August 03, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Feds ignore hotel concerns of “dangerous” parental neglect of migrant kids

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

In my third installment of our investigation into what happened when the Trudeau liberals turned Canadian hotels into migrant camps to house wave after wave of Syrian refugees, I’ll show you how the refugee children were dangerously neglected by their parents.

Earlier this week I showed you, through internal memos and emails from hotel management, the damage that Syrian refugees were committing in hotels contracted by the federal government to house refugees in their first days in Canada.

I also showed you the abuse and disrespect and sexual harassment that hotel housekeeping staff received at the hands of the migrants.

Today I'm going to show you the part of this investigation that bothered me the most as a mother; how the children were treated by their parents and how they were allowed to behave.

Emails and memos describe children urinating on walls, playing with fitness equipment and weights unsupervised, left alone in a dry 90 degree sauna, tearing wallpaper off walls and boys beating up on little girls – and when the fights were brought to the attention of the parents, hotel staff noted they didn’t seem to care.

But some of the neglect I discovered was even worse.

A 2 and a 4-year-old were sent outside by their parents to play 20 feet from a busy road. A housekeeper found young children trying to wake their sleeping mom. Kids were left alone in the pool area, and very young kids were left alone in rooms over and over again.

One hotel worker even found a baby alone in a room and when the employee complained, the on-site monitor contracted by the government to manage the refugees told her she “had no right to complain”.

Little kids after a long journey, especially from a war zone, will act out. It’s hard and traumatic.

But where were the parents to ensure the kids weren't in harm’s way, to care for their needs and see that they weren’t being ungrateful to their new country?

Canadian parents would be investigated by the authorities if they had done these things in a hotel. Instead, the federal government employed people who scolded hotel staff for being concerned about the Syrian children.

To see all the reports in our ongoing investigation into the Liberals practice of housing migrants in Canadian hotels, visit


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commented 2018-08-07 13:09:44 -0400
Child neglect was ignored by the government, it is illegal to ignore child neglect.

The managers dealing with the next wave should only e-mail the government contact person after the neglect has been duly reported to Children’s Aid Society.
commented 2018-08-06 13:26:02 -0400
Hey, I just spoke with Justin about this. It’s all ok. He’s got it covered. No problem. All that damage to the unfortunate hotel owners? Don’t worry. He’s got a plan. Taxpayers. We’ll cover it all. We’ll hardly notice. Taxes will go up, but me and you will pay for every one of those repairs. They’ll be done by professionals and charged accordingly. So, don’t worry about all the damage and costs to those poor hotel owners. And the risks to the kids? Again, no problem. The CBC knows how to manage that. We’ll hardly be aware there might be a problem. Even if children die, or are seriously hurt, it won’t get seen for what it is. So, again, no worries. If the people aren’t aware of the problem, is there really a problem? But of course, there is that pesky If people keep supporting, liking, posting their stuff, well, ya, ok there’s a bit of a problem. But again, don’t worry too much. He’s got people at all levels (government, justice, etc…) trying to shut them up too.
commented 2018-08-06 02:38:07 -0400
There very soon be something called the modern crusades. Govts. won’t like that one, so screw trudeau and his cast of idiots on this one too.
commented 2018-08-06 01:59:34 -0400
How come nobody has called child protection on these hotel refugee children?
commented 2018-08-05 03:21:08 -0400
Gotta love wannabe communists they seem to miss the part where Christians get prosecuted for such crimes while others get excuses made for them for the same crimes.
commented 2018-08-05 03:19:38 -0400
Andrew are you saying multiple wives are LEGAL in Canada?
commented 2018-08-05 03:18:59 -0400
Andrew Stephenson funny how your beloved communists have tried to do exactly that in the past. It was not exactly pretty.
commented 2018-08-05 03:18:06 -0400
Andrew Stephenson churches lose tax free status if they get political, unlike Unions. And the pedophile comment is born of ignorance, the percentage of pedophiles in the church is no higher than the average for society in general. Teachers on the other hand have WAY MORE!
commented 2018-08-05 00:38:40 -0400
Not all cultures are equal and if you hate the Christian culture go try an Islamic one. That should read western culture.(but built on Christian values)
commented 2018-08-05 00:36:50 -0400
Andrew if you don’t like Canada’s western values there are no shortage of Islamic countries for you to move to. Canada was built on Christian values, and if you despise them so much, why not go somewhere else. Islam shouldn’t get to come here and institute its political system into ours, (but it is) .No other religion does that. Which is why Islam is really a cult hiding behind some religiosity.

Not all cultures are equal and if you hate the Christian culture go try an Islamic one. Enjoy. If you understood what political Islam meant you would not be equating it with ANY other religion, ask a Hindu, or Sikh. You are Ignorant about Islam, that’s why you are a pathetic apologist.
commented 2018-08-05 00:03:33 -0400
Maybe we could do that if there was some way to eliminate “political Christianity” alongside, although it’s all deeply unconstitutional to do that.

We could do without their rituals, their pedophilia tendencies, multiple wives, misogyny, supremacy and arrogance towards us
commented 2018-08-04 21:10:42 -0400
Keith I think its only too late if there is not political will to do anything. Italy is doing a fine job of ‘cleaning up’, and it heartens me to see it can be done if there is the will to do it. Things are going to get uglier before they get better, but with the right politicians and the growing pressure from the people there is some hope.
We have to stop the bleeding soon though, and we have to put the kibosh on fast tracked citizenship. Fast tracked deportation on the other hand seems like a good idea to me.

We have to get the Muslim Brotherhood out of Ottawa and make sure they never insinuate themselves into our government again. Thorough transparent back ground checks, including relatives and all affiliations or they don’t get to run. If we aren’t honest about political Islam we won’t be able to protect our country. Justin has been careless with his responsibility to Canadians. There are a bunch of thugs in charge.
commented 2018-08-04 20:59:13 -0400
The globalists want us to believe that all cultures are equal. They are not, and the Islamic culture has shown itself through out history, to not play well with others. Its not my opinion, its a result we have seen over and over around the world for centuries. Of course there are some who genuinely want to fit into our western society and understand they must respect our values, but that is a very small number. Half of those(at least) are ex Muslims, which is why they embrace the west so easily. So this isn’t about Muslims as much as it is about the theocracy called Islam. Specifically Political Islam.

There is no place in the west for their laws, rituals on animals or girls, their pedophilia tendencies, multiple wives, misogyny, supremacy and arrogance towards us….none of it is okay here. Its anti western. Their religion tells them not to assimilate. Very few actually want to live in harmony with us and be a part of our nation. Most just want our nation, feel entitled to it. Bring in the third world and that is what your country will be dragged down to. Does that make sense on any level to anyone?
commented 2018-08-04 19:59:06 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 24 hours ago
Liza, how right you are. People think that if they ignore this problem it will go away, when they finally wake up to what is happening, it will be to dam late.

In Germany they have turned Seniors out of there homes and are filling them with Muslims.

People are being asked to empty their garages and let Islamic families live there. They have to give the Muslims a key to enable them to use the bathroom and once this key is in the hands of the Muslims, that’s it, they just move in and take over, driving the home owner out of the house with fear.

White people have been complacent for to long, now they don’t have the will to stand up and fight back.

Turning the other cheek is no longer enough.
commented 2018-08-04 14:26:27 -0400
liza rosie asked: “What comes after hotels?”

Answer. Confiscation of property as has been done in Europe.
commented 2018-08-04 14:24:07 -0400
Little Savages grow into Big Savages. Canada is in great danger due to TruGrope and the Lieberals! Stupid Lieberal voters caused this. Anyone who voted Lieberal should be deeply ashamed, and if identified held financially accountable for what is happening. IMO.
commented 2018-08-04 13:55:34 -0400
Trudeau Liberal mantra. Memo to everyone: Hands off our special projects, which in of immigration includes, blacks, browns, especially of the muslim faith. You all have nothing to do or say against our actions and if you do, you will be held to account and possibly have charges of racism, obstruction of justice levelled against you, which could result in a fine, or jail time, or both. If you doubt our sincerity, just ask Bill Blair, our newly appointed immigration overseer, and he will tell you everything and anything you wanted to know on this subject.
commented 2018-08-04 12:07:46 -0400
While our Gov’t Morons take in people that pee on Motel floors and have no intention of learning our language or even working, Australia and Russia are taking in the White South African farmers.
They speak English and have needed skills, plus these families come with 100,000 dollars to get started, so they don’t have to rely on the Host Country for everything.

Yes, I’m a terrible person for pointing out the differences in the above groups of people. I read the Liberal Book that says everyone is equal, but it was a Story Book.
commented 2018-08-04 02:50:15 -0400
How did the kids damage a pool?

And why would the kids take a piss on the washroom floor, when they can use a toilet?

It is bad enough that the government is sending the fake refugees to hotels. BUt do they have to be put into nice hotels with pools? The government couldn’t put the fake refugees in welfare hotels?
commented 2018-08-04 02:16:39 -0400
I have no sympathy for any hotel staff or owners or anyone in those cities who voted Liberal, they deserve this.
commented 2018-08-04 02:15:50 -0400
Robert Greely very much common sense, the useful idiots thinks it can just be ignored.
commented 2018-08-03 22:31:16 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,783 Attacks, 232,075 Killed, 311,936 Injured that we know of

Like Pamela Geller said: SAVAGES!!!
commented 2018-08-03 20:20:44 -0400
……….this is whats next, feral mobs attacking citizens of their host country. It won’t be safe to walk down the fricken street. The liberal government keep saying that what I have just said is conservative ‘fear mongering’. They expect us to forget about the murders, the truck attacks, the Islamic State executioner walking down the street on a Toronto summer eve taking out 16 innocent people, two of which are dead, children.

None of this is okay. We are not going to put up with it like Sweden or the UK. Not going to happen. This is our country and these are our streets. We share, but no respect means the deal is off, and that has been apparent for awhile now, yet Justin keeps bringing them in and bringing them in.
commented 2018-08-03 19:57:37 -0400
What comes after hotels?
They have to go back home. This culture does not belong here.
commented 2018-08-03 19:44:39 -0400