January 28, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Government jet use for Trudeau’s romantic getaway to Vermont cost taxpayers nearly $12K

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

In another Rebel Media exclusive investigation, we’ve uncovered Justin Trudeau and his wife using the government Challenger jet as their own personal getaway plane. We found the information in the May 2018 flight manifests for the Prime Minister’s jet.

After tending to government business in New York and Boston, the high flying Trudeau family fun time began the evening of May 18, 2018.

That’s the day the Challenger flew from Boston back to Ottawa, with Trudeau and several others on board. The entourage of spin doctors, photographers, and bureaucrats, used the PM’s private plane to get back to Ottawa even though they could have hopped a commercial flight back home.

That evening, after the entourage disembarked, Trudeau waited on the tarmac for his wife for almost two hours. According to flight manifests, after idling on the tarmac, the jet then left for Burlington, Vermont, with just two passengers: Sophie and Justin.

After the flight to Burlington, the empty plane flew back to Ottawa the same night.

Three days later - May 21, 2018 - the empty Challenger again flies from Ottawa to Vermont where, according to flight manifests, the only passengers were the two Trudeaus.

And according to the PMO itinerary for that time frame, Trudeau was enjoying “personal days.”

Flight costs were calculated at approximately $3,400 per hour for that month. Since the trip amounted to 3.5 hours of Challenger flight time, I’ve estimated the costs to the taxpayer for their romantic weekend getaway at almost $12,000.

Taxpayers sent a coddled, lazy millionaire and his pampered wife on a romantic getaway to Vermont on a private plane three months after Trudeau looked a wounded veteran in the eye and told him he was asking for more than Trudeau was willing to give.

Sadly, there is no limit to what Trudeau is willing to give himself.


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commented 2019-01-29 12:32:12 -0500
This putz needs a date with a Louisville bat!!
commented 2019-01-29 11:59:21 -0500
Did he pay those carbon offsets?
BTW Sheila, Dear Leader always has a huge security entourage with him (because he’s soooo important). How did they get to Vermont? How much did they cost?
commented 2019-01-29 11:31:11 -0500
A romantic holiday?
That is such a sick perversion of carbon dating!!!
commented 2019-01-29 11:26:05 -0500
A true envireliarmentalist
commented 2019-01-29 10:35:45 -0500
We can expect this kind of engorgement of public funds to become even more egregious as the day of his dismissal approaches. All socialist dictators stuff their pockets just before they are forced out of office. This simpleton is no different.
commented 2019-01-29 09:54:42 -0500
There is a reason why his trust fund was set up so that he can’t get his hands on it, only the payouts, Imagine him controlling it himself; he would be bankrupt within a month. Very drunk with costly grape, but still bankrupt with a wife leaving him.

Now if only we could get a divorce from him, we would be very, very happy.
commented 2019-01-29 09:38:53 -0500
Wow, Turdo’s got one giant carbon footprint for such a short trip.
commented 2019-01-29 07:06:15 -0500
Hey Dan. Thanks for the correction. The quote was sent to me some time ago via email. I liked the quote but never double checked the source. But I think it is a good quote pertaining to our time.

As for Trudeau…You can place fake eyebrows on a potato but it will never learn to govern a country.
commented 2019-01-29 04:23:10 -0500
Keith Barnes… One could only wish so, but it is evidently going to take that “big bus from Heaven intervention” to make it so… Or???
commented 2019-01-29 02:38:16 -0500
Way to go Canada, you voted in an embarassing fool to ruin the country.
commented 2019-01-29 00:16:17 -0500
POS-good thing he had a trust fund this idiot would have been to stupid to make his own money and I think his old man knew that!! This ass needs to quit wasting our hard earned tax dollars,it’s long overdue he should be taken out behind the woodshed and have his ass handed to him!!
commented 2019-01-28 23:29:59 -0500
Give him enough rope and he will hang himself, then we shall have to add another public holiday to the calendar, it will become a Holly Day for Canadians.
commented 2019-01-28 22:15:54 -0500
JT is not only a waste of our hard earned taxpayers money he is a complete waste of oxygen among other things .
commented 2019-01-28 22:04:38 -0500
There are not enough of us…and too many bigoted fools and slaves!
Lefty liberal progressivism is a mental disorder.

Interesting and pertinent quote that you cite Lord Byron for:
“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”

Except it’s from Drummond…and today’s globalist cult of postmodern narcissism, nihilism and identity politics is of NO equivalence to the Romantic Movement! ‘Academical Questions’ by the Right Honourable William Drummond Volume 1, 1805

“…In 1834 Marguerite Gardiner published “Conversations of Lord Byron with the Countess of Blessington”, and she described an exchange during which Byron effusively praised William Drummond, and he repeated the quotation:

“When you go to Naples you must make acquaintance with Sir William Drummond,” said Byron, “for he is certainly one of the most erudite men and admirable philosophers now living. He has all the wit of Voltaire, with a profundity that seldom appertains to wit, and writes so forcibly, and with such elegance and purity of style, that his works possess a peculiar charm.”

“Have you read his ‘Academical Questions?’ if not, get them directly, and I think you will agree with me, that the preface to that work alone would prove Sir William Drummond an admirable writer. He concludes it by the following sentence, which I think one of the best in our language :— ‘Prejudice may be trusted to guard the outworks for a short space of time, while Reason slumbers in the citadel; but if the latter sink into a lethargy, the former will quickly erect a standard for herself. Philosophy, wisdom, and liberty, support each other: he who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave.‘ Is not the passage admirable?” continued Byron; “how few could have written it, and yet how few read Drummond’s works! they are too good to be popular”…"
commented 2019-01-28 20:43:04 -0500
Let them eat cake! Justin Trudeau is flipping us the bird. He doesn’t have any shame, why should he, he thinks he is untouchable. He could not care less about us plebs. A disgrace.
commented 2019-01-28 20:06:54 -0500
This really makes my blood boil! It also shows how selfish the little jerk is. With people scrimping and saving while they get taxed for emitting carbon, this spoiled brat and his wife waste our hard-earned money on their own comfort. No wonder I never made it in the civil service. I had a fatal flaw called COMMON SENSE!
commented 2019-01-28 19:35:57 -0500
As tens of thousands of Canadians have lost their jobs because of this loser. He treats himself like royalty on the taxpayers’ dime!

These trudeau’s are nothing but gutter trash and need to go!
commented 2019-01-28 19:26:33 -0500
A huge part of a healthy democracy is having a population that is of an inquiring mind, informed and aware, that keeps its leaders and its parliamentarians in check to do the will of the people.
I am uncertain of how many Canadians are aware or informed or even care of what our current traitorous federal government is doing or what many of the provincial governments are doing, which is why our current democracy is not healthy. Voter apathy is very high in our country. But if Canadians have an inquiring mind then ‘The Rebel’ is unsurpassed in the current Canadian media demographic of making sure the public is informed of what is actually going on.
Great work Sheila!

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” Lord Byron
commented 2019-01-28 19:15:02 -0500
It could have been worse, they could have produced more kids. Just one Trudeau kid can cost Canadian taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. Whew, dodged that bullet.
commented 2019-01-28 18:58:04 -0500
Wow, just talked with a friend of mine about our trip to Vermont.. We stayed at Jay Peak… Of course, we paid our way.. We also worked for a Tour Company back in the day, where we took skiers to Mt. Tremblant, from Ontario…We had the opportunity to say “Hello” to Pierre, as he and his family were skiing one day… Yup… The Trudeau family was there… They wore Black Armbands, and were ushered to the front of the line at all lifts.. Oh, to be so special…Justin continues to live off of his money and fame…. So, when you ever hear of “White Privilege”, now ya know where it comes from…
commented 2019-01-28 18:15:20 -0500
Sheila said, “It seems there is no limit to what Justin will give himself.”

Oh, but Sheila. He is royalty! All those low life icky veterans ever did was to put their life on the line for their country. Justine and his spoiled royal wife is obviously more deserving that those veterans.

All we can do is hope that this child PM is voted out next election.