December 17, 2015

WATCH: Here's everything Obama got wrong about Jews, Muslims, immigration -- and America

Rebel Staff

As I said in last night's monologue, Barack Obama gave an incredible speech the other day, at a citizenship ceremony for new Americans.

It was his response to the national conversation started by Donald Trump about Muslim migrants, and Trump’s proposal to have a pause, until the problem with Muslim radicals can be properly addressed.

Obama started off by saying how valuable immigrants have been to America in the past. And that’s true, as far as it goes.

But no-one is saying America should not have any immigrants; no-one is even saying America should not have any Muslim immigrants.

Trump simply said Muslim immigration should be paused until the jihadist threat is better addressed. To screen out people coming to kill us, especially since the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

The only mention Obama made to Muslims in his address was shaking a finger at old-stock Americans for their alleged bigotry.

"We must resolve to always speak out against hatred and bigotry in all of its forms -- whether taunts against the child of an immigrant farmworker or threats against a Muslim shopkeeper.”

What "threats against a Muslim shopkeeper"? Why would he talk about an apocryphal hypothetical like that, instead of the very real, deadly result of the San Bernardino terrorists?

Why is he teaching new immigrants that Americans are bigoted by nature, and he needs to give Americans a stern lecture?

But that was the heart of Obama’s speech.

Instead of exhorting new immigrants to embrace American values, and abandon old grievances, he chose to condemn America itself as historically racist, bigoted and mean:

"From the start, Africans were brought here in chains against their will, and then toiled under the whip.”

Yes, that’s true. Every continent in the world has had a history of slavery — including pre-Columbus America, including Europe, Asia and of course Africa itself. But America fought a civil war in part over slavery, and abolished it, and has had blacks in every high office in the land. Why emphasize a negative chapter, except to teach new immigrants to nurse old grievances, and think of themselves as victims?

Here's Obama welcoming newcomers to America, by condemning America in a rant that could have been written by Bill Ayers: 

"A century ago, New York City shops displayed those signs, “No Irish Need Apply.”  Catholics were targeted, their loyalty questioned -- so much so that as recently as the 1950s and ‘60s, when JFK had to run, he had to convince people that his allegiance wasn’t primarily to the Pope. Chinese immigrants faced persecution and vicious stereotypes, and were, for a time, even banned from entering America.  During World War II, German and Italian residents were detained, and in one of the darkest chapters in our history, Japanese immigrants and even Japanese American citizens were forced from their homes and imprisoned in camps.  We succumbed to fear.  We betrayed not only our fellow Americans, but our deepest values.  We betrayed these documents.  It’s happened before.”

Now, by the way, there was a huge wave of Jewish immigrants to America about a hundred years ago, too. They weren’t really refugees, though they were fleeing inhospitable places like Czarist Russia.

Some of America’s greatest patriots came from that wave, including my all-time favourite exemplar of what a great immigrant should be, the late Irving Berlin.

He was a Russian Jew who came to America and loved it so much he spent his life writing patriotic songs. He wrote "God Bless America." He wrote "White Christmas" — even though he was a Jew. When World War Two came, he travelled the world entertaining American troops.

That’s the perfect immigrant, in my mind.

But there is only one mention of Jews in Obama’s talk:

"In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II.”

Really? So Muslims today are like the Jews of World War Two, are they?

Are Muslims being exterminated by the millions around the world? Is there a modern Hitler, saying he will kill every Muslim, and doing it?

And were the Jews back then killing people in the name of their Jewish Bible? Did Jews come to America and demand that Jewish law supersede American law?

No. Muslims aren’t the new Jews. Jews are the new Jews. Jews are being attacked, whether it’s at the Jewish supermarket in Paris or the ongoing terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel.

This was a special speech Obama chose to give to rebut his fellow citizens' concerns about violent immigration by "refugees" who are coming not coming to be American, but to conquer America.

Obama didn’t say a word against that.

He saved his venom for Americans themselves, lecturing them as bigoted Islamophobes.

And he kept his most vicious barb, as usual, for the Jews.


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commented 2015-12-31 01:04:19 -0500
He is pulling the old angela merkal, smooth talk to make americans feel guity for the poast and that it is there fault and that they should have responsibility for bringing hundreds of thousands refugees.
commented 2015-12-31 00:55:28 -0500
obama is a muslim himself,so e know he is not for the christian side and i heard he has ties to radicals
commented 2015-12-21 04:14:53 -0500
What Ezra Levant does not get is that the anti-Muslim rhetoric will lead to a painful anti-Jewish backlash.
People are not as well-informed as we might like, and that is especially true of The Rebel readers.
A language ramped up about those foreigners (Islamists) leads to stronger an stronger language of hate.
People respond to the language of hate and tend to go along with it.
The object of this hate is those foreign looking middle easterners. Come to think of it, the short term for them is Jews.
Ezra Levant is unwittingly promoting a hatred of Jews, among a broad Canadian populace.
Is the really the road we want to go down?
commented 2015-12-19 17:39:39 -0500
of course the immigrants do all these great things. but we are concerned about immigrants who bomb, and behead people. Why does obama constantly avoid that? He makes a good fool of himself because the whole world sees his defect
commented 2015-12-19 13:32:01 -0500
Why are we letting anyone from this part of the world in Jews,muslims or anyone else for that matter?
commented 2015-12-17 17:14:58 -0500
I think he wants a Civil War—- but- Not until he becomes a Revered MLK.
commented 2015-12-17 16:58:11 -0500
Does anyone notice, that the closer Obama gets to leaving office, the look on his face becomes smugger, and he stirs up more trouble. He is planning a devious attack before leaving office, so that he can continue to damage America. I think he is insane!
commented 2015-12-17 16:32:09 -0500
Obama is a silver- tongued User , Taker and Traitor. He Uses his Mother . He Uses Black people . He Uses his position . He uses America. Obama- Takes the best of those that help him and then twists it and turns it and molds it – into something destructive. Obama —is a Traitor to Black people ,America and anyone that voted for him.
commented 2015-12-17 16:31:38 -0500
Obama, a smooth talking weasel. I wonder which one of his Muslim brothers wrote the script. An extremely dangerous person, do not underestimate him, he is sly, just like Trudeau.
commented 2015-12-17 16:21:06 -0500
Rightly Van – I believe that was Obama’s intent, to cause such problems in Syria that they would then have an excuse to be able transplant large masses of faux refugees, into democratic countries, in order to establish the UN’s plan of one world government. I believe that most of these refugees are terrorist transplants.
commented 2015-12-17 15:53:42 -0500
The Syrian refugees today are mainly in the position they are in because Obama who has the power and uttered several “red line” ultimatums, to have stopped the actions of the Assad’s regime which caused the Syrian to become refugees from their own country and government. So, if he wants to blame people for bigotry and predigests, he should start by putting most of the blame on himself.
commented 2015-12-17 15:49:19 -0500
The leftwing doesn’t like history so they distort the facts, just like they do in our public schools. They don’t care what we think, because their target is the mainstream, who never bother to find out if what they are being force fed is the truth or not. Obama spreads the devils lies, and then he incites the masses emotionally, and once they are charged and ready to kill, that is when these lies pay off for those who have evil intent, like Obama.
commented 2015-12-17 15:47:00 -0500
Maybe he "assumes’ being a descendant of slavery by means of his mother who was Jewish. Just giving the “benefit of doubt”.
commented 2015-12-17 15:43:22 -0500
Enjoy your reward when the time comes Obama, i will shed no tears if the fanatics get you
commented 2015-12-17 15:30:43 -0500
Obama , the more he talks, the more uneducated he sounds. He says false sophomoric statements all the time. Like his statment on the Crusades. Scholars on that topic were laughing at that. But here, the issue is not IMMIGRANTS people are concerned about. We are concerned about a new and unique group of IMMIGRANTS who want to kill, behead, launch bombs, kill.. we know for sure that there are thousands upon thousands of them already here. They are not here to build bridges. As to JFK, not loyal to the Pope, that was his worst line.. it was a cheap way to say, I will not be loyal, because I want the southern vote. Man, is Obama ever uninformed about history. If Obama doesn’t like the USA, and that’s how he sounds, he should get out.
commented 2015-12-17 15:01:20 -0500
How is it that Mr. Irrelevant could learn how to read (a teleprompter) and still be that dumb ?
Does he not realize he is portraying himself as a racist bigot, the very zealots he is attempting to malign ?
He managed to turn all the hatred arrows back toward himself.
commented 2015-12-17 13:45:35 -0500
He makes me sick! 😂
commented 2015-12-17 13:01:52 -0500
During his first presidential election campaign Obama announced several times that he would “fundamentally change America” and he has kept that promise. He has twisted their free enterprise economy into a pretzel of socialist design, given illegal immigrants a free pass on just about everything, completely screwed up the balance of power in the world and become the biggest apologist alive for Muslim terrorists. If you are unemployed its the “one percenters” fault. If you shoot at police and end up dead, it’s the cop’s fault, especially if you are black. If you are Muslim and murder innocent people it’s because western society pissed you off. He’s a bigot and a racist of the first order in the image of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And the biggest tragedy of all? He was re-elected. His election, along with Wynne and Trudeau getting majority governments leads me to believe that US and Canadian voters have suffered irreversible political brain death.
commented 2015-12-17 12:05:40 -0500
Obama is the nastiest bigot and racist even seen in the White House – this is the radical left socialist way.

Obama attacks cops, Christians, Judeo-Christian laws and religions. Obama is protecting and promoting islamic terrorism.

And then Obama turns the narrative back on those he attacks with the support of the MSM/Media Party.

commented 2015-12-17 11:44:42 -0500
“But no-one is saying America should not have any immigrants; no-one is even saying America should not have any Muslim immigrants”

I am. Islam is a comic book religion. Not only do they hate dogs, Christ – the Muslim prophet – returns to earth, breaks the crosses and sends to hell any Christians who have not converted to Islam. Oh, and Muslim men are rewarded in heaven with 72 virgins. It’s no wonder Obama doesn’t want us to tell the truth about Islam. Islam needs to be mocked.
commented 2015-12-17 11:36:27 -0500
barry o did not rant on about black accomplishments in America, like rioting, looting, murder, dissent, racism.
and whites freed the black man. and white fools elected you barry so stop preaching to those who made you.