March 22, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Docs reveal costs not considered in Canada 150 ice rink “wish list”

David MenziesMission Specialist

You may recall the Canada 150 project known as the Parliament Hill ice rink. It was a boondoggle that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation awarded with a federal “Teddy Government Waste Award.”

We finally received access to information documents from the federal government to give us an understanding of how this sesquicentennial-inspired monster came to fruition.

Who knows why the idea of building a temporary ice hockey rink on Parliament Hill was deemed of paramount importance for the Canada 150 celebrations, or why a simple patch of ice surrounded by a few plywood boards wouldn’t do the trick.

The project was spearheaded by Ottawa bureaucrats using taxpayer money, so of course it would have to be the Rolls-Royce of ice rinks.

And, since this was a federal government project, it missed its original deadline and the off-the-lot price was $8.2M, translating into a staggering $100K per-day cost.

As this Franken-Rink evolved from harebrained idea to entrenched reality, the correspondence between bureaucrats responsible for this fiasco makes for unintentionally funny reading.

While I share the back and forth, consider that just a short walk away from Parliament Hill is the Rideau Canal which in the wintertime transforms into an enormous piece of ice that people use to commute to work, play hockey, figure and ice skate on.

Among other things, the bureaucrats spoke of adding lighting that could “provide the ‘money shot’ photo for Heritage of a brightly lit rink in a gentle snow.”

Well, the Trudeau Liberals did indeed end up with their “money shot.” Too bad it was OUR money that funded that shot...


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commented 2019-03-23 06:10:43 -0400
Hey! Its not like spending $16 for a glass of orange juice. Or the patronage scam. Or Baby Doc Trudeau’s liquor bill for the government jet he loves to use to fly off for “personal days”. Besides, its only money, and best of all, it doesn’t come out of their pockets, only our pockets.
commented 2019-03-22 20:54:06 -0400
Actually, in keeping with David’s story, the correct pronunciation is ‘ree – dough’!
commented 2019-03-22 20:05:20 -0400
I would not worry about the Ice Rink, better to worry about how much it costs the tax payer to import migrants in to Canada. We are paying for our own demise by cold steel….Trudeau smiles.
commented 2019-03-22 20:05:06 -0400
Great piece as usual David. A couple of corrections though. The pronunciation of Rideau sounds more like “reedoh”, and you cannot play hockey on it except for a small pond tributary.