September 26, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Liberal carbon tax scheme for SK hinged on CLINTON becoming president. Now what?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

We wanted to know if the feds knew in advance that Notley's carbon tax would be devastating as it is. That would mean the feds would also know that their own carbon tax, imposed over top, would be even worse.

We asking for the documents, and we got back a stack.

Included was a February 2016 briefing note prepared by bureaucrats in the Department of Western Economic Diversification, about the regional affects of a federally imposed carbon tax on Saskatchewan.

These bureaucrats say that the carbon tax won’t actually lower emissions, because companies will move to places where there are no carbon taxes or onerous regulations.

And it turns out their “solution” to this prospect was to cross their fingers and hope that Hillary Clinton got elected and imposed a carbon tax of her own.

Problem solved!

Trudeau's whole plan for the Canadian economy hinged on Hillary Clinton winning.

But she lost — and the Liberals are proceeding with their plan to carbon tax us anyway, knowing full well the damage it will do.

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commented 2017-09-27 15:29:22 -0400
Flat Earth, got a couple of problems with your post. Other than the spelling. (providence?) Wall didn’t decide to retire “out of the blue”. He said before he was elected the first time that he’d run for 3 elections, and 3 elections only. He said in the last campaign he wasn’t going to run again. So, if you accept that, then when is a good time for him to leave? How about a year or so into a 4 year term, so whomever takes his place has some time to get imprinted on the voting public as the boss? It’s pretty rare that a ruling party switches leaders near the best-before date and still wins (Ontario, I know, but look at the opposition). You say “enough people are convinced…” nope, sorry. The only people who are convinced that Wall’s unpopular to the point of being unelectable are the NDP, the CBC, and apparently you. Every poll shows he’s still on top, and even as a lame duck he’s still the most popular premier in Canada and maybe even when looked at as a whole the most popular premier, ever, anywhere. And to assume that Wall’s leaving means a carbon tax in Saskatchewan is very wrong also. Of the 5 people trying to take his place only one hasn’t come out strongly against the tax (the one who also admitted to having a federal Liberal membership until recently) and at least 2 of them are making it a campaign centerpiece. Something to think about Flat: I’m going to assume you’re not from Saskatchewan so I’ll educate you on Wall. He’s not getting this “vehement” opposition to the carbon tax out of thin air; he’s just repeating what he’s hearing everywhere. The significant majority of Saskatchewan voters don’t like it, or the LPC, or especially Trudeau. The next leader of the party (and premier), whomever it may be, better be as vehement as Wall on this issue or it’s likely going to be a short term. The only dark truth I see is the one coming from your post, and it aint true.
commented 2017-09-27 06:39:35 -0400
The carbon tax will be much easier to introduce in that Providence now that Mr. wall has step down… As the truth comes out the circumstances seem rather odd that a man that was so vehemently opposed to a carbon tax and such a dislike for our federal Liberal government out of the blue decided to retire… Enough people are convinced that Mr. wall no longer had the popularity to maintain his government as the dominant one in Saskatchewan so him stepping down makes sense. The truth of the matter maybe far darker than that because with Brad wall out of the way Saskatchewan gets a carbon tax now. How convenient..!!
commented 2017-09-26 22:59:12 -0400
i really don’t think Trudeau really had a plan. And he certainly doesn’t seem bright enough to envision one. Trudeau listens to the likes of Gerald Butts where he comes up with these lame brain ideas.
Trudeau does not have the life skills, neither the work experience, nor business experience to remotely foresee the pending consequences when he implements policy.
It appears as though it was part of a plan, but it wasn’t. It’s obvious. Look at some of issues past and present caused by idea boy.
Illegal Immigration at non border crossings. (And the CBC laughs at Trump when he tweets).
Budget is BLOWN. Great plan….. budgets balance themselves.
10.5 M payoff to a terrorist.
The 25,000 refugees fiasco giving less than two full months to make it happen. No wonder McCallum quit and left for China.
The Federal Carbon Tax. This might even be proven to be unconstitutional.
His winter vacation to Aga Khan’s island. And he has the arrogrance to state he wouldn’t question the RCMP on the expenditures. He’s the PM for God’s sake.
And most recently the small business tax reform. BTW. I wouldn’t be surprised if this proves to be a conflict of interest for Morneau.
So they may be pretending they are planning this whole thing out but I’ll bet most of his staff just try to mop up the mess as best they can. Kind of like changing a baby’s diaper.
commented 2017-09-26 20:44:10 -0400
Isn’t change fun Jay or Butts or CBC troll . Funny how he very quiet on tax subject .
commented 2017-09-26 19:04:46 -0400
Great report Sheila.
The Marxists double down and they bet on a loser….Trudeau’s own leakage is a huge stain on Canada!
Carbon Taxes are theft!
commented 2017-09-26 17:48:44 -0400
Simply a money grab

Justy the fagboy – killing Canada one day at a time.
commented 2017-09-26 17:32:35 -0400
On the contrary, Sheila. Trump will be influenced by our UN poster boy to implement carbon taxes, gender equality, open borders, Sharia laws, and global income equality. All this nationalism/MAGA stuff is just a scam Trump is putting over on Americans for some unknown reason. His friend Justin is just too powerful an influence for the Donald to do anything but follow Our Dear Leader’s lead. Life will be good, just give it time.
…um, nurse…nurse! Can you loosen the arms on this straight jacket a little, please…
commented 2017-09-26 15:23:27 -0400
In the same way Notley is auditioning for a Laurentian Elite Award (aka Order of Canada), Baby Doc is auditioning for a Global Elite Award (aka Nobel Peace Prize). After all, his BFF, Obama, got his after only 8 months of rhetoric and Baby Doc has been putting two tough years of rhetoric.
commented 2017-09-26 14:50:43 -0400
A carbon tax won’t actually lower emissions? …….. ya think, say it ain’t so.
commented 2017-09-26 14:35:09 -0400
A diabolical CRIMEMINISTER !!
commented 2017-09-26 14:31:41 -0400
The UN’s globalist government is operating at full speed ahead. Obama and Killary should be arrested and be held in solitary confinement. And that slimy puppet in our parliament should be tried for treason.
commented 2017-09-26 14:15:08 -0400
No surprise there, as a lot of the Boy Blunder’s government policies were based on Lying Hillary being enthroned in the White House… And there must be a lot more indigestion coming in Ottawa since Trump has again reiterated that NAFTA is a bad deal and must be renegotiated to suit the United States; plus he has also stated he has no intention of playing the Paris Climate Accord game… I’ve predicted before that Trump will make January 20th – his first year in office – a cutoff date for tolerating Ottawa’s antics… So what’s the combo of BB and Buttskie to do now?…