March 02, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: FOI docs reveal OSAG panelists chosen for radical anti-oil sands views

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Did you ever wonder what went through the minds of the NDP when they put a bunch of radical environmental activists in charge of the future of the oil sands? 

Rachel Notley stacked the Oil Sands Advisory Group with lifelong anti-oil, anti-Alberta, anti-pipeline activists like Tzeporah Berman and Karen Mahon, leaving them tasked with deciding what happens to the very industry they villainized for a living for so long.

It’s outrageous and Albertans deserve answers.

That’s why I filed a freedom of information request about how the members of the advisory group were chosen.

I asked the government to "Provide copies of all documents, including e-mails, briefing notes, backgrounders, memos, instant or text messages, media lines, etc. regarding the organizing and make up of the Oil Sands Advisory Group. From January 1, 2016 to July 18, 2016.”

What I found was that this supposedly balanced panel was stacked against Alberta’s best interests from the very beginning. No one would be included or even considered for appointment to the panel if they did not support the NDP’s vision for the oil sands.

And those environmental activists polluting the oil sands advisory group? Well it looks like they were hand picked by the NDP to sit on the panel. They did not receive the same letters of nomination that the rest of the potential panelists did.

They were special, chosen ones.

Rachel Notley chose these activists for exactly who they are. They hate oil and are going to get their hands dirty saying “no” to Alberta oil so Rachel Notley doesn't have to.

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commented 2017-03-03 09:26:09 -0500
Clearly Berman is a buddy to Notley. All we can do at this point is vote them out next election. The Notley gov’t is so deep in a alternate universe they will never listen to the voice of reason, they will never see the other side of the Oil Industry. Great digging SGR!
commented 2017-03-02 18:34:51 -0500
Fire then JAIL Berman Fine her the money she stole from Taxpayers to spread lies. – nothing less for running public confidence scams. Every word she utters is provable false.
commented 2017-03-02 17:58:18 -0500
As I said at the end of Part 2 of From There to Here:
“Also climate change is big business: For the media catastrophic climate change makes for sensational stories. For Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) it helps raise donations. They tell you that the world is coming to an end, so donate so they can fight the evil villains. For Politicians, they can claim to be saving the world. One actually had the tenacity to suggest that the oceans would stop rising and the earth would heel because of his election. For Businesses, it is good to look green. For the Environmental businesses there are subsidies, guarantees, carbon credits and bail outs to be had. For Consultants and other Professionals, there is the business of advising business and NGO’s on how to navigate the rules, and obtain grants, subsidies and guarantees. For Academics and Universities, there are research grants and other public and private money to pursue. Climate Change is big business; I call it the Climate Change Gravy Train.”
commented 2017-03-02 12:45:02 -0500
I allways oil up things that are rusting or corroding

Some of us that can afford it , could send SHEILA their bribe rebate money to help her in her F O I requests , and security
Maybe a refresher address for that
commented 2017-03-02 12:01:21 -0500
Nutley ,Winnie and turdo ,all in power at the same time ,like that tsunami and earthquake in japan that did so much damage to japan and is still doing damage,those three treasonous dogs destroying Canada and our way of life at the same time , i can only hope that the voters here in BC aren’t stupid enough to vote the NDP into power in the May election, that would be a disaster and another tsunami .if it wasn’t for the crazy ecco nuts in the Vancouver and Victoria area the province of BC would still be a good place to live and work ,the problem is those areas carry a lot of votes ,very scary .i will be holding my nose as i vote for Clark’s party in May ,there’s no other option ,just look at Alberta ,it was one of my favorite provinces .
commented 2017-03-02 11:19:45 -0500
Notley stacked the oil advisory group with anti-oil activists that were appointed and did not have to go through the nomination process.

I am so very shocked!

How could Notley, the pillar of virtue, righteousness, and holiness do such a dastardly thing?

All sarcasm aside, the only thing that would surprise me is if the Notley government did something for the Alberta people rather than for themselves and their friends.

The ongoing rape of Alberta’s finances and tax payer’s wallets is proceeding according to the agenda of the head thief and head witch.
commented 2017-03-02 11:00:37 -0500
You vil get a fair trial and zen be shot.
commented 2017-03-02 10:58:34 -0500
That’s how government does this crap: they’ll put together a panel, maybe with a few token people on the other side, leading to a pre-determined outcome.

Then they’ll “adopt the recommendations of the independent panel”.

That’s the formula. They think that we’re all idiots.
commented 2017-03-02 10:12:54 -0500
They hate oil BUT NOT TAXPAYERS MONEY IT SEEMS TYPICAL NDP funny how all the opposition goes out the window when a gov paycheque is involved
commented 2017-03-02 09:52:55 -0500
No, Tzeporah Berman, you and the socialist NDP are “corroding our democracy”!
commented 2017-03-02 09:49:56 -0500
Quelle suprise, the fix is in.
commented 2017-03-02 09:09:47 -0500
With 3 air heads like Notley-Berman-Mahon all supported by the C.B.C.and $$$ from Soros and elected with union goon votes what couled go wrong?
commented 2017-03-02 08:58:12 -0500
Congratulations to Ms. G-R for openly displaying her Christian faith with the Ash Cross!