October 17, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Docs prove McKenna’s Ministry approved “tone deaf” Syria tweet

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Remember when Environment Minister Catherine McKenna sent a tweet thanking Syria for signing on to the Paris Accord on climate change?

“Canada salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris agreement. #GlobalClimateaction.”

In the face of overwhelming backlash, McKenna blamed her department staff for the crazy message, taking to her favourite platform to tweet “clearly a mistake” made from her "Department Twitter." She then tweeted that the “Liberals have made it clear that the murderous Assad regime must end attacks against its people.”

Now we can tell you the full story about how that social media flub came to be from a series of internal emails we came across in a stack of access to information documents from the Environment Ministry.

Catherine McKenna wasn't exactly forthright when she denied knowledge of the tweet, and today I’ll show you internal emails proving the tweet was meticulously planned, and that her office gave the final go-ahead.

Indeed, the only thing these bureaucrats were worried about was ensuring the correct translation for the French language version of the tweet!


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commented 2018-10-19 20:57:19 -0400
Space Moose, I don’t see you complaining about all the money you donate to the CBC and they don’t even give you a choice. They take and use your money whether you like it or not. All so that they can Lie to your face everyday. And keep in mind, that they don’t want to have any petitions, they don’t want to have the truth spread around or be embarrassed by the truth. And WHY is it you spend so much time here again?
commented 2018-10-18 12:34:32 -0400
ALL Liberals/Democrats lie.
To lie and deceive are what they live for, if they did not lie their heads would explode with wondering what to say and do.
commented 2018-10-18 09:54:36 -0400
Barbie did not lie . She said she didn’t have a clue And she doesn’t have a clue !!!!!!
commented 2018-10-18 02:48:33 -0400
Space Moose how do you think the Rebel survives?
commented 2018-10-18 02:32:04 -0400
Ah yes, Climate Barbie now blaming the same staff who talked her into posing for that “ride a bicycle in high heels” shot… Ottawa is such an obvious zoo they should charge admission just to cross the municipal boundary!…
commented 2018-10-18 02:13:48 -0400
If the rebel is not asking for petition signatures, it is asking for donations.
commented 2018-10-17 21:24:56 -0400
Hours & hours of back & forth emails for this gaffe. Is that what they’re getting paid for, plus all the perks. How do you get a job like that?
All incompetent with Barbie leading the pack.
commented 2018-10-17 20:02:06 -0400
I remember the Minister of AirMiles getting slammed on Twitter when this message appeared on social media – the entire Party is a pack of liars!
commented 2018-10-17 19:45:17 -0400
all Liberals lie..