August 14, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Docs show China Entrepreneur Club’s obsession with Cirque de Soleil

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

The China Entrepreneur Club is the elite of the elite, the top thousandth of the one percent. 

The forty-nine Chinese business people in this group had a combined gross annual income of $600 billion in 2015. 

And Justin Trudeau is all too quick to become friends with them.

Last October, the China Entrepreneur Club toured Canada with Justin Trudeau and the federal government playing host, but in true Chinese regime fashion, media access was restricted.

I’ve been watching the communist regime, given all the Canadian companies being sold to either state owned or state influenced mainland Chinese companies.

I've also been sounding the alarm about the growing soft power from China within our country.

We’ve seen a number of deals that raise red flags since Trudeau took power. Add in the hundreds of millions of dollars coming from Mainland China into the Vancouver and Toronto real estate markets, and Xi Jinping’s soft power strategy is in full flight.

After reviewing an Access to Information packet from the China Entrepreneur Club’s tour of Canada in October, I think I understand better why Trudeau and the Liberals admire China’s "basic dictatorship" so much.

Watch as I share what I found and what I think it means.

When doing business with China, vigilance is needed.

Never assume they believe in free market capitalism.

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