June 22, 2016

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Eyewitness confirms allegations that migrants raped five-year-old Idaho girl

Faith GoldyArchive

A five-year-old girl raped by Muslim migrant boys in America and the mainstream media’s first instinct is to dismiss the story and label local residents racist bigots and "Islamophobes"? The "don’t ask, don’t tell" doctrine on the refugee file is becoming painfully routine— but, playing politics over the alleged rape of a five year would seem unethical and indefensible. And yet, this week, that is exactly what happened.

News out of an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho:

A five-year-old girl sexually assaulted in a laundry room by two refugee boys as a third boy looked on, filming the attack.

An eighty-nine-year-old neighbour saw suspicious activity and approached the area to become eye witness to what can only be described as a fearful scene.

Immediately, local papers rushed to discredit the story as false claims being spread to incite anti-refugee sentiment.

And their narrative was bolstered the County Prosecutor who said there had been no Syrians, no knife, and no gang-rape.

Well, just because the mainstream media was unwilling to follow up, doesn’t mean we here at The Rebel were about to ignore or downplay the broader allegations at the heart of this story.

After one news outlet published the name of the alert eighty-nine year old who became eye witness to the alleged incident, I gave that woman, Jolene Payne, a call.

WATCH my exclusive report about the incident and my conversation with Jolene Payne.

According to Ms. Payne's account, there were three naked migrant boys in the laundry room with the naked five year old girl, who was covered in urine, and a fourth migrant boy stood outside filming the attack, which was what drew her to the scene.

Ms. Payne does not know where the boys are from specifically but confirmed they were from migrant families.

To be sure, according the the U-S State Department’s Refugee Processing Centre, Twin Falls Idaho has received over three hundred migrants from Iraq and over one hundred and sixty Sudanese migrants, while Idaho has received just shy of sixty Syrian migrants since war broke out there in 2011.

Ms Payne, a former nurse, told me she had seen a lot in her long life but nothing like this. Ms. Payne also told me there was no knife involved, but that people might be confused because of another event in Twin Falls not long ago, which involved another migrant boy who pulled a knife on another little American girl.

Ms Payne, referred to as "Grandma Jo" by the neighbourhood children, answered all my questions with consistency and a confident recollection of the facts. Her story did not sway.

There was only one question I had left:

Was there any evidence the five year old girl had been raped? Here’s what she told me:

Payne: Her dad and mother told me. And I told them, “Okay.” Yeah, that’s what they said at the hospital.

Goldy: So, the father and the mother told you that the little five-year-old girl had been raped?

Payne: Yeah, ‘cos they took her to the hospital in the ambulance and she was checked.

According to Ms Payne’s account, doctors told this little girl’s parents their five-year-old daughter had been raped.

As stated in Islam’s Holy Book, the Quran, a woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a man’s and a woman needs four witnesses to prove a rape occurred. Often times, in Muslim countries, rape victims are found to be at fault.

But here in North America, we aren’t ruled by Sharia law.

And, despite bleats from the Left, there is no rape culture in the West. In America, rapists are charged, tried, and convicted based on evidence and the rule of law.

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, political correctness concealed the shooter’s Islamist motives and left the gay community in the dark. I pray, in the wake of the Idaho attack, political correctness does not obscure real rape culture to leave this little girl re-victimized, but brings her migrant attackers to justice so that they might never re-offend.

(NOTE: This isn't the first time I've had to follow up on dismissed allegations of child abuse where the perpetrators were Muslim migrant children -- I did so in Halifax earlier this year.)

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commented 2016-06-23 03:36:01 -0400
This story should never have been reported, as it fans the flames of fear and hatred.

There must be lots of rapes by non-refugees on victims such as this poor innocent.

Remember what happened against Muslims in the Crusades a few decades ago.
commented 2016-06-23 03:24:52 -0400
Sorry Ethan, it looks like we are at opposite ends of the spectrum with different beliefs.
All the best.
commented 2016-06-23 03:19:45 -0400
I watched the whole of the Twin Falls Council Meeting and it appears they are willing to do nothing about that young girl being raped by Muslim refugees. These people are on town council and they were not even aware of the case, I would have thought that it was part of their job as town councillor/mayor to be up on what was happening where you hold office. After a few citizens approached the mike to bring the issue forth to council they were given the usual dodge answers and brushed off. Yet the chief of police was present and did not come forward to indicate to council that the matter was being investigated pending charges. OH NO, he stayed quiet as a mouse while those good citizens stuck their necks out demonstrating community concern. But in all fairness the chief did speak later, as he was there to talk about a real crime in the community, which was Graffiti and its related punishment. Yet the crime of rape of a five year old girl gets no consideration. It seems they have taken in a number of refugees into the community, with more on the way. What they aren’t thinking about is that once they have enough Muslim refugees in their community, eventually each one of them will be replaced by a Muslim Councillor and then things will really start to change. At one point the building of a Mosque was discussed and the inclusion of a call tower, looks like those changes are coming faster than anticipated. They could be doing something now while they are still able, they just won’t learn. Idiots in waiting.
commented 2016-06-23 03:13:12 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey

Every intelligent person knows the shootings in Orlando was a staged hoax just like all the others so that gun control could be sold. You don’t trust MSM but that’s where you get all your info from. You know all those fake crying people you see on the news. They’re actors. Witnesses in San Bernardino have stated they saw 3 white men dressed in military clothing flee the scene. The couple did not fit the profile of wahhabists (google it) anyway. The woman looked like she worked in a dollar store. I see women wearing hijabs in my neck of the woods every fucking day. Ever heard of that one case of a shooting that happened on live tv on a news broadcast? There’s a video on Liveleak that shows the gun was firing blanks.
commented 2016-06-23 02:52:18 -0400
Ethan those children become adults, think how bad they’re going to be by then. Keep in mind they have even younger kids doing even more unspeakable things to innocents in Syria, and most of those victims are in fact Muslim. Depravity knows no bounds, if it is not dealt with harshly at an early age it will fester and grow. However I feel with these kids there is no saving them from further hurting others because of the type of indoctrination that they get within their culture. Just look at the Orlando killer, born here, schooled here, had every opportunity to grow and succeed as most other Americans, but still became radicalized and turned on those he has grown up among. This whole Muslim ideology is like nothing we have ever faced before. Who in their right mind straps an explosive vest on to have it explode in order to kill innocent people ? They will kill themselves for the satisfaction of killing you. Those of us who have grown up in the west or Europe within a Christian based approach to life, which is that life is sacred and most valuable, cannot come to terms with Islams apparent hatred for love, life, freedom and tolerance of others. This is our downfall, it will eventually result in our enslavement unless we fight back at every opportunity by punishing behavior that violates our laws and values. Faith Goldy and others like her are trying to enlighten us as to the serious severity of what we are facing, by not holding back the truth as mainstream media does, as they just give a rose colored glow to the atrocities being committed against our citizens. Keep in mind many individuals like Faith, who speak out, much of the time are in danger from Muslim attackers. Adults, children, men, women, it doesn’t matter what they are, there is only one way to battle against the rise of this evil, violent and depraved savagery. And it starts with being informed and identifying this for what it is, an aggressive takeover by a sinister cult that calls itself a religion and an ongoing campaign to make us all submit to its will. It’s inevitable, at some point there’s going to be a fight. Prepare.
commented 2016-06-23 02:33:15 -0400
The point I was making was place of origin does not determine that anyone is muslim. Why was that even relevant? It’s a tragic case and it’s terribly self serving to use this as fodder. Heres a cold hard fact for all the muslim haters. Immigration is no longer like it was 40 years ago. Every city you go to you’ll see people with brown skin and women wearing hijabs. Get over yourselves and learn to live with it.
commented 2016-06-23 02:06:49 -0400
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-06-23 01:27:13 -0400
John Landry said:
“@<a class=“tweet-url username” href=“http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=nnaumbua”>nnaumbua FARRELL

Dig? Why, it’s all there on the surface."

The more info the merrier.
commented 2016-06-23 01:11:14 -0400
Yep, sure looks like sunni ways:
"A convicted Islamist terrorist is one step closer to being granted Canadian citizenship, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.
Trudeau successfully rammed his controversial Bill C-6 through the House of Commons on the last day before summer recess. Now all that’s left is a rubber stamp from the Senate. … "
commented 2016-06-23 01:09:41 -0400
Ethan said: “Three boys aged 7-10-and 14 have been detained for raping a 5 year old girl. I blame the parents for failing to supervise and protect they’re child.”

Wait, what child are you talking about? The 5 year old?
commented 2016-06-23 00:13:01 -0400
Well these small inconveniences are a small price to pay for the overall benefits of accommodating unevolved 3rd world cultures – prosperity for all is just around the corner after we iron out these few initial wrinkles – you’ll see Sunnie ways all! right Sean?
commented 2016-06-23 00:07:20 -0400
Possible solution to Canadian Journalists hiding Islamic rapes etc..
Someone creditable like Brian Lilly has a meeting with someone in our quiet Opposition Party like Jason Kenny, and asks him to put a Bill forward making it a Criminal Offence for a Journalist to hide such an act. Once one MSM person goes to jail, the others will improve their reporting skills.
Kenny will probably be retiring from Politics soon and would love to have something positive accomplished behind his name.
commented 2016-06-22 23:49:04 -0400
First thing that came to my mind was where were the parents? Maybe the five year old was in a place in the building that was considered safe and not requiring supervision, but it is a legitimate question. It would have been nice if the father could have been there so that the rapists could have been detained for police. Beating the crap out of the rape gang would have been good too.

I can see the Donald tomorrow saying “I told you so”. Any immigrant that is unwilling to adopt our customs, rule of law and societal norms should be denied entry. This tragic event is an illustration of what is happening throughout the free world.

This conflict between Western society and Islam is going to hit a breaking point some day soon if the authorities don’t do something. And that will be ugly. How many 5 yr olds have to be assaulted before our elected officials can multiculturalism and move back towards assimilation. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment and cannot be fixed.
commented 2016-06-22 23:15:34 -0400
Ethan, what causes racial division is inviting thousands of people into this country from a culture in which parents teach their kids to rape five year old white girls and then high five them for doing it while the media, town and police officials encourage it by covering it up. Go back to sleep.
commented 2016-06-22 22:52:37 -0400
Awesome awesome post bravo!
commented 2016-06-22 22:41:27 -0400
Ethan your apologist’s colors are glaring.

Just the first two links from a quick search – there are dozens of links with similar info:


Denmark, "Crime rates broken down by nationality in Denmark show that individuals from Muslim countries make up eight of the top nine places on the list. In addition, 2012 figures show that Somalis were sentenced for crimes, including innumerable sexual assaults, almost ten times more often than those with Danish citizenship. Indeed, more than half of all convicted rapists in Denmark have an immigrant background, according to official statistics, despite the fact that immigrants and their descendants account for less than 10 per cent of the population.
commented 2016-06-22 22:39:07 -0400
Ethan – you must love the MSM propaganda system then, because they are the ones who lie and distort, and cover for Islam, in all of it’s forms of mass abuse. I will refer you to Bravo’s comment below, because he has seen it all.
commented 2016-06-22 22:27:57 -0400
Ethan, you are an apologist for islam and not a very good one. The one thing you got right;
“The fact is crimes of this nature have been happening forever and it has nothing to do with anyones (sic) place of origin..” but what you failed, predictably, to state was that it has everything to do with their religion; a religion that is used to justify these heinous acts as being commandments from the prophet. You, like all too many liberals, refuse to acknowledge that people are responsible for their actions and that the fact that they follow some evil sixth century cult is not an excuse for any type of brutal, animalistic activities that their so called holy men deem acceptable.
commented 2016-06-22 22:21:04 -0400
“Further information for you – An islamic male is considered a MAN as soon as he has hair growing around his balls – about 12 or 13 years of age.”

A link on the topic:
“Islam does not uphold the idea of a young adult or an adolescent age where you are transitioning from being a boy to a man or a girl to a woman. That itself is western idealism where from the age of puberty till the mid-twenties, a person is allowed to make misguided judgments and act foolish without being held fully responsible. It is the western society which promotes the idea of allowing someone leniency just because “they are young and they are bound to make mistakes and mess up. Teenagers will be teenagers.” There is no such luxury in Islam.

When a boy hits the age of puberty and is rational minded, he is considered an adult. Yes, for us living in the west, we think that a 12-13 year old boy is too young to be responsible for himself and his actions but does Allah not know best? When a girl gets her period and she is rational minded, her deeds and misdeeds start to accumulate. She may be only 9 or 11 years old but she is an adult by law."

Here is another site that is very explicit in answers:
commented 2016-06-22 21:57:09 -0400
Judy commented 32 mins ago
This from Pamela Geller site:
“The 13 year old “coached” the younger boys as he videoed. Due to age restraint the boys could not ejaculate but did urinate on her.

……….. big snip ……………..

What is so tragic to me is the mental abuse these Islamic children suffer at the hands of their fathers…if this is true, the boys were ‘coached’ to carry out this act by the ‘hi-fiving’ father who rewarded their actions with a Hi-5…where is the children’s aid when such things occur…do they only go after women who let their children play in their own fenced back yard?

Judy – Your closing comment prove you are indeed part of the problem.

There was no mental abuse from the father – so get your shit together.

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were forbidden to stop THIS COMMON EVERY DAY OCCURENCE in islamic countries and in countries that have a large islamic population. It was considered cultural.

A’stan and Syrian men rape on a regular basis – as do ALL islamic males – it is a rite of passage and even approved by the mothers a part of boys growing into men.

Further information for you – An islamic male is considered a MAN as soon as he has hair growing around his balls – about 12 or 13 years of age.

Yes he is considered a man in that culture – so do not apply Canadian thoughts to this – because THEY do – they play the Canadian “law game” – it allows them to rape and get away with it – so it is encouraged by the adults in the cult called islam.

It is approved in their mosques when the evil imam stands up and preaches to go forward and kill homosexuals and rape their women

For shits and giggles go to YouTube or Google and search for “Bacha Bazis” – there you will not only witness it in living colour, you can also read all about it.

You really do need to get an education on islamics – they HATE you – would love to sick their dick into you and your children (male and female) and would love to let all their friends join in.

And they like little boys as well.

If you are really interested, look up child abuse and sexual abuse of boys in islamic Pakistan – another country that nothing good ever came out of – and of course Saudi – your main oil supplier if you live east of Thunder Bay. You can find all sorts of it on You Tube.

Time for you to get an education before you come across as a sympathizer – which more than 80 percent of Canadians seem to be. Canadians like you are spoiled, entitled, arrogant and smug – you are so right – yet you do not have a clue about the truth.

Before you call me a liar – I lived it for many years.

Also if you truly do your due diligence and your research you will find everything I have written is factual.

Dare you to take your blinders off and actually do the research.

Bet you that you do not.

NEVER allow an islamic in your house – they might come back with friends once they have scoped out your place and who lives there. You might not like what they do.

And they do love to do it – because allah and the pedophile I call big MO “TELL THEM TO DO IT”.

Especilly to those who are not mmbers of the cult of islam.

Have a good one.
commented 2016-06-22 21:51:39 -0400
Denis MacEoin commented “This is extremely bad reportage. … This is just sloppy.”

The official file (police report) has been sealed to the public because of the ages of the deviant boys and the poor victim. No it is not sloppy reporting. You are a sloppy apologist. I hope you never reproduce.
commented 2016-06-22 21:39:06 -0400
I watched the Twin Falls council meeting. I listened to the responses to questioning over the rape.

I don’t know, We don’t know, That’s not in her purview, I don’t watch the news so I don’t know (YOU’RE A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL AND YOU DON’T WATCH THE NEWS!!!), I wasn’t aware that happened, Are you a white supremacist, et cetera, et cetera.

Then there’s official response to the rioting at the entrance of the Chunnel, which is causing it’s current shutdown. There’s all kinds of documentation of it, private (dated and timed) video of rioting Muslims being tear-gased in front of the Chunnel.

“The Chunnel is currently experiencing technical difficulties due to a power failure. Please be patient.”

Then we have Canada. Silence. The media is totally silent. The Rebel is the only outlet reporting. It is a limited outlet, yet still it has dug up multiple rapes and abuse of young children at school.New Muslims came to my work looking for a neighboring business and asking me directions, in their heinous version of English. I ignored them like they were not there, but I did examine their car. What a nice, new Toyota Corolla they had. I didn’t know Junior Sunny Ways was handing out Corollas. Can I have one? Seeing as how I paid for it!?!?!?!?!

I can’t believe we voted for this idiot
commented 2016-06-22 21:38:01 -0400
The unbelievable part is the covering up going on
Soon nobody is going to believe media , police Or little town councilors

Thanks for this early release FAITH
commented 2016-06-22 21:36:51 -0400
One word says it all – islamics

It will only get worse.

And the police will be happy to arrest you for all sorts of things should you defend yourself or your family.
commented 2016-06-22 21:26:31 -0400
This is a horrible story, to say the least. And the apparent coverup that took place afterward on the part of the media, police and town council, is worrisome and grotesque. Kudos to the Rebel and Faith Goldy for investigating this story and reporting fairly on it. It seems that when it comes to “refugees”, mass immigration and Islam in general, most of the media seem to lose their ability to report accurately and thoroughly. Curious, that.
commented 2016-06-22 21:10:05 -0400
This from Pamela Geller site:
“The 13 year old “coached” the younger boys as he videoed. Due to age restraint the boys could not ejaculate but did urinate on her.


The victim’s mother took the video/phone from the 13 year old. Witnessed by the victims mother:

The 13 year olds father arrived on the scene and hi-fived his son. A mother of the perps arrived and knew only enough English to repeatedly say, “No police”….

What is so tragic to me is the mental abuse these Islamic children suffer at the hands of their fathers…if this is true, the boys were ‘coached’ to carry out this act by the ‘hi-fiving’ father who rewarded their actions with a Hi-5…where is the children’s aid when such things occur…do they only go after women who let their children play in their own fenced back yard?
commented 2016-06-22 20:56:14 -0400
@nnaumbua FARRELL

Dig? Why, it’s all there on the surface.
commented 2016-06-22 20:53:08 -0400
Annnnnnnnd cue the Islamophobia accusations. Good work Faithy. Keep digging.
commented 2016-06-22 20:45:24 -0400
WHAT the hell is going on with our media?? WHY are they doing this?? Just infuriates me that this stuff is being covered up. The journalists should be ashamed of themselves, both in the U.S. and in Canada, just as bad here and am sure we will see more of this kind of thing. The lack of respect for females is drummed into them at a young age. Makes me sick to my stomach that our kids are being exposed to this type of violence.
commented 2016-06-22 20:20:42 -0400
Any media, government officials or law enforcement that try to cover up rape are no different than those who tried to hide the child molestation within the Catholic church. If their politically motivated cognitive dissonance is so extreme that it cannot allow them to have any compassion for an innocent child then perhaps they need to be reminded that many of the priests and hierarchy who covered for them were eventually exposed and held to account for their crimes some being imprisoned and large financial reparations paid.