January 23, 2016

"Laughable": Here's everything Maclean's got wrong about "the angry, radical right"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Maclean’s magazine just published a huge story called “The Angry, Radical Right," with the sub-headline, “Why a growing number of extremists are lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants and Justin Trudeau."

What the author did was laughable:

He went to some public Facebook groups — where anyone in the world can write a message -- and he cherry-picked some people ranting politically about the PM and refugees.

The Maclean's article uses the word "extremist" five times — but never to talk about Muslim migrants or terrorists, of course. Only to describe old stock Canadians who are angry about Trudeau.

But those angry words on Facebook that Maclean's is suddenly so concerned about? They’re just words. Maclean’s used to support that sort of thing.

Remember Mark Steyn's cover story ten years ago, warning about Muslim migration?

Muslims took Maclean's to human rights court over that. It cost the magazine a quarter million dollars to fight back, but they did.

Maclean’s would never do that today.

Now they put convicted Al Qaida terrorist Omar Khadr on their cover, presenting him as a victim.

There are real threats in Canada. As I told their writer, the likelihood of being killed by Muslim terrorists is very low. The real threat is political Islam changing our culture.

But to Maclean’s, that’s just too difficult to talk about.

Besides, they know that the online commenters they went after in this article aren't going to take them to court, let alone an unfair human rights commission.

At The Rebel, we know what the real threats are. And exposing them is tougher work than reporting on comments left on obscure Facebook pages.


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commented 2016-01-23 17:16:04 -0500
I do not fear an encounter with a moslem terrorist…..I am more likely to get put off the road this winter by running over a seal on the Trans Canada in Seal River…named that because they come ashore there every winter….and somebody goes off the road after they hit one….

But Islam is a rogue culture….it is like having a billion Scientologists bent on takeover and already infiltrating the bureaucracy that would facilitate it……the leftists…which I see as a form of autism……just don’t get it….I care not for the names they call me.
commented 2016-01-23 17:15:32 -0500
January 23, 2016
Dear Diary;
What a week that was. The resort in New Brunswick, the Alps in Switzerland and of course, selfies at a mosque in Peterborough. It’s a good thing that I’ve lived the life of the rich and famous, as Gerald often tells me, lesser men wouldn’t be up to it.
I think I may have made my first boo-boo as Dear Leader. I know, hard to believe. I should have let those Canadian reporters in on Wednesday after all. DiCaprio was trying to take the spotlight off me and was bad-mouthing the tar sands, so I told him, “Hey, take it easy”. I didn’t use my loud shouty voice, but instead put those pauses between each word, the ones that gets everyone to pay attention to me. Since everyone thought Stevie was so tough telling Putin to get the hell out of Ukraine, it’s only natural now that every Albertan will hail me as their beloved hero, right in Stevie’s back yard too. Ha ha. In your face Stevie.
At last, McCallum’s revised the incoming immigrant voters’ numbers and timelines so frequently that they’re finally now coming close to matching about 50% of what was to have been achieved under my previously revised promise, thanks mainly to the cream of the crop that Stevie already had in the pipeline for me. Hey John; kudos on a job done. Now we can really ramp up the program to bring in the rejects that Turkey’s told me to take, I mean, the ones with a penchant for amorous activities and already know all about violence in the workplace, and who didn’t fancy going to Germany for some reason. Don’t anyone hold their breath waiting for me to show up at the airport to be photographed with that lot. Brian Lilley would have a field day with that.
commented 2016-01-23 17:00:52 -0500
I cancelled Maclean’s two years ago…for another little thought out article vilifying Canadian seniors and accusing them of being very rich and greedy, and undeserving of government pensions.
commented 2016-01-23 16:59:46 -0500
This is laughable… after moving away from Canada, to USA and UK, then returning, the biggest shocker (when I returned), is to know how far Canada has drifted to the left… seriously, on a global scale, Harper would be considered a centrist… and this fascination with leftism is dangerous… it’s like carbon monoxide… once it gets a hold of you, it’s too late. During the cold war, the communist block promoted leftism in the west to make our society weaker… and now, Americans (like Soros, Tides, etc…), they promote leftist rage in Canada not for our benefit, but to weaken our ability to compete with USA and to become more reliant on USA….. For example, Canada of all countries must import oil… seriously, Canada.. and whatever we can manage to export can only fetch 20$ per barrel less do to lack of market access.
I actually consider myself a centrist… I read a few articles per day and make 4 or 5 comments daily in the various comment section.. just common sense stuff, always polite, never hostile… BUT, there is not a single day that goes by that someone doesn’t accuse me of being a “tea-bagger”, a “neo-con” and “ultra-conservative” .. at least weekly, I am called a “zio-na*i” and apparently many lefties are upset that the my parents “escaped the ovens”… and for what? I put out a few facts here and there… all kinds of vile hate spouted from the left… For all that Canada has going for it, it’s such a shame to be saddled with rampant leftism, and just as troubling, the indifference by the ‘to busy to care’ masses.
commented 2016-01-23 16:55:06 -0500
Well this ‘right winger’ (read; rational independent Canadian capable of critical thought) is angry that the leftist propaganda machine lies and obfuscates for human garbage like islamic terrorist psychopaths. This ‘right winger’ is angry that our government is infested with Canadian hating leftist hypocrite politico cowards, unionized bureaucratic leeches, self interest group mercenaries, union boss mafioso’s and cowardly puppeteers hiding in the shadows behind the sock puppet known as junior trudeau
commented 2016-01-23 16:35:07 -0500
Thank you, Ezra, for your rebuttal to this spurious piece of drivel from McLean’s. I just finished doing on-line research myself on the hateful, detestable things that those on the radical left have said in posts about Mr. Harper and his government. McLeans, of course, would not think of doing that. Just trot out the pablum, and like all good babies, the electorate will lap it up! The loss of reasoning skills by many Canadians is mind-boggling!
commented 2016-01-23 16:21:58 -0500
Great show Ezra!
I think it might be fun to head on down to the HRT to file a complaint. And when they refuse, get a mandamus forcing them to proceed. While there, act super angry too, which they’ll point to as proof, at which point I’ll remind them that “truth is not a defense” in such cases!! Sounds like balls of fun!!
Fun stuff aside, the left have to be truly psychotic to ignore reality to the degree they do. To the point they’re willing to ruin their own society and put their own lives at risk!! Seriously, one has to have some pretty serious psychological problems to do such a thing!! In fact, they’re SO psychotic, that even if they themselves were gang-raped they’d continue making excuses! Their psychosis renders them “incapable of learning”.

Bruno – I agree!
commented 2016-01-23 16:14:20 -0500
Off Topic but laughable.

A Muslim organization in Germany has just told Merkel, ’If you want to stop the mass rapes, you must make Alcohol illegal"

This is akin to asking a Liberal to be honest..
commented 2016-01-23 16:12:03 -0500
Mark Steyn wrote a book about 10 years ago – “America Alone” and this playbook is exactly what is happening.

Amazing insights 10 years prior to what is going on today.
commented 2016-01-23 16:06:46 -0500
MacLean’s survives on federal funding – look it up.

Be sure to tell folks that.

Then persuade them to cancel their subscription – we certainly did.

I also commented on that article – if anyone is interested they should look at my comments and then the responses – I guess I am a dick head to a few folks there. ;-)

I still sleep well at night.
commented 2016-01-23 15:56:47 -0500
The left have always been extremists! Proof lies in history with the Nazis and the Soviet Union both proclaiming their lefty socialist ideals! Well, how did that work out? Closer to home, every lefty I know raises their voice almost to screaming levels, hurling personal insults and such when we have any kind of conversation where there is disagreement. I now tend to avoid them altogether. Even a simple invite for a “dinner out” often left me holding the bill as they would duck out or make excuses.
We see some of that lefty extremism from the lefty trolls that infest this site. From hurling insults to downright threats pertaining to the musings of Westerners about separation from Canada.
commented 2016-01-23 15:52:47 -0500
Well said Ezra.
commented 2016-01-23 15:49:51 -0500
Liberal and NDP Marxist have their slimy fingers every where. This is how Trudeau stole the election, buying and bribing his slimy vote.

I am surprised that a low life comic like MacLeans seems ready to join, this gang of Luddites that are helping Trudeau to kill Canada. They should stick to Cartoons and Crossword Puzzles. I am sure their readers, sitting in Doctors Waiting Rooms would appreciate it.
commented 2016-01-23 15:42:57 -0500
I disagree here with the Rebel Commander. The biggest threat to Canada, is not the Muslim migration, but the political elite of the present day, who by their complete disconnect of the “common man” and his (her) daily struggle are de facto radicalizing, disenfranchising him. He is not even allowed by the powers to be, to speak his mind without incurring the wrath and intimidation of the left political spectrum.
Over the years when observing the political developments in Europe, one realizes we here in Canada are just lagging behind a few years before we are also fully engulfed in this tsunami of political garbage. And the empty suit out east is just greasing the slopes.
commented 2016-01-23 15:30:41 -0500
Meclean’s magazine, just another player for the Left-wing bullshitt-nese propaganda machine just like CBC and CTV .
commented 2016-01-23 15:22:45 -0500
Great video as usual. Ezra ! All we have to do is look at the US under a left wing gov’t to see the left wing effect on the world. Bloodshed and chaos!
commented 2016-01-23 15:19:45 -0500
It is surprising that MacLeans has radically changed their coverage over 10 years? Lawfair works, that’s why it’s done. Culturally, “edgy” artists wouldn’t think of insulting Islam because it will get them killed. Christianity and Judaism? Not so much. Kodos to Ezra on continuing in the face of the culture-destroying forces arrayed against him. Note for the trolls – I’m not talking about those who are lining up against him now, I mean what Ezra has gone through in the last 10-15 years.