March 10, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Rebel uncovers where terrorist Omar Khadr hid $3M of his ill-gotten payout

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Omar Khadr, the Canadian-born son of al-Qaeda royalty who killed US Army medic Christopher Speer and maimed soldier Layne Morris while fighting for enemy forces in Afghanistan, was never repentant.

He was convicted and sentenced by a jury at Gitmo for forty years for his admitted war crimes, but he wouldn’t stay there.

As part of an Obama administration political pressure campaign, Canada repatriated Khadr and when he got back, he quickly went about using our legal system against us.

His sentence was reduced to just bail, and he walks the streets of Edmonton a free man with a whitewashed past.

He’s also a very rich man, thanks to Canadian taxpayers. After claiming he was the victim of human rights abuses at the hands of our American friends while serving time in Gitmo, and without ever proceeding to a trial where real evidence would be presented, PM Trudeau struck a deal and delivered him a $10.5M payout for our failure to intervene on behalf of this uncomfortable killer.

Worse still, Trudeau structured the payout to Khadr in secrecy making it difficult for Khadr’s living victims to execute the $134M wrongful-death judgment they won against him in a US court.

Khadr and his lawyers have, so far, sheltered that money from seizure. It was safely hidden away, until now.

Approximately one month ago, we received a tip about a real estate deal where Khadr’s name popped up in the form of a blurry screenshot -- enough to get the ball rolling. We had lawyers pull land titles and corporate registries and are now able to confirm that Khadr, or rather a numbered Alberta company where he is one of only two directors, owns an aging strip mall with a partner in North Central Edmonton.

The building itself houses a tire shop, a daycare, a travel agency, a commercial painting business, and a seasonal garden centre. The purchase price was $3M cash. No mortgage.

Watch to see all the documents I used to confirm that original tip and to see the proximity of this terrorist owned shopping mall to a large elementary school.

Once we confirmed the information, we handed it over to the Speer and Morris families. Their legal teams have known about the property for a few weeks because we gave them a head start. According to that wrongful-death judgment against Khadr, this $3M property should be theirs. Now they need a Canadian court to execute their judgment against Khadr.

I think he'll try to hide this money again and do whatever it takes to put it out of reach of his living victims who have every legal right to strip him of his ill-gotten windfall.

If Khadr moves this money, I’ll do everything I can to find it again. I will do my best to find that other $7M so that it ends up in the hands of the people who deserve it, and not as a real estate nest egg, padding the retirement plan of an unrepentant cold-blooded killer.

That’s my promise to our supporters, the Morris and Speer families, and to Omar Khadr too.


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commented 2019-03-10 18:14:45 -0400
I just hope that he becomes complacent and does something to get arrested, as long as no innocent people get hurt by his actions.