May 14, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: “Black Men for Bernie” founder has a record of failed promises

Lauren SouthernArchive

Bernie Sanders, the second-placed candidate in the Democratic primary race, has a problem. Despite his apparent history of fighting for civil rights in the 1960s, and his support for Black Lives Matter, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is capturing the crucial black vote.

In order to reverse this trend, a new organization was set up in March of this year, called Black Men for Bernie (BMFB).

"Hulk" actor Mark Ruffalo appeared in a video supporting the organization, jovially declaring, “This is a white guy, supporting black men for Bernie.” 

BMFB is currently touring the nation with a truck full of T-shirts, to rally the public around Sanders.

The mastermind behind BMFB is one Bruce Carter -- a man passionately supporting the “democratic socialist” candidate, in spite of just discovering him “a month and a half” before starting the project.

Carter is now publicly declaring that he loves and supports Sanders because, “he has proven his love for black people a long time ago.”

Ironically, now that Carter is the face of this movement, questions have been raised about his own “love for black people.”

Around 2007-2008, Carter founded an organization called We Are Graduating (WAG).

The WAG program was promoted as an “educational outreach program for fifth- through eighth-grade” minority students, in order to help them graduate high school. The students in question volunteered for the organization, and were therefore promised stipends and scholarships as a reward for their hard work. Starting in Waco, Texas, WAG eventually spread out to Dallas and Ellis County.

However, this supposedly generous program was just too good to be true.

An ex-member of the program saw the Mark Ruffalo video and recognised Carter. He then posted the following to his Facebook account.

According to poster "Eric" (not his real name), Carter had a considerable number of employees and young volunteers under his direction, having them perform tasks such as collecting donations and advertising the program.

Despite our hard work and promises of events, stipends and scholarships, very rarely did we see results. In fact many of us left the program before we even graduated, because Carter left without paying anyone. We never saw any stipends, nor any scholarships … [even though] we stood up and worked for him ... and were promised help.”

"Eric" stated that when Carter expanded out to Dallas and other locations, he gave no attention to the students and teenagers in Waco, who were there from the very beginning and were crucial in the growth of WAG:

“He’s very inconsistent and is very bad at budgeting - which is why he tried to expand it and move it to a different place - but he just left a bunch of kids in the dirt. They didn’t get their scholarships or their stipends. They didn’t get anything.”

A YouTube comment on an interview with Carter by Dallas South News that was uploaded in 2011 seems to corroborate "Eric’s" claims.

The commenter, "214smooth", said that, “its [sic] about to get ugly for Mr Bruce Carter if he dont [sic] start paying his workers … I been [sic] working for 3 months and haven’t got a check yet!”

"214smooth" goes on to allege that “Bruce is a dirty con artist and is about to get exposed! He hasn’t paid over 100 workers!”

In 2012, Fox 4 News supposedly report on the failing of a charitable organization that Carter ran. It is unclear whether this failing organization was WAG, however, because there is no copy of the original nine minute news segment online -- only a press release by the “Sledgehammer Coalition”, attacking Fox 4 for “media bullying” and declaring that the report was solely based on “hatred of people of colour.”

Carter proceed to file a $777,777,777 defamation suit against the station, of which there is no record of the outcome.

So despite Carter’s failure to provide the better future to the black youth that he had promised, he is now in charge of another minority-based campaign that rides on the back of the black community to aid a good cause.

Carter is using just the same methods he did before: handing out t-shirts, asking for donations, and using disenfranchised youth as a poster-board for his organization.

Carter is also skilled at acquiring celebrity backers. WAG was endorsed by Lil JJ, a Nickelodeon star, and ex-Dallas Cowboys player Eugene Lockhart.

Now the Blacks For Bernie program has "virtue signalling" expert Mark Ruffalo backing it.

Also, since BMFB is not officially endorsed by the Sanders campaign, all donations go directly to Carter himself, as before with WAG.

“I’m surprised I recognized him, he looks extremely different now from when he ran the WAG program. What didn’t surprise me was that he was once again trying to focus on uninformed and disenfranchised black people,” said "Eric". “That was his whole shtick … he would target predominantly black areas and schools to promote his program. You can see he’s going to Detroit, going to Flint, going to Atlantic city, going to Jersey, trying to get black people to vote for Bernie.”

"Eric" worries that Carter (and Bernie) are doing the same thing to young black men today that the WAG program did to him and others in his youth:

“My experience with Carter is basically what’s probably going to happen with Bernie - he’s made so many promises to black people but when he gets in office he’s probably going to sit in the white house for 4 years and do absolutely nothing about those promises.

“I also feel [Bernie] doesn’t have a lot of respect for black people, and is [just] using them ... call me crazy, but it takes a lot more to be president than fighting for civil rights… [and] I think he knows that. There are other things he could be campaigning for but instead he’s focusing on identity politics.”

We reached out to Carter for comment before publication. In response, he pretended that the contact address that was publicly listed as the registration email for was not actually his, even though it accompanies his name on the form and contains his initials.

The emailer said that they would forward us Carter’s correct contact details, but at the time of writing, he has yet to respond with the information.




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commented 2016-08-25 21:17:27 -0400
Bruce Carter Is a Very Smart Charismatic Leader! He is defending Black People all throughout America! Politicians pander for Black Votes spending Millions of dollars on Commercials ADVERTISING to help black people instead of ACTUALLY helping us by spending money! Bruce Has promised to help us if they spend their money with him and I support him wholeheartedly because he is on our side!
commented 2016-05-16 03:57:46 -0400
You can always find a leftist that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ready to cash in on a cause.
commented 2016-05-15 19:33:52 -0400
JOHN LANDRY. , the road to hell ( was ) paved with good intentions, but now is paved with BAD intentions, stuck right out in the open where everyone can see them on purpose, and still the sick depraved minds of the majority of Canadians vote them in
commented 2016-05-15 02:30:27 -0400
Jay Kelly which people said that? I hate commies, he would be worse than Hillary.
commented 2016-05-14 23:07:11 -0400
So many people on here wish that Bernie Sanders would win the Democratic nomination, but truth is he will likely lose it to Hillary.
commented 2016-05-14 18:45:46 -0400
Is this a web page for Hillary? As we all know she has lots in her closet. Same with trump. Bernie other than going I a socialist is the same type of person that JFK was and Lincoln. Willing to dream and fight for the people as a whole. The party he part of means nothing. Don’t be a sheep.
commented 2016-05-14 15:02:30 -0400
How about Obama (the KKK Martin Luther King) and the Obama administration turning the Civil Rights movement from protecting equality for minority groups to protecting and enforcing preferential treatment of minorities?

Latest example, trying to overrule the North Carolina that says Transgenders must follow the equal same rules that Heterosexuals and Homosexuals must follow in using multi-person washrooms in using the one that you physically look like.

Civil RIghts legislation attempted to undo Jim Crow giving legal preferential treatment to the majority. Now under people like Obama, Civil Rights laws have become Jim Crow in giving preferential treatment to groups at the expense of other groups

Justin Trudeau is also acting like the KKK Martin Luther King in trying to use “Civil Rights” to give preferential treatment to Transsexuals
commented 2016-05-14 12:39:58 -0400
Bernie is nothing more than an idiot Marxist, trying to get the Black vote. If, God forbid, he were to gain power, he would be the first to stomp the Black Man into the ground, where ,in truth, he thinks they belong.

Race, creed or color should not be used to rally a specific group of voters, they are all Human Beings. This just displays Bernie’s racist attitude.

I guess this is all we can expect from Communist Bernie.
commented 2016-05-14 12:04:30 -0400
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” applies here.
commented 2016-05-14 11:56:37 -0400
We live in the Last Days of con artists everywhere we turn…