The Maclean's article uses the word "extremist" five times — but never to talk about Muslim migrants or terrorists, of course. Only to describe old stock Canadians who are angry about Trudeau.

But those angry words on Facebook that Maclean's is suddenly so concerned about? They’re just words. Maclean’s used to support that sort of thing.

Remember Mark Steyn's cover story ten years ago, warning about Muslim migration?

Muslims took Maclean's to human rights court over that. It cost the magazine a quarter million dollars to fight back, but they did.

Maclean’s would never do that today.

Now they put convicted Al Qaida terrorist Omar Khadr on their cover, presenting him as a victim.

There are real threats in Canada. As I told their writer, the likelihood of being killed by Muslim terrorists is very low. The real threat is political Islam changing our culture.

But to Maclean’s, that’s just too difficult to talk about.

Besides, they know that the online commenters they went after in this article aren't going to take them to court, let alone an unfair human rights commission.

At The Rebel, we know what the real threats are. And exposing them is tougher work than reporting on comments left on obscure Facebook pages.


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commented 2016-01-23 23:40:41 -0500
Think about it only 39% voted for him 61% against the buffoon only has to piss a small number of people off and he gets booted out and the liberal party has know one else their screwed finished they have the media in their pocket but the majority of people I talk to when I ask did you see that thing on the news most answer I don’t watch the news or they just answer no! another answer I get is they only tell you what they want you to know. As for the left screaming little children that they are if you disagree with them they resort to name calling right away like little immature children what they don’t understand is they will suffer from their actions along with every on else it’s going to bite them in the ass as well GOOD.
I predict it will start soon because in BC we thought we’d see a huge influx of tradesman from the oil patch in Alberta it’s not happening because if you ever worked in the Alberta patch you’d know how many people were from Atlantic Canada and Ontario now they are going back to Trudeau’s dirt floor bare foot economy back to their humble beginnings I don’t think they are going to be to happy with no Alberta to go back to the rumblings will begin from within and the left leaning lunatic fringe with their three monkey syndrome will realize pennies aren’t falling from heaven and their fantasy will come crumbling down around their ears it will look good on them
commented 2016-01-23 23:28:47 -0500
How about this one Penson, go fuck yourself… Put your fucking burqa on, or bury your head in the sand you fucking dipshit. I will fucking die shot to death by your “appropriate authorities” before I ever “go with the flow” you Orwellian piece of shit.
commented 2016-01-23 23:27:30 -0500
You are exactly right, Ezra. But McLeans just wants to perpetuate the “angry right” myth. Anyway, who the hell reads McLeans any more???
commented 2016-01-23 23:22:42 -0500
The right must learn to master newspeak, and at least pretend to eschew their views. Just at least pretend to go with the flow, and all will be fine. Just be ready to turn in your friends and supporters to the appropriate authorities when told to do so
commented 2016-01-23 23:15:18 -0500
Seems to be the “liberal” (globalist foot soldier) meme these days. Found this one and was quite alarmed with the similarities to other pieces I’ve seen…
Scroll down on that link, you’ll see screenshots from The Rebel, even show Marty Ashfield’s joke comments and suggest he should be arrested by the RCMP for thought crimes.

I often mock Ezra for being a little light when it comes to the serious shit. But I must say, you are the man Ezra. Even though I disagree with half of what you say, mainly about Russia… You’re the best thing we got here, I’ll continue to support you (and sometimes criticize you from a loving right-wing direction). Seems they’re going for broke right now, trying to pump the Media Party stories full of “the extreme right wing” bullshit… Doesn’t bode well as they encourage the RCMP to arrest us… Especially as the RCMP seeks to outlaw such basic firearms such as the SKS.

I know very few like Alex Jones here, but man, the guy is right, they’re about to wage politically correct jihad against the right-wing… Priming the public to accept storm troopers arresting us for speaking the truth. We are in for some serious shit so buckle up and stay alert… Gotta be a convoy of Liberty, or its fucking game over. God Bless my friends here, thank you to Ezra for continuing to spite this beast.
commented 2016-01-23 23:13:24 -0500
And, as an after thought. So, Michael Mann, you’re the one that for voted for the pansy
in Ottawa. Well, it’s gonna cost you.
commented 2016-01-23 22:55:50 -0500
Thanks for that Ezra.
Haven’t touched a Maclean’s in a couple of dog ages.
What I’d like to hear from our oh so Politically Correct Politicians and Bureaucrats,
how much collateral damage, dead Canadians, is acceptable to them to further their
P.C. BS?
commented 2016-01-23 22:55:14 -0500
Oh and talking about obsessive, The CBC one day had 5 stories on their site with the name Rob Ford in it. Nowadays it’s turned to Justin Trudeau but they just can’t bring themselves to harshly criticize him. After all he did increase their monies. Sounds like a bribe doesn’t it? Rob Ford must have bribed them too to get than many stories in one day. Oh the hypocrisy of the left.
commented 2016-01-23 22:47:42 -0500
I guess they all forgot about the left wing hate spewing from them on CBC comment boards when Harper was still PM.
commented 2016-01-23 22:29:29 -0500
@ Michael Mann commented 1 hour ago
Bravo Zulu and other batshit crazy conservative here have wished for the death of Trudeau repeatedly in horrible ways.

Maybe you should read your own fucking comments section Ezra.
Hi Michael – big hug to you. ;-)
commented 2016-01-23 22:28:49 -0500

Here you go bitch – one of many similar comments from Bravo Zulu:


Bravo Zulu commented 27 days ago

I want to split the country.

I have no time for any POS from the maritimes.

Kebekers have raped Canada for years.

Ontario elects corrupt governments and generally sucks dick to get what they want.

It is time to split this country down the middle.

Anyone one in the west who does not want to stay can get the fuck out and move east.

Happy to help them leave.

Now if only wynne and trudope would be involved in a serious – even fatal car accident – I could have an even better day today.
commented 2016-01-23 21:49:18 -0500
MICHAEL MANN another lying Liberal. I haven’t seen anyone call for Trudeau’s death but I have seen Liberal supporters call for Having a party if Harper died. You are an asshole!
commented 2016-01-23 21:42:17 -0500

I was responding to Ezra with a direct point, so please mind your own business.

If I was taken seriously by retards like you, that would be progress in regards to your mental capacity. Short of that, I couldn’t care less if people like you take me seriously or not.
commented 2016-01-23 21:32:33 -0500
I would love to see a show on why the police aren’t doing anything about radical Imams calling for death against certain individuals. I thought they were sworn to uphold the law. Would love an explanation from their own mouth as to why they are not taking actions. Maybe they could help clear up some misconceptions.
commented 2016-01-23 21:25:21 -0500
Michael: you and your “batshit crazy”. Can’t you think of something original? How about this: “You’re f***ed up like Hogan’s Goat” No one takes your drivel seriously but you’re just laughed at like some pathetic clown.
commented 2016-01-23 21:20:08 -0500
Bravo Zulu and other batshit crazy conservative here have wished for the death of Trudeau repeatedly in horrible ways.

Maybe you should read your own fucking comments section Ezra.
commented 2016-01-23 21:17:10 -0500
Even though MacLeans Magazine arrived at the wrong conclusion, at least they admitted that not everyone out there in Canada-land is wanking over Trudope and his policies.
commented 2016-01-23 21:08:50 -0500
I hate the left. They can’t even make a logical argument that has details other than what they have been fed by the radical left wing media. The best they can do is make their own humor that usually still relies on jabs against our LATE pm. It is sad, and if they are going to do that then I will call Trudeau all the names he deserves. I wouldn’t call it decent like Macleans did. I would call it a very strong and deep contempt.
commented 2016-01-23 20:45:59 -0500
Sorry about that i hadn’t see the video of the German girl had already been posted in the news section.
Another reason why there needs to be an option on these posts for one to remove their post if needed
commented 2016-01-23 20:43:58 -0500
Man do I miss Harper.
commented 2016-01-23 20:37:20 -0500
The CPC needs to rebuild itself fast and find the right leader. If they don’t get back to real conservatism, we’re going to end up like the US and hopefully find our own Trump. Have to wonder if the only conservatives left in Canada are rebel readers. Trumps’ popularity comes from a lot of normal people who don’t like where the left is taking their country but don’t trust the republicans to change anything. Trump says what needs to be said but no one else in our lefty world has the balls to say. He’s also the only one willing to do what needs to be done first which is to stop illegal immigration as well as Muslim immigration which is changing the demographic of the country. A few years ago California was 75% white. Now it’s down to 40%. White western civilization is becoming extinct and the left wants to hurry that along. People don’t care if Trump is a Republican, they just want somebody to save the country. As the CPC keeps slinking left and carrying their balls in their purses like liberals, we’ll soon be in the same boat. Won’t be long before the last white Europeans will be the next wave of immigrants.
commented 2016-01-23 20:25:17 -0500
The article amounts (in my mind) to no more than a lot of piffle. It reminds me of how the lefties are always trying to make Canada look bad for the purpose of their political gain, even when there’s nothing there, as exampled by the Kurdi boy or our supposed dirty oil.
The author would have been better served in expending his energies on doing a story about on-line bullying instead of a political hatchet piece which tries to frame the narrative in an ideological context. The author goes to great lengths to paint a picture of “the angry, extreme right” then does a one eighty by revealing his examples of a couple of angry and extreme right wingers as everyday guys, who, as the article later reveals, are a plain sort with a good job and a old man passed his prime. Kind of a let down for someone who had spent the precious time in reading such a make work piece of fluff.
Hopefully his next screed will delve a little deeper into a legitimate subject and come up with a real thesis, offering something more substantive than the chasing of a chimera through a couple of parallels and far reaching non conclusions. But I won’t know if he does, cuz I won’t waste the time.
I would suggest that a more challenging topic would have been an investigation into why so many people feel as they do about our new PM, he might have actually learnt a thing or two.
commented 2016-01-23 20:24:51 -0500
I get daily mailings as i am sure many do here, in fact there are so many articles of what is going on in the world re Islam and Muslims that the mainstream media will never report, i get behind in my reading .
I am sure Macleans would never report the story of the Muslim who cut off his wife’s nose because she argued with him because he wanted to take a 6 year old girl as his second wife.
Or the thousands of things the left just will not face

Or this cry for help from a girl in Germany which some say has been censored by face book
TRANSCRIPT:( translated from German )
Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment.

And I am so scared everywhere. For example, if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually I stay at home, but sometimes I stay out until 6 pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day life as a woman.

I just want to say that I am not a racist. But one day, a terrible thing happened at the supermarket. I ran all the way home. I was so frightened for my life. There’s no other way to describe it.

My aunt and her friend have said you have to grow up. Why should we, children, have to grow up in such fear? It’s not just me, my friends too. You can see on Facebook, a 17 year old attacked, a 15 year old attacked, two 12-year olds attacked, so many. It is really so sad that this is happening … because of YOU PEOPLE. :(

I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection. We are so scared, we don’t want to be frightened to go to the grocery store alone after sunset. The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something! I cannot understand why this is happening. One day, my friend and I were walking down the street, and a group of Arabs were protesting and demonstrating. They shouted, “Allah! Allah! Allah is the one God! Kill those infidels! Allah Allah!” What should I do? Should I wear a burka? Why should I have to convert to Islam?

It’s fine if you believe in Allah, but why do you want to make everyone else believe in Allah too? I just think it would be better if there were no religion. Stop trying to make everyone else believe in your God when they do not want to.

Please, people of Germany. Do something!

When I try to tell the authorities about what has happened, they hold their hand up towards me and they say it is a problem and then ignore it. and they laugh. It is unfair. They laugh at us. They say we are dumb. They think this not only of me, but of the entire state of Germany. They don’t care about our fear. Please help us. This is an emergency! There are more and more of them.

One time in summer, the Muslims said we were sluts for walking outside in a t-shirt.

Yes, we were wearing t-shirts. It’s summer!

Another day, I was wearing this. My friend and I purchased it while shopping hehe. If we feel like wearing it, we will wear it! And you Muslims have no right to physically assault or rape us for it! God willing, never in my life. You have no right to attack us because we are wearing t-shirts. You also have no right to rape.

The life of Germany has changed because these people cannot integrate. We give them so much help. We support them financially and they do not have to work. But they only want more babies and more welfare and more money. Men of Germany, please, patrol the streets and protect us. Do this for your women and your children. If you do that, I believe that we will have a chance.

This sort of action would be wonderful. We would be so grateful and thankful. So many thanks, if steadily, more men would come to protect us. We are so scared.

I am so upset about what Merkel has done.

Thank you, Angela Merkel, for killing Germany! I have no more respect for you, Merkel. I do not think you know what you have done. You do not see how our lives have changed. Open your eyes! Is this normal? Should I, a 16-year old who is almost 17, be so scared to walk outside my house? No, it is not normal. You have killed Germany!

This is the truth. We are no longer allowed to walk outside. We are no longer allowed to wear our clothes. We are no longer allowed to live the German life. This is the sad truth.

I think it’s about time to end this video. I believe I have given a full account from a normal person. I hope others can see this and understand.

I only want to end with one message: Men, please, help your women. Help your children. I am so scared. My friends have the same fear. We are shocked that this has happened. I hope this video can convince you, and that this terrible events can stop.
commented 2016-01-23 19:23:59 -0500
I’m get angry when people try to portray me as a bigot for their own purposes, when they ignore or downplay the news so that they can paint the picture they want us to see and feel the need to protect us from the truth. These are not newsmen they are sell outs and akin to the patsies of communist regimes, When I turn on the TV and I don’t see one Canadian station presenting a conservative point of view I am alarmed. I would be just as alarmed if the opposite was true. That a country as diverse as Canada is presenting one point of view suggests we are being spoon fed exactly what the Kabal wants us to eat. I’m also angry that we have become a pussy nation, forfeiting the rights our fathers sacrificed so much for.
commented 2016-01-23 19:16:23 -0500
Macleans & Toronto star makes good FISH wrappers…ha ha ha…
Any way please keep doing what you guys @ Rebel are Doing…
commented 2016-01-23 18:55:11 -0500
I just tried to post this on facebook. Unlike other times i have posted from the rebel, this one didn’t go through.. WTF?
commented 2016-01-23 18:43:07 -0500
Political Correctness given life by it’s parents Multiculturalism and Affirmative Action ,has a strangle hold on Sanity and free thought! Mental Midgets of the left choke and puke out platitudes of Sunny Days and pass the other cheek and clap themselves on the back in a sickening narcissistic self idolization. Our Canadian Idol dances while Canada burns.
commented 2016-01-23 18:29:59 -0500
This article of Macleans has about as much truth in it as the article that appeared in their magazine about six months ago on how racist they people of Winnipeg, Manitoba are. Journalism of this calibre isn’t worth reading.
commented 2016-01-23 18:23:31 -0500
Sadly ironic that 10 years ago Macleans was willing to fight for free speech but today they’ll kiss Muhammad’s ass just like all the other lefty cowards including that pathetic Charlie Hebdo bunch who abanded their colleagues to die in vain along with all the other pretenders of free speech who marched in solidarity as they surrendered to Islam.
commented 2016-01-23 17:43:33 -0500
Ezra, I would have your centrist baby if I could. You were so on point and you eloquently communicated exactly what is wrong with these leftist leaning social miscreants. I am very concerned when college professors are telling students how to vote instead of having objective discussion and teaching people to make their OWN. Decisions. I am concerned when government subsidized media outlets employees like Craig Oliver can spit out anti- government vitriol about a sitting PM during election coverage and not be made to answer, or Macleans ragizine can publish mental ditrius, that is totally inaccurate and untrue and present it as the opposite. Does not the people that support this media police state understand that the last thing CBC or Macleans want is a centrist or right government because, if they were in place, the death knell for these iron rice bowl employee of these government subsidized corporations, would be ringing loud as it was when the Harper government was about to pull the plug on their free ride. Thanks Ezra again for pointing out their lies.